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Study Group on Nuclear Power in Ars Vivendi

Projects Led by Graduate Students at Ars Vivendi in Academic Year 2011

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"Screening of People of Rokkasho and Homework during the Summer Vacation Is Not Over: Welcoming Ms. KURAOKA Akiko, a Producer"

Date:July 16, 2011 (Sat.) 12:30(Doors open at 12)~19:00
Place:#301 Jukokan Building, Kinugasa Campus, Ristumeikan University
Host:Global COE Program Ars Vivendi, Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University
Study Group on Nuclear Power in Ars Vivendi (Projects Led by Graduate Students at Ars Vivendi)
Co-host:Study Group on Nuclear Power "kNOw NUKES!"



■Academic Year 2011

◆Research Task:Theoretical/Practical Research on Nuclear Power and Interaction

◆Project Member *as of Academic Year 2011
KONISHI Mariko (Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University) *Project Leader
・TSUSHIMA Kari (Graduate Student, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan Unievrsity)
NAKAKURA Tomonori (Part-time Lecturer, Ritsumeikan University/Research Assistant, Global COE Program Ars Vivendi, Ritsumeikan University)
NIIYAMA Tomoki (Post Doctoral Fellow, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University/Part-time Lecturer, Kobe International University)

◆Advisory Professor:WATANABE Kozo

Ⅰ.Topics and Contribution to the Global COE Program Ars Vivendi
(1) Topics, Objectives and Impacts
The purposes of this project are to conduct theoretical/practical research on nuclear power and interact with other institutions, groups or people. Our research project includes movie screening and workshops for sharing various detailed knowledge or historical recognition concerning nuclear related facilities and citizens' movements.

Through the accident of nuclear power plant as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake which occurred on March 11, we reaffirmed the dangers of the accident of nuclear power plants all over the world. Nuclear power has caught people's attention since 1950s as a way for generating electronic power people need in order to live. Although it has been recorded how nuclear related facilities have been established in the past and what kinds of effects they have made on residents, the residents' suffering and struggle have raraly appeared. Thus, it cannot be said that those have not been recognized or examined enough.

In this project, we are planning to reaffirm the historical background and process of nuclear development by showing documentary movies that record residents as the invloved persons who have been against the establishment of nuclear facilities and who have lived near nuclear facilities, and having its producer's lecture at the same time. We are also planning to examine the way the nuclear power plant should be by transmitting the residents' struggle of nuclear power development through workshops. Specifically, we contribute to the enrichment of the contents of nuclear-related themes by posting the contents of reports of the movie show and its producer's lecture. In that sense, this project contributes to "Accumulation and Thinking" of Global COE Program Ars Vivendi. Also, by making the screening and lecture public, we believe many people will be able to share the purposes of this project.

(2) Contribution to the Global COE Program Ars Vivendi
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the website concerning the "disaster and disabled people and people with illness: the Great East Japan Earthquake" has appeared in the homepage of Global COE Program Ars Vivendi and it has transmitted information on the earthquake and nuclear power. Most of its information is recent one and thus, it cannot be said that the information on nuclear power has not been transmitted enough. In that sense, research and information transmission of this project will contribute to the Global COE Program Ars Vivendi a lot.

We have started this project since this academic year and we are planning to have the screening of 'People of Rokkasho' and 'Homework during the Summer Vacation Is not Over' and lecture of Ms.KURAOKA Akiko, its producer in July. By accumulating the historical processes over nuclear related facilities and residents through the screening and workshops and examining them, we can contribute to the enrichment and examination of the website on nuclear power plant of Ars Vivendi.

Ⅱ.Research Plan, Method and Publication of Research Products
We are planning to have a collaborative workshop with "kNOw NUKES!", study group on nuclear power on a daily basis, and share each member's report of the research achievements. We are planning to have the screening of 'People of Rokkasho' and 'Homework during the Summer Vacation Is not Over' and lecture of Ms.KURAOKA Akiko, its producer in July. This movie uses the methodology of interviews dealing with people living in Rokkasho (Aomori), la Hague (France) and Sellafield (U.K.), where nuclear fuel reprocessing plants exist. Another purpose of this event is to let many people, in addition to researchers, know about our activities as our outreach activity.

Based on the knowledge of this screening event and workshops on a daily basis, we invite one person (researcher or involved person) in winter and have a lecture. Since each member's specialty differs, we analyze concrete points of nuclear issues from philosophy, sociology, international relations, psychology, etc. We will also conduct practical research, such as visit of a nuclear plant and fieldwork to regions where workers are invited to work at nuclear plants. Its research achievements will be reported at the lecture held in winter. We will post materials which are distributed at the screening, workshops etc. on the website of Ars Vivendi as much as possible.

UP:July 11, 2011 REV :July 12, 2011/July 14, 2011/July 25, 2011
Translated by KATAOKA Minoru
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