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The Human Condition
There is no such thing

TATEIWA Shin'ya August 16, 2010@Rironsha

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@@ Table of Contents
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‘TATEIWA Shin'ya August 16, 2010@The Human Condition: There is no such thingCRironshaCISBN-10:4652078552@ISBN-13: 978-4652078556 @1575@mamazonn^mkinokuniyan

ŸTable of Contents

‘‘@If I cannot sing a simple and another aspect of world, I write letters

@‘‚P@What is written in this book
@‘‚Q@Why I focus on such things

‘‘‡T@What is a meaning of not being able to do a thing?

@‘‚P@Being able to do a thing is good
@‘‚Q@Not being able to do a thing is good, too
@‘‚R@Yet making a selfish image of a person is troublesome
@‘‚S@Asking others to do a thing is sometimes easy
@‘‚T@In case what cannot be replaced by others
@‘‚U@There exist others
@‘‚V@Since one cannot trust others, one do a thing by oneself
@‘‚W@Surely it is troublesome not to be able to do a thing, but...
@‘‚X@The quantity of knowledge/techonology has been sufficient from the past and it makes our life comfortable

‘‘‡U@What is the best way? No.‚P

@‘‚P@Plan that each one does one's share
@‘‚Q@People think that equity of joy and sorrow is necessary

‘‘‡V@Structure in this world\\Our society is strange

@‘‚P@Rule AFWhat I make is mine^Value BFWhat I can do is me
@‘‚Q@I care about it
@‘‚R@It is impossible for everyone to do a thing in the same way and even if one can, it does not change anything
@‘‚S@Having a feeling that it does not change anything
@‘‚T@What I received from not "academia"
@‘‚U@There is no reason to say that that what I made is mine is right

‘‘‡W@Story of the real world

@‘‚P@Story of people's feelings
@‘‚Q@Story that the relationship determines a person
@‘‚R@Story that it is good to change the society at first
@‘‚S@I thought that I try to think little by little in order

‘‘‡X@People believe in different things

@‘‚P@People belive in different things
@‘‚Q@I think that it is better to have others
@‘‚R@I simply think that I want to live
@‘‚S@It is possible to divide for what cannot compromise

‘‘‡Y@Story that difference is necessary

@‘‚P@Repetition of the story that it becomes so
@‘‚Q@There is no difinite answer, but...
@‘‚R@Story that the nature becomes so
@‘‚S@Bringing the nature conveniently

‘‘‡Z@Story that the story of "equality of opportunity" is not good

@‘‚P@Story that differences can be contracted
@‘‚Q@There is no way to escape after certain things are conducted.
@‘‚R@Yet even so...
@‘‚S@Story of school (continued)
@‘‚T@Story that there are differences at a "deeper" place
@‘‚U@So, what should we do?

‘‘‡[@Rather differences become larger
@‘‚P@Differences become larger
@‘‚Q@Re-emergence of "poverty"
@‘‚R@Business targeted for a lot of people
@‘‚S@Parts of body-related businesses
@‘‚T@Rule that limits manufacturers

‘‘‡\@How to complain

@‘‚P@The current condition is good versus it is not good
@‘‚R@Guaranteeing "the minimum" is good, isn't it?
@‘‚S@Proof question of poverty

‘‘‡]@How to divide the world

@‘‚P@Dividing the world
@‘‚Q@Plan of dividing by the number of persons
@‘‚R@‚`FReciprocating pains plus dividing by the number of persons: Plan of working for the same hours and earning the same amount of money
@‘‚S@Plan of earning more for one's pains
@‘‚T@Still it is difficult to do so¨B
@‘‚U@Way of moving B closer to A using tax

‘‘XI@Way to respond to differences

@‘‚P@Review on starting from the same
@‘‚Q@Making the "total amount" same since there are differences
@‘‚R@When what is needed is different
@‘‚S@Shouldn't we allow "whatever they want"?
@‘‚T@What economics says is as if it were similar but is totally different.
@‘‚U@It is possible to do so in some cases

‘‘XII@Dividing materials and jobs

@‘‚P@It is enough just to divide money?
@‘‚Q@Dividing materials (including knowledge)
@‘‚R@That there are too many people is not a bad thing
@‘‚S@The way of increasing production does not work very well
@‘‚T@Again, aren't there enough people or are there too many people?
@‘‚U@Dividing jobs

‘‘@At the end

@‘@Introduction of books

 mSupplement No.1n@What I write in the textbook
@EIs low birthrate and longevity "hard"?
@EWhat should politics do?
@EHow and what do we distribute?
@EDoes the world save itself?

 mSupplement No.2n@Talking with three persons
@E"Being able to do" is not a "human value": Talking with SHANO Yoko
@EAlthough it is not bright, it is not impossible to change: Talking with YAMADA Makoto
@EStill the world goes: Talking with OKAZAKI Masaru

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