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「Ryo's Home Page」
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Welcome to Ryo's Hope Page

Last Modify 2002.10.4
My name is Ryoichiro Saito.
Do you know Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong'o?
Do you know Nigerian writer Buchi Emecheta?
In this page I write about their works.
Now, I am reading Ngugi's "Petals of Blood" with my friend Shigeru Ushikubo.
Every Thurday night we are reading it and a swahili novel "Kichwa Maji (Water in the Head, in English).
If you are interested in African writers' works, you are welcomed!
Last Thurday, I received an e-mail from this page's reader. Inter-net search engine made a good work and I up-date this page two years aftre last modify. Some links from this page are out of date, which I remove.
I am not good at English writing.
If you find any mistake in my writing, please teach me, and I will become a better English writer.

My favorite pages

first edition (Japanese page) made on 96.6.13
first edition (English page) made on 98.5.7
by Ryoichiro Saito (ryosaito@arsvivendi.comjca.apc.org)

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