Prelude to the Theory of Family and Division of Labor by Gender Role

TATEIWA Shin'ya & MURAKAMI Kiyoshi December 5, 2011 Seikatsu Shoin, 360p.
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TATEIWA Shin'ya & MURAKAMI Kiyoshi December 5, 2011 Prelude to the Theory of Family and Division of Labor by Gender Role, Seikatsu Shoin, 360p. ISBN-10:4903690865 ISBN-13: 978-4903690865 2310 [amazon][kinokuniya]


It is said that the capitalistic system needs modern family, or the system of division of labor by gender role is functional for the capitalistic system.
However, is it true?
Although the question itself is simple, it is not easy to find an answer and in fact, the answer has not been given concerning this theme. To which direction is there limitation and how should we add words?
This book tries to show a way toward the answer based on deep thoughts as a result of involvement in care assistance.

■Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Family/Gender/Capital: Sketch [2003/11]

1 Not Concluding What Is Concluded in One Word
 1 It Is not Solved
 2 Component
 3 Relationship
2 Unit of Family
 1 Position It Positions
 2 Arrangement of Interests and Its Evaluation
3 Classical Modern Family System
 1 Its Formation
 2 Function
4 About Transformation
 1 Demise and Displacement
 2 What to Target?

Chapter 2 How Much Does a Husband Pay to His Wife's Housework?: Preparation for Considering the Borderline of the Family/Market/Nation [1994/03]

1 Setup of the Main Theme
 1―1 Insistence of Nonpayment Labor
 1―2 Scope of Questions
 1―3 Husband's Payment
2 How Much Does a Husband Pay to His Wife's Housework?: Normal Case
 2―1 Housework to Her Husband
 2―2 Housework to Her Children
3 How Much Does a Husband Pay to His Wife's Housework?: Other Logics
 3―1 A:Logic of Opportunity Cost
 3―2 B:Calculation Method Other than Market Price
 3―3 C:Co-work/Share
 3―4 Externality of One's Acts
 3―5 History
 3―6 The Question Is not Solved
4 Existence of Full-time Housewives
 4―1 The Market Does not Gain Profits/The Male Worker Gains Profits
 4―2 Combination within the Family
 4―3 Existence of a Full-time Housewife as Conspicuous Consumption
 4―4 Subordination as a Result of Subordination Made by Control/Subordination
5 Borderline of Family
 5―1 Payment by the Market/Nation
 5―2 There Is not Profit as a Result of Asking Family Members to Be in Charge of Acts
 5―3 Setup of the Borderline of Family
6 Conclusion

Supplementary: Does a Hushand Pay 2,760,000 Yen to His Wife?: Considering Ecnomic Evaluation of Wive's Houseworks[1997/12]

Chapter 3 A Buyer of Labor Does not Gain Profits from Gender Discrimination [1994/12]

1 Introduction
 1―1 Issues
 1―2 What We Should Consider
2 A Buyer of Labor Does not Gain Profits
 2―1 In Case a Buyer of Labor Does not Employ a Woman
 2―1 In Case a Woman Partly Participates in the Market
3 A Male Worker Does Gain Profits
4 Summary and Issues We Are Faced with

Chapter 4 What Are Left behind 〈Publicness〉 [2005/03]

1 Introduction: About Changes
2 From Me
 [Supplementary]About "Dependence" and "Care"
3 Organization of Social Areas

Chapter 5 Boundary of the Modern Family: Agreement Does not Lead to the Family We Know [1992/10]

1 Questioning the Modern Family
 1―1 Regulation (Who Regulates What by What?)
 1―2 The Modern Society and Family
 1―3 Human Beings as Base / Focus
2 Agreement / Private Property and Family
 2―1 Private Property as Construction Principle of Order
 2―2 Changes of Positions of Individuals / Family
 2―3 Impossibility of Setting the Member / Obligation / Right
3 Complex of Various Actions and Position of Family's "Problems"
 3―1 Interference with Family
 3―2 Position of "Problems" over Family

Chapter 6 About "A Myth of Love": Transcribing Feminism's Insistence [1996/02]

Chapter 7 "Actors" of Gender / 〈Actors〉of Gender [1998/10]

Chapter 8 Quiz for Intermediate Level concerning 〈Gender Theory〉 [2003/01-07]

1 Has It Been Changed?
2 Division of Labor by Gender Role
3 Gender / Difference
4 Three Positions
5 School of Equality (of Opportunity)
6 It Does not Lead to the End
7 "Nature"
8 "Formulation"
9 Confirmation No.2
10 "Freedom"
11 Attitude toward Existence
12 Body / World
13 Tentative End

《The Book Guide of Sexual Division of Labor and Women / Female Labor in Postwar Japan (90items)》(MURAKAMI Kiyoshi

◇History ◇Patriarchy and Capitalism ◇Modern Family Division of Labor by Gender Role ◇Unpaid Work ◇Law / Policy ◇Corporate Society and Women ◇Housewife Debates ◇Work / Nonemployment ◇Home Life ◇Working Mother ◇Gender Equality ◇Achieving Work-life Balance ◇Women's Liberation

List of Literature

Tateiwa, Shinya(立岩 真也) 1992 "Boundary of Modern Family: Consensus cannot Lead the Figure of Family We Know"(「近代家族の境界――合意は私達の知っている家族を導かない」), Japanese Sociological Review(『社会学評論』)42-2:30-44→Tateiwa ; Murakami [2011:185-214] <60,834>
――――― 1994a "How Much do Husbands Par for their Wives' Housework?: Preparation for Examining the Boundary of Family / Market / Nation"(「妻の家事労働に夫はいくら払うか――家族/市場/国家の境界を考察するための準備」), The Journal of Humanities, Faculty of Letters, Chiba University(『千葉大学文学部人文研究』) 23:63-121→Tateiwa ; Murakami [2011:54-131] <60,119,122,614,835>

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Translation by KATAOKA Minoru

Unpaid Work|不払い労働
Tateiwa, Shinya(立岩 真也)  
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