Boundaries of Modern Family : Consent cannot lead the figure of family we know

(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
Japanese Sociological Review (SHAKAIGAKU HYORON)*42-2:30-44
* Official Journal of Japan Sociological Society

Why does the figure of modern family which we experience everyday become vague when we begin examination of it ? What rights and duties can we endow on family ? And how can we limit the range which is endowed these rights and duties ? When we want to consider these problems, it is insufficient only to present the generally accepted figure of modern family. Based on a fact that references and interventions to family began in modern age, we should examine what result from principles and factors concernig modern family one by one. (Chapter 1) One of these principles is the right of private possession in a broad sense. We will ascertain effects of it : it takes an important role for transformation of family and society, but it makes it impossible to define family extensionally and to endow rights and duties to family positively. (Chapter 2) Then what other factors exist ? In case multiple factors and their effects exist, how do the problems about family appear ? Some subjects for next consideration are pointed out. (Chapter 3)

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