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Study Group on QOL

Projects Led by Graduate Students at Ars Vivendi in Academic Year 2008 & 2009

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■ Aims

The phrase “Quality of life (QOL)” is used in a variety of settings, but what exactly does it mean? The aim of this project is to objectively analyse the usage (positioning, methods of use) of QOL in each individual field. In concrete terms we will examine what sort of policies are justified or foundations established by concepts of QOL as it is discussed in the context of different illnesses and cases such as the determination of treatment policies, shifting to in home care, etc. Are there commonalities between the various policies justified by the concept of QOL? If so, what sorts of tendencies do they exhibit? And if differences exist, what are they? Consideration of the “usage” of the concept of QOL in concrete contexts should make it clear that QOL is both a concept in need of explanation and at the same time an element of explanation used to ground and justify treatment policies. Participants in the project will analyze QOL in specific cases related to their individual research interests while maintaining an awareness of the context in which this concept is employed.

Study Group on QOL Members *Affiliations stated are as of academic year 2008

<Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow>
SAKURAI Hiroko (Graduate Student) HOTTA Yoshitaro(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow) NOZAKI Yasunobu(PD) KITAMURA Kentaro(PD) ARIMA Hitoshi(PD) NISHIZAWA Izumi(Graduate Student) IKEHATA Yuichiro(Graduate Student) MAEKAWA Chieko(Graduate Student) TOSHIMITSU Keiko(Graduate Student) UEMURA Kaname(Graduate Student) NISHIDA Miki(Graduate Student) MURAKAMI Shinji(Graduate Student) ABE Akira(PD) TAJIMA Akiko(Graduate Student)

<External Participants>
TOKUYAMA Takako(Shin-Osaka College of Dental Hygiene) FUKUDA Mari(Graduate Student, Okayama University)

Translated by Robert Chapeskie
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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