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On Private Property

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On Private PropertyiwIL_xj @@TATEIWA Shinya@Septermber 05, 1997
@@Keiso Shoboi[j
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**CONTENTS**@Translation by Tsuyako Miyasato


*One* A Subject called Private Property

1. A Subject called Private Property
Property = Resistant towards Disposal
Outside the Self-Decision, and the Problem Drawing the Line

2. Environment with its Subject
History on Questions

*Two* Private Property: Authentic and Unauthentic

1. Problem on Property
Closer Problem on Self-Decision
Rules called Private Property

2. Self Control -> Logic on Private Property
Personal Control -> Logic on Private Property
"Freedom" does not speak

3. Justification and Unjustification of Impossibility by Effect
Profit? (1)
Profit? (2)
"Tragedy" of Commons ?

4. Justification of Impossibility
Survival Lottery
Impossibility of Justification

*Three* How far Criticisms Go?

1. Condition of Self-Decision
Examine the Criticisms
Information for the Decisions
Criticism that says It is not Self-Decision
Invasion by Others/ Paternalism

2. Viewpoint called Fairness
What has been the Problem?
Profit by Riches Only?
Poor Exploited?

3. On Exchange and Gift
On Exchange and Gift
Principality Distracting?

*Four* Others

1. Existence Called Other
Concept that does not Control
Denial of I is not included in Us
One Who Contains Other
An Existence Called Other

2. Borderline
Problems called Boundary
Boundary Line will be Drawn
B~ Things That do not Belong to That Individual
A~ Things That belong to That Individual

3. Self-Decision
Self-Decision Will be Affirmed
In Self-Decision/ Difficulties Surrounding Self-Decision
Self-Decision does not Acquit Everything
Existence Without Decision/ Situation Without Decision
Denial on Personal Possession for Sake of Making Self-Decision
Make a Condition a Problem

4. On Technology
Others' Senses on What I Fabricate for Myself
Regulation by Others

5. On Reproductive Technology
Place of Resistance
Simple Pleasure and Compensation called Unpleasant
Rights to be Born Accidently

*Five* Problem on Drawing the Line

1. Self-Decision Ability is not the Condition of Others

2. No Line Exists but Line will be Drawn
Impossibility of Drawing the Line
Things that are the Same/ Things that are Nearby

3. Boundary between Human and Inhuman
A species called Human and Qualification for the Human being
An Individual who Stops Others' Opportunity to be Born and Grow as a Human being
Limit on Qualification Logic
The World as an Individual

4. Boundary called Beginning
Problems on Beginning
Rights over Production Goods
Experience on Other Person Emerging
Property and Qualification

*Six* Politics to Individual

1. Nonparticipation and Uniformed Participation
Freedom Space
Homogeneous ParticipationETransparent Crossover of Power
Self-Assumption that Controls Self
Absence on Function -> Strategy on Individual Participation

2. Subjectivity
Double Plan Doctrine
Public Education
Intervention, Growth, and Disappearing

3. Intervention to Efficiency
Attention and Intervention toward Environment and Heredity
Eugenics in the United States and Germany
] "Disappearance" in Eugenics

4. Comlex Of Strategies ???
Self Cause/ Possible Regulation
Laissez-faire/ Interference
Interference/ Participation
Accumulation to an Individual

*Seven* Route and Dead End

1. Other Cause-and-Effect
Insists on "Sociality"
How do We deal with Genuine Meritocracy?
Invalidation against to Not-Wrong Nativism
Limit on Trudge Cause-and-Effect

2. Solidarity by Agnosticism
Revision by Principle of Insurance
When One becomes Wise

3. Freedom as Resistant
Freedom as Resistant

4. Qualification for the Freedom
My Denial as a Meritocracy
Natural History of Relationships
Shift to Political Science

5. Go Through Dead End
Use a Method of Forbidden
Market without Customer
Escape from Closed Environment

*Eight* Affirmation of Meritocracy that Negates Meritocracy

1. Question
Several Questions
On the Answers, Do Not Give the Answers

2. Negation on: "Things I Made are Mine"
Criticism on Measure and Individuality
Inevitability of Measurability
Inevitability of Individuality
Negation on T

3. II. Negation and Affirmation on "Distribution based on Ability"
It Occurs without Righteousness
On Trials of Extinction
Tedious Device on Market + Redistribution, therefore Tedious Accepted

4. III. Affirmation of "Evaluates Ability Only"
III does not lead by the Principle of Property and Contracts
T and Udo not Justify III
Defense on III

5. Answer and Non-solvable Problem to Conclusion and Applied Question
Conclusion and Reconfirmation
Place where One can Experience Others -- For Example, at a School
Genetic Screening, Employment, and Insurance
Others are Others: ergo, Discrimination

*Nine* Meet with Rightful Eugenics

1. Prenatal Diagnosis
Critique on Disabled Social Movements
Critique and Reply on Women's Movement
Unsolved Problem

2. Mistakes on Setting a Woman's "Self-Decision"
Object of the Decision is not a Self
Logic on Rights: ergo, Burdened Person

3. Concerned Person Absent
Assertion on "Individual's Misfortune" does not Actualize
Do not take on Criticism that Liquidates a Things
Discrimination towards Category?

4. Why do We Act?
Unpleasant/ Inconvenience
Death/ Suffering
Differences within Willful Acts
Prenatal Diagnosis and Abortion by Choice as Rightful Eugenics

5. What would be Capable of Doing?
Is it All Right to be Informed?
Right to not Choose as a Positive Right

6. On Positive Eugenics
Positive Eugenics
Forbidden Positive Eugenics because it is Unpleasant

7. Do not Accept
Step Down: Do not Deny
Appear in a Small Place
Withdraw from I


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