On Private Property, 2nd Edition

TATEIWA Shin'ya May 20, 2013 Seikatsu Shoin, 973p.

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TATEIWA Shin'ya May 20, 2013 On Private Property, 2nd Edition, Seikatsu Shoin, 973p. ISBN-10:4865000062 ISBN-13: 978-4865000061 1800 + tax [amazon][kinokuniya] ※→1st Edition: English E-Book


Surely this book has many pages. However, its basic "motive"and "main subject" are very simple. This society is the society where the amount and value of the persons take are determined by the regulation based on differences of person's abilities, and it is regarded as "right". In this book the author examines the system. Put it more simply, the author complains about the system. The 2nd edition of the main book of Prof. Tateiwa's sociology is finally established as pocket edition! The commentary is written by Prof. Shinichiro Inaba.

■Table of Contents

Introduction of the 2nd Edition
Chapter 1 Subject of Private Property
 1. Subject of Private Property
  [1] Ability
  [2] Property = Resistance to Disposal
  [3] Outside the Self-Decision, and the Demarcation Problem
 2. Environment of the Subject
  [1] Technology/Bioethics
  [2] Sociology
  [3] History on Questions
Chapter 2 Unreason and Reason of Private Property
 1. Problem of Property
  [1] Problems that Exist before Self-Decision
  [2] Regulation of Private Property
 2. Self Control -> Logic on Private Property
  [1] Self Control -> Logic on Private Property
  [2] Criticisms
  [3] "Freedom" Does not Speak
 3. Justification by Effects and Impossibility of Justification
  [1] Profit? (1)
  [2] Profit? (2)
  [3] "Tragedy of Commons" ?
 4. Impossibility of Justification
  [1] Survival Lottery
  [2] Impossibility of Justification
Chapter 3 How Far Can Criticisms Go?
 1. Condition of Self-Decision
  [1] Examining the Criticisms
  [2] Information for the Decision
  [3] Criticisms of Non-Self-Decision
  [4] Invasion by Others/Paternalism
 2. Viewpoint of Fairness
  [1] What Has Been Veiwed as the Problem?
  [2] Can Only the Rich Use the Technology?
  [3] Are the Poor Exploited?
 3. On Exchange and Gift
  [1] On Exchange and Gift
  [2] Destruction of Originality?
Chapter 4 Others
 1. Existence of Others
  [1] Concept of Non-Control
  [2] I and We Are not the Same Thing
  [3] I as Others
  [4] "Nature"
  [5] Existence of Others
 2. Boundary
  [1] Problem of Boundary
  [2] Boundary Line Is Drawn
  [3] β~Things that Do not Belong to the Individual
  [4] α~ Things that Belong to the Individual
  [5] α/β
 3. Self-Decision
  [1] Self-Decision Is Affirmed
  [2] Difficulties of/over Self-Decision
  [3] Self-Decision Does not Acquit Everything
  [4] Existence without Decision/Situation without Decision
  [5] Denial of Private Property for Self-Decision
  [6] Regarding the Condition as Problem
 4. On Technology
  [1] Technology
  [2] "I"
  [3] Others' Senses for What I Intentionally Act for Myself
  [4] Secession?
  [5] Regulation by Others
 5. On Reproductive Technology
  [1] Whereabouts of Resistance
  [2] Simple Pleasure and Compensation of Unpleasure
  [3] Rights to Be Born Accidentally
Chapter 5 Problem of the Demarcation Problem
 1. Self-Decision Ability Is not the Condition of Being Others
 2. Although There Is no Line, a Line Is Drawn
  [1] Impossibility of Drawing the Line
  [2] Being the Same/Close
 3. Boundary between Human Beings and Inhuman Ones
  [1] Species of Human Beings or Qualification for Human Beings
  [2] Persons who Accept that He/She Is Born and Brought up under Someone
  [3] Limitation of Qualification Theory
  [4] The Person's World
 4. Boundary of Beginning
  [1] Problem of Beginning
  [2] Rights to Production
  [3] Experience of Appearance of Others
  [4] Property and Qualification
Chapter 6 Politics to the Individual
 1. Nonparticipation/Uniformed Participation
  [1] Free Space
  [2] Homogeneous Participation/Transparent Crossover of Power
  [3] Self-Assumption that Controls the Self
  [4] Absence of Function -> Strategy on Individual Participation
 2. Subjectivity
  [1] Subjectivity
  [2] Double Predestination
  [3] Public Education
  [4] Intervention/Growth/Disappearance
 3. Intervention to Efficiency
