Age of Autistic Spectrum

TATEIWA Shin'ya August 25, 2014 Misuzu Shobo, 352p.

『Age of Autistic Spectrum』

TATEIWA Shin'ya August 25, 2014 Age of Autistic Spectrum, Misuzu Shobo, 352p. ISBN-10:4622078457 ISBN-13:978-4791767441 2800yen + tax [amazon][kinokuniya]


What does it mean by being recognized as disease and disability? Unless a person is recognized so, he/she has difficulty in living in the society. On the other hand, if he/she is recognized so, he/she is discharged since "it is not his/her fault and his/her disease is to be blamed." Then, does this mean that he/she cannot find any place to stay in the society unless he/she is recognized so?

Its front line is "continuum" including developmental disability. ADHD, Asperger syndrome, and high-functioning autism. How did this vague continuum appear in the society which swings between disease and the way of living? And how has it been positioned in the framework of possession and distribution in the society?

With the name and coping techniques people with disease/disability are discharged since it is not their fault. However, the other thing needs to be solved. "We have bigger 'responsibility' than what is requested as "public position" in modern society. Actually, if "self-responsibility" is used strictly, we have to have burdens of what is not self-responsible."(From This Book)

Is the society that we do not prove ourselves unrealistic? In this book the author introduces ways of living invented by people with diseases/disabilities and seek ways of living with readers by reexamining every possibilities in the society.

■Table of Contents

□□Introductory Chapter

 □1 Difficulties People with Developmental Disabilities Show a Bright Possibility
 □2 Knowldge/Act/Responsibility
 □3 Dividing for Whom?
 □4 Related Information/E-book Version

□□□Part 1 What Has Happened/What Has Been Questioned

□Chapter 1 What Has Started and Spread
 □1 About Understanding
 □2 About What to Do
 □3 About Discharge

□□Chapter 2 Persons with Autism/ADHD/ADD Understand and Talk about It
□1 Persons with Autism/ADHD/ADD Know and Talk about it
 □1 Books Written by Persons with Autism/ADHD/ADD
 □2 It Is Often Said "Why?"
 □3 List
□2 What Has Started and Spread
 □1 Explanation
 □2 Start
 □3 Start before Start
 □4 Reading Books/Listening to a Doctor
□3 What Is Good by Understanding and What Is not Only That
 □1 Understanding
 □2 What Makes Them Persons with Autism/ADHD/ADD Want to Understand Their Disease/Disability?

□□Chapter 3 Misunderstanding Is Cleared Away, But...

□1 The Reason of the Disease Is not Brought about by Familiesy
 □1 The Discussion Is not under Control
 □2 Reasons Why the Cause of the Disease Is not Investigated Very Much
 □3 Interests/Effects
 □4 Cause and Effect with Facts
□2 Understanding
 □1 Criticism and Anti-criticism that They Are Happy that They Are Ill
 □2 Various Problems concerning Understanding
 □3 What Is Good/not Good by Knowing
 □4 What Should Be Known?

□□Chapter 4 Conducting Oneself
□1 Knowing How to Conduct Oneself
 □1 Acquiring a Coping Technique
 □2 Distance with Cause(s)
 □3 What Is Asked
 □4 Other People Are Involved
□2 Things Are not Always Going Well
 □1 Worry Whether the Thing Will Be under Control
 □2 What Invites What?

□□Chapter 5 AC
□1 Stating Positivey that the Cause of the Disease Should be Attribute to Parents and Persons with the Disease Should Be Absolved from Their Responsibility
 □1 Does AC Mean Discharge of Persons with the Disease and Attribution of the Cause to Their Parents?
 □2 Self-certification Is Regarded as Fine
 □3 Discharge
 □4 Parents Are Also Regarded not as the "Cause" of the Disease
□2 Additional Hesitance
 □1 Hesitance to "Evasion of Responsibility"
 □2 Discharge Is Affirmed, But...
 □3 However, Intervention Comes from Another Route

□□Chapter 6 Being Discharged/Not Discharged
□1 Although Families Are Discharged, They Cannot Escape
 □1 Discharge of Families
 □2 Families Are Blamed Although It Is not a Choice/Families Are Blamed Since They Could have Chosen
 □3 Although Families Are not Its Cause, They Need to Have Some Burden
 □4 Discharge of Persons with Disabilities/Diseases
□2 Being not Discharged
 □1 Relation with Schools of Climinal Law
 □2 Being Asked Whether It Is True
 □3 The Market Does not Ask a Reason
 □4 Surely Some Come from Differences of Culture, But...

□□□Part 2 Attempt to Respond

□□Chapter 7 Place where the Society Exists

□1 Place where the Society Exists
 □1 So Far
 □2 Some Kinds of Different Interests to at Least Five Moments
 □3 Criticism(1)Cause→Society as an Attributable Position
 □4 (2)Nature/(3)Decision
 □5 (4)SocietyⅡ
 □6 Basic Way of Coping
 □7 A Hands-on Approach Is not Taken Just Because It Is not Decided Easily
□2 About Developmental Disability/Autism…
 □1 What Makes Them Bundled Together?
 □2 Disease Should not Be Emphasized Firstly
 □3 Concerning "Differences" and "Cannot Do""

□□Chapter 8 About Art of Getting Along with People, Discharge, and Understanding

□1 Coping
 □1 Outline
 □2 Many are Coping Techniques and They Are not a Must Although They Tell the Brain and Relate to Medicine
 □3 There Are Things to Be Conducted
 □4 Coping Techniques Are Also for the Surroundings
 □5 How to Use the Manual
 □6 Assuming So
 □7 Culture
 □8 What Is Decided Only in the Site Is Compatible with Fundamentalism
 □9 A Forked Tongue Should Be Used If Possible
 □10 Examination of Treatment Method Is Another Issue
□2 Discharge
 □1 Outline
 □2 Proof of Discharge Is Requested
 □3 Although Responsibility Is not Posed on Them They Are Excluded
 □4 It Is Shown that Retreat Can Be Accepted
 □5 Understanding the Framework
 □6 Not Excluding Except for the Core of Works
 □7 Adopting Some Ways at the Same Time
□3 Understanding
 □1 Understanding/Not Understanding Completey
 □2 Although It Is Necessary to Do What Is Known
 □3 Criticism of Escaping

□□Supplementary Chapter About Struggles and Compensation

□1 About Harm
□2 Internal Struggles
□3 Life that Reason Is not Asked
□4 This Way Is Fine
□5 Response to Counterargument
□6 About Unreality

□□ Afterword

□□ Notes

□□ Literature

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