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On Hope


TATEIWA Shin'ya(立岩 真也) 2006 Seidosha

[Japanese] / [Korean]

TATEIWA Shin'ya 2006 On Hope, Seidosha, 309+23p. ISBN:4791762797 2310 [amazon]


---Translation by HIRAGA Midori---

■Table of Contents

□I The World and Society ……11

 □1. Probably It will Becomes more Interesting 2000/11/01
 □2. Preparation for the Stagnating Capitalism (Abstract) 2001/06/25
   1. Passive Approval
   2. System to Force and Agitate
   3. Confirming they Are Unnecessary and Extra
   4. Depriving the Meaning
   5. Unavoidable Things in spite of our Knowing
   6. Division of Labors
   7. Things to Consider Anyway
 □3. What Is the Right System? 2000/04/05
 □4. On Hope 2004/09/01

□II On Politics ……57

 □1. Before the Election 2001/07/29
 □2. Opponents Have Reasons 2004/04/05
 □3. The Meaning of Voting 2004/06/18
 □4. The Finished Election 2004/07/16
 □5. "What Shall We Do?" 2005/11/00
    It has already Done
    What shall We Do?

□III On Borders……81

 □1. Gloom of Gift 2001/12/00
 □2. Of Course Citizens Cross Borders 2004/07/01
   Citizens Are not the Nation
   Objection to Objections (1) - (3)
   Term of "Reality" (4)
 □3. Advertisement which partly Includes why Kyodoren's Work Is Difficult 2005/08
 □4. Enjoying to the Limit 2005/12/26
   1. The Limitation of Doing by Themselves
   2. Poor Answer: Closure
   3. Basic Answer: Distribution of Properties Including Production Assets and Labors
   4. Another Thing: Doing Business/Doing Business, too
   5. "Basic" and "Another Thing": Merits and Demerits of Each Answer 

□IV On Shortage……113 cf.Resources

 □1. A Low Birthrate and an Aging Population Is Good 1997/11/01
 □2. To Do Normal Things (Abstract) 2001/01/25
   Stereotyped Design of a Low Birthrate
 □3. Limitation of Distribution: Choice, Production and National Borders (Abstract) 2000/03/05
   On "People"
   Where Production Comes from

□V On Work……138

 □1. Why Distribution of Labor Is the Answer  2002/10
 □2. The Social Structure which Creates NEET 2005/04/15
 □3. Cannot Do and cannot Work: Basic Problems of Labor and Employment of People with Disabilities 2001/12/25
   1. The Place to Question
   2. What they can Do and What they can Get
   3. Distribution does not Provide Enough
   4. Those who can do Half the Job
   5. Supplying the Margin
   6. Prohibition and Allotment

□VI On Property ……173

 □1. Property 2000/11/15
 □2. Changes of Styles of Property and Distribution 2001/12/01
   Vague Sense of Discomfort
   National Borders
 □3. Property and Distribution of Genetic Information 2004/10/10
   1. Two Choices?
   2. Opinions of the Theory that Holders Have the Right
   3. Opinions of the Theory that Researchers and Developers Have the Right
   4. Difficulties and Possibilities of Changes
 □4. Book Review: BAUD Jean-Piere L'affaire de la main volee: Une histoire juridique du corps 2004/10/08
 □5. Three Centuries After John LOCKE Died 2004/11/02
 □6. Liberty Does Not Support Libertarianism 2005/09/30
   Right to Body And Right to Assets
   Distribution For Forced Labor / Freedom
   Parallel Regulations or Exception
   Separation / Parallel from the Beginning?
   Remaining Points and Supplement

□VII On Fight / On Thinking ……217

 □1. Believing in Fighting on Beliefs 2004/07/01
   1. Tolerance / Neutrality
   2. Individuality / Cooperation
   3. Construction / Post Construction
   4. Then, What to Do?
 □2. Social: Misuse of Words 2004/12/31
  1. Looks Rough
   1. What has Been Repeated for Some Time
   2. What We cannot Borrow from Others
   3. Those which have Become the Same Shape
  2. Thinking Steadily a Little Bit
   1. Separating the Scene
   2. What Tries to Be Relativized:  (1)Limit of "Making Harmless", (2)Sociality As Cause And Effect, 3)Relativity of Evaluation
   3. Thinking about what We can Think without Relativizing
  3. More Difficult Points
   1. More Difficult Points, 2. Right / Wrong, 3. Continuity / Discontinuity of Facts and Norms, 4. Against Limit as Facts
 □3. Announcement and Report
   Announcement 2003/07/30
   Report 2004/01
 □4. Book Review: OGINO Miho Genderized Bodies

□VIII On Not to Die ……259

 □1. That Just Living Is not Enough can Be Frail 2002/12/15
 □2. That Just Living Is not Good Is not Good 2003/06/01
 □3. Not Being Neutral 2005/03/03
 □4. Some Basic Points 2006/04/21

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Index (Japanese)

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