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■Academic Society & Study Groups

Aoi Shiba no Kai

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■Academic Society & Study Groups (Within Ars Vivendi)

International Study on Labour Issues, Unstable Living and Guaranteed Income

Life of Minority in Local Community: Sociological Study on Movement of Practice and Dynamics of
 Political Intervention

Study Group on Aging

Study Group on Aging from the Viewpoint of Historical Sociology

Study Group on Anthropology and Sociology of "Ars Vivendi"

Study Group on Ars Vivendi and Literature

Study Group on Ars Vivendi of Nanbyo

Study Group on Art and Margins

Study Group on Care

Study Group on Communication and Interpretation

Study Group on Disability Studies

Study Group on Ethics of Birth

Study Group on Life Problems of People with Disabilities and Diseases under Earthquake

Study Group on Mental Health and Society

Study Group on Narrative and History

Study Group on Nationality and Citizenship for Survival Strategy

Study Group on Norm & Order

Study Group on Nuclear Power in Ars Vivendi

Study Group on QOL

Study Group on Qualitative Research Drawing Various "Lives"

Study Group on Supporting People with Disabilities in Life and Study

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