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Ars Vivendi Vol.8

(Written in Japanese)

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■Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University (Ed.) March 31, 2015 Ars Vivendi Vol.8,Seikatsu Shoin,330p. ISBN-10: 4865000364 ISBN-13: 9784865000368 2200+tax [amazon][kinokuniya] ※


This volume deals with attractive themes including nursing, stuttering/deaf and creative mothers.

■Table of Contents

■Opening Special Feature: Nursing
◇Round-table Talk: "Theory of Nursing: Transformation of Nursing for the Last 30 Years"

[Academic Papers]
1 ABE Akane "The Discrepancy of 'Living Learning': Critical Response about 'Living Learning' by Psychiatric Nurses"
2 KURATA Mayumi "Critical Review of Priority Relative-Offers in Revision of Organ Transplant Law"

1 SUGISHIMA Yuko "What Has the Revision of Medical Treatment Fees for 2014 over Gastrosomy Caused to the Elderly?"
2 OKEGAWA Kayo "What Enabled Parent Die not in a Hospital"
3 ARIYOSHI Reiko "Workers Invloved in Treatment of Dialysis: The Delicate Relationship between Nurses and Clinical Engineers"
4 IZUMIKAWA Takako "Difficulties of Nurses' Finding Victims of Domestic Violence and Intervening in the Cases at Medical Institutions"
5 NAKANISHI Kyoko "The Current Condition of Nurses Working at Home-visit Nursing Stations"
6 TAKIGAWA Yumiko "Difficulties of Nurses Invloved in Artificial Abortion"
7 SUMIHARA Kayo "Midwives' Activities after the 2000s"
8 MATSUURA Chiemi "Learning from Involvement with Patients"
9 SASATANI Eri "Providing Diaper Replacement of Children with Their Fathers"
10 KUBOTA Yoshie "Nurses 'Absorbed with' Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities"

[Practical Report]
NISHIDA Miki "End-of-life Care for Cancer in Progressive Disease Patients Living Alone"

■Special Feature I: Stuttering/Deaf
1 WATANABE Katsunori "Ambiguous Definition of Stuttering"
2 UJIHIRA Akira "Linguistic and Phonetic Characteristics of Stuttering"
3 SUEMORI Akio "Role Changes of Sign Languages Used in Japan: The Effects of Transitions between the Intimate and Public Spheres within the Japanese Deaf-mute Community"
4 KAI Sarasa "Sign Language and Deaf Education in Japan"

■Special Feature II: Creative Mothers
MURAKAMI Kiyoshi "Special Feature Commentary: The Reason We Focus on 'Creative Mothers' Now"

◇Round-table Talk "Oppression to Mothers/Mothers' Creation: The Condition of Being Creative Mothers"

・ MIZUKOSHI Maki "Beyond Criticisms against 'Polite' Women"

■Submitted Papers
1 IZUTANI Shun "Unhappy Marriage: Kashimada Maki's Meido Meguri"
2 KATO Yukiko "Should We Be Positive?: The Pluses and Minuses of Positive Thinking, and Beliefs in Contemporary Capitalism"
3 YANG Yangil "The Night Junior High School Educational Movement and its Legacy for Zainichi Koreans: A Case Study of the T Night Junior High School in Higashi Osaka City"
4 TSUBAI Shinya "Seyla Benhabib on Cosmopolitan Citizenship"
5 SAKURAI Satoshi & ABE Akira "Debates on Corporal Punishiment in Contemporary Japan: A Sociological Investigation and Ethical Inquiry"

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