Especially, about the personal computer use.

-->For the one which is poor to operate a personal computer
Since it got sick and notice was taken, a voice is lost someday, and the fact that intention is hard to transmit is accepted, and you must do preparation for that and preparation for << ALS >>.
Macintosh and about Ke:nx for the handicapped person .
It becomes a very useful tool with Ke:nx that the intention of oneself due to the blink and the movement of the eyeball and a feeling are transmitted at the end with the handicap of the progress like ALS from the person of the slight difficulty for the serious handicapped person whom it is unacceptable.
Then, various methods are prepared for corresponding to the degree of the progress. For example, the territory which it can move to by the difficulty becomes small, and there is a Mini keyboard with the usual keyboard when it is severe.
On screen or Screen on board can be used while a truck ball can be used. Input a character, and take out a voice for the communication, and it can be done with seeing an operation screen.
Or, it can be operated with the truck ball instead of operating a keyboard in the hand and the foot , and with saying an assistant keyboard and making it indicate the picture of the keyboard on the screen . A rearrangement is made freely in the key arrangement.
It is possible to send on/off signal from the sensor developed variously when a symptom progressed further and only the movement of a few fingers and some of the muscle of the face could be used.
mini keyboad
Then, input a character by your making it scan the frame for the operation made individually on the screen in turn to be the same, and play game, and operate TV and a CD, and it accesses to the Internet, and e-mail, and send Fax, and completely possible with its intention.
Of course, let me utter it, too, when you ask somebody to record a voice for the intention understanding and necessary.
Moreover, it is faster than the errand, scanning, and it is possible that intention transmission is done, too, << the program of the Morse code >>.

The bulletin of the meeting of *Mac to Ke:nx* is distributed free to the member four times a year with CD-R.
A form is Claris Works 2.0/ text style /HTML more than No.3. But every bulletin were written in Japanese.
As for the member registration, the following for mail or Fax is to give me a postal code, an address, e-mail address or Fax / Tel number, a name, the self-introduction that it is easy.

The intention transmission device sold at present in Japan.
Machintosh each PC+Ke:nx
IBM +Kanji P word/Windows
Windows +Wivik2 or Discover switch.
Hitachi Dennoshin, etc
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