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Message Shin'ya Tateiwa Jun 20, 2009
The Forum for ALS Patients Treatment and Care, at Taipei Garden Hotel
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Global COE (Center of Excellence) Program for Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University would like to give the greeting message. Ritsumeikan University is in Kyoto, Japan. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan has granted Global COE Programs for distinguished research centers, and our Research Center for Ars Vivendi was chosen to be one of them in 2007.

Some of our graduate students had ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) patients among their family members, and they are active in Japan ALS Association and other ALS related movements. Some students continue their research as they support ALS patients living independently in Kyoto. Professor Tateiwa, the Leader of our Global COE Program, researched on ALS and published ALS: Immovable Body and Breathing Machine (Igak-Shoin) in 2004. In this way, our Research Center for Ars Vivendi has been investigating the life of ALS patients as one of our research topics, and the program members have made presentations in various academic meetings and have written various papers on ALS.

We aim, first, to realize enough support system so that ALS patients can live independently without relying on their family's care even after they put on a ventilator. Second, we aim to support communication systems with information technologies for those whose body movements are limited. In addition to that, we aim to learn the situation of ALS patients overseas and introduce them to Japanese people, or vice versa, and publish our research results in many languages, so that more people in the world can understand ALS and overcome their difficulties. For example, we conducted our investigation in South Korea last year, with the support of research team in University of Tokyo.

Then, in February 2009, we held International Symposium "Research on Home Care of Patients with ALS in East Asia", inviting ALS patients and related people from South Korea, Mongolia, and Taiwan to our university. Maybe some of the audience today joined us there, and we thank you for your help at the time. Thanks to many people in various countries, the symposium made a great success. The symposium was broadcasted to the world on the Internet, and the reports and presentation materials are available on our website (http://www.arsvi.com). Most of the pages are still in Japanese, but we are trying to translate them into English, Chinese, and other languages.

We would like to continue our research on ALS in Japan, and also would like to learn more about ALS situation in your countries. We appreciate any information from you, and would like to cooperate with you in the future. We will translate the information into as many languages as we can and publish it on our website.

In closing, I'd like to congratulate the success of this forum and thank you very much.

June 20, 2009
Professor/ Program Leader of Global COE Program Ars Vivendi,
Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Japan
Shin'ya Tateiwa

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