  [1] Attention and Intervention toward Environment/Heredity
  [2] Eugenics in the United States and Germany
  [3] "Disappearance" of Eugenics
 4. Various Strategies
  [1] Self Cause/Regulation
  [2] Liberal/Interference   [3] Interference/Nonparticipation
  [4] Accumulation to the Individual
Chapter 7 Alternative Way and Dead End
 1. Another Cause-and-Effect
  [1] Insistence of "Sociality"
  [2] How Do We deal with the Genuine Meritocratic System?
  [3] Invalidation against to Right Nativism
  [4] Limitation of Tracing Cause-and-Effect
 2. Solidarity by Agnosticism
  [1] Revision by the Principle of Insurance
  [2] When One Knows
 3. Freedom as Resistantance
  [1] Freedom as Resistantance
  [2] Qualification for Freedom
 4. More "Fundamental" Criticisms
  [1] Negation of Me as Meritocracy
  [2] Natural History on Relationships
  [3] Shift to Political Science
  [4] Obstruction?
 5. Going through Dead End
  [1] Use of Prohibited Techniques
  [2] A Market without Customers
  [3] Escape from the Circle
Chapter 8 Affirmation of Meritocracy that Negates Meritocracy
 1. Questions
  [1] Several Questions
  [2] Answers Do not Give Answers
 2. I. Negation of "What I Made Is Meself"
  [1] Criticisms on Instrumentality and Individuality
  [2] Inevitability of Instrumentality
  [3] Inevitability of Individuality
  [4] Negation of T
 3. II. Negation and Affirmation of "Distribution Based on Ability"
  [1] It Occurs without Righteousness
  [2] On Trials of Elimination
  [3] Acceptance as a Result of Tediousness of Tedious Mechanism of Market + Redistribution
 4. III. Affirmation of "Evaluation of Ability Only"
  [1] III Is not Led by the Principle of Property/Contracts
  [2] I and II Do not Justify III
  [3] Defense of III
 5. Conclusion, Responses to Applied Questions, and Unsolved Questions
  [1] Conclusion and Reconfirmation
  [2] Place of Experience of Existing of Others: A Case of School
  [3] Genetic Screening, Employment, and Insurance
  [4] Discrimination Due to the Fact that Others Are Others
Chapter 9 Association with Right Eugenics
 1. Prenatal Diagnosis
  [1] Prenatal Diagnosis
  [2] Criticisms of Social Movements by Disabled Persons
  [3] Criticisms and Responses of Women's Movements
  [4] Remained Problems
 2. Error of the Setting of Women's "Self-Decision"
  [1] The Object of the Decision is not the Self
  [2] Logic of Rights as a Result of Defrayers
 3. Absence of Involved Persons
  [1] Assertion of "the Person's Unhappiness" Is Impossible
  [2] Criticisms of Elimination Are not Adopted
  [3] Discrimination against Category?
 4. Why Do We Act?
  [1] Unpleasure/Inconvenience
  [2] Death/Suffering
  [3] Differences within Selfish Acts
  [4] Prenatal Diagnosis and Selective Abortion as "Right" Eugenics
 5. What Can Be Conducted?
  [1] Is It All Right to Be Informed?
  [2] Right not to Choose as the Positive Right
 6. On Positive Eugenics
  [1] Positive Eugenics
  [2] Prohibition of Positive Eugenics Due to Unpleasantness
 7. Non-Acceptance
  [1] Withdrawal from a Place without Denial
  [2] Appearing in a Small Place
  [3] Withdrawal from Me
Simple Basics/Surely Unsure Boundary: Supplemenatry Chapter 1 of the 2nd Edition
 1. Simple Criticisms and Basic Position
  [1] What Is Written Is Very Simple
  [2] Reason?
 2. Boundary Related to Persons
  [1] Position
  [2] On Killing
  [3] On Special Treatment of Human Beings
  [4] On Beginning
 3. Persons to Persons
  [1] (Non-) Intervention: Especially, Making the Situation Better
  [2] Lightening of Weight of Acceptance
 4. What/The World Related to Persons
  [1] Demanding/Not Demanding Transfer
  [2] Umwelt
 5. How to Divide What Can Be Divided
  [1] On Possible (Normal) Criticisms
  [2] Distribution that Can Be Divided into Three Layers from Three Scenes
  [3] On Imposition/Authority
Prehistory/Then: Supplemenatry Chapter 2 of the 2nd Edition
 1. Proceedings
  [1] Prehistory
  [2] What I Thought that What Counterposed Me Was not Us
  [3] Slight Matters before the Second Edition Is Published
 2. Then
  [1] Then
  [2] Boundary within the Society
  [3] "Life"
  [4] Present History
Commenatry by INABA Shinichiro

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