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ITEMS [ Japanese ]

Include a photograph, introduce my profile.

I was
born in Nagano Prefecture Oomachi City on December 26, 1950.
it's a famous place where was done Winter Olympic in 1998.
To a junior high school one year, in Oomachi City.

My home town in my mind

(Image "snow" )

I was transferred to Osaka Prefecture Takatsuki City in the relations of father's work.
There were few friends by the complex that I came from the country in the junior high school age, too.
On March, 1967, I graduated from Osaka prefecture management Shimagami high school.
On April, 1967, I enterd Ritsumeikan university department of economics .
Participate in the club activities of the ESS drama.

Tea and sympathy.
Flowering cherry.
Death of a salesman.
A cat on the hot zinc roof.

Perform in English .
A threat stood in its college days in the middle of Anpo fight (Army Safty Agreement With Japan and U.S.A in 1970's).
On March, 1973, graduation.
Join a medical instruments trading company , and take training in United States Boston, Chicago, Sandiego, Zurich, Singapore, Duserdolf, Shanhai, and so on.

(Photo : West Germany, in front of the house of) poet Heinne,/, now, in the bar.

Boston university , the professor of genetics and South Caroraina University, the professor of chemistry (married couple) in that time.

I was interest in PC after development of software of the compound anti-cancer medicine effect decision is taken charge of. A machine related to the blood transfusion/blood/Bone marrow transplantation/immunity/gene was a center.
Transfer to Osaka-Hakata-Nagoya-Osaka.

Change profession in the air harmony equipment company on November, 1991.
Two years later, 1993, the sense of incongruity of
the right hand thumb finger a little bit would be found.
A grilled fish couldn't be disentangled with the chopsticks.
I went to receive Saiseikai hospital near home (Hyogo Prefecture Sanda City)/internal medicine department, orthopedic medical treatment on April, 1994, and told it was not so sevear illness .
A state is decided to be seen for a while.

Progress on right upper arm in a feeling of the loose power of the arm part on Summer, 1994.
I didn't have the shopping bag of the supermarket raised to the seat of the car, and both a push-up and an abdominal muscle stopped never being made.
Meat between the thumb finger and the forefinger of the right hand lost and dwindled .
Move so that it may be
convulsed freely.(Unwillness movement).

I was examined and reoccasion in Saiseikai hospital on Septembr, 1994. It is said that even orthopedics, brain surgery are different from the charge disease, and it has seen a doctor of the nerve internal medicine department recommended.

See a doctor.and examines Osaka university medical department attached hospital the first internal medicine department in December, 1994.
It has about one-month inspection hospitalization recommended, hospitalization.

<< The check items for diagnosing the illness >>
Blood test.
Lung capacity.
Memory/intelligence test.
Deep department figure + skin department muscle EMG.
Nerve transmission speed.
Skin sense examination.
In the brain, blood way distribution.
MRI for the brain and the spinal.
Rising anemia (autonomic nerve inspection).
Sugar urinalysis.
Spinal cord liquid inspection.
Neck department and the chest roentgens.
In such cases as the tendon reflection.

Diagnosed as
SPMA spinal progressive muscle atrophy on January 13, 1995. On January 15, 1995 , with my wife visited Mondoyakujin shrine in Nishinomiya to pray for health.
Early morning on January 17, 1995, Hanshin Awaji BIG EARTHQUAKE occurred.
Mondoyakujin collapsed.
On January 18, 1995, discharged from the hospital.
I revertd to the work in February, 1995.

#Just some months of happenings #

The hook of the trousers isn't put on- the back of the rest room with the progress of illness...
Chopsticks can't be used.
Raised a right hand with its left hand so that the window of the car might be hard to open and it might have a handle too
Prohibition of car operation.
A right hand stops being raised, and becomes only use of a spoon of the left hand from the meal of the knife and the fork.
A business suit isn't put on by myself. Shorts/trousers aren't raised after the rest room.
An umbrella doesn't make it do even if (Progress in the left hand as well.) rain falls.
A drawing and a document aren't held. A business suit doesn't come off, and it isn't put on.
The change of self-sell-machine opportunity can't be provided.
When a train shakes, it doesn't finish supporting myself.
Water of the rest room can't be washed away.
Do breath difficult soon when bending walks before the (breathing function decline) posture.

In August end, 1995, I feel it is impossible to work any more ane so I wish to leave the company.
I fall in the garden in September,1995, big injury in my face. I was carried by a nambulance to the Saiseikai hospital.