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Ars Vivendi Vol.7

(Written in Japanese)

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■Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University (Ed.) March 31, 2014 Ars Vivendi Vol.7,Seikatsu Shoin,272p. ISBN-10: 4865000216 ISBN-13: 9784865000214 2200+tax [amazon][kinokuniya] ※


This volume deals with fulfilling contents including Japanese version of "Moral Orientation and Moral Development" by Carol Gilligan in addition to Opening Special Feature "Dances of (/on/for) People with an Illness/Disability", Special FeatureⅠ"Minority and Language", and Special FeatureⅡ "Reproduction/Children".

■Table of Contents


Opening Special Feature: Dances of (/on/for) People with an Illness/Disability
1 Philippe CHEHERE "Huntington, Handicap and Dance: A Dance Project on Hospital"
2 Minori KOKADO "How to support Artistic Activities in a Health-Care Setting: An Instance in France"
3 Reiko HAYASHI "The Historical Perspective of Dance/Movement Therapy"
4 Yui HASEGAWA "Disability and Dance"

Special FeatureⅠ:Minority and Language
1-1 Masahiko NISHI "The Variety of Second-Generation Literature, Koreans in Japan and Japanese-Americans"
1-2 Yang SEOL "A Language, Laughter and Utopia: Yang Mingi's Imaginary World"
1-3 Hiroko BABA "An Analysis on the Methods and Practices of Bilingual Education: A Case Study at Kobe Chinese School"
1-4 Namiko IIDA "The Migration System for People Returning from China and Thier Social Relations"

Special FeatureⅡ:Reproduction/Children
2-1 Charlotte KROLØKKE "KinTra-A Danish Research Project: When Babies, Bodies and Bioethics are on the Move"
2-2 Karen Hvidtfeldt MADSEN "A Baby "Made in India": Intended Motherhood and Transnational Surrogacy"
2-3 Minori KOKADO "Same-Sex Marriage and ART Regulation in France"
2-4 Yumiko YAMAMOTO "Things not discussed in Noninvasive Prenatal Genetic Testing: Relation between Second Trimester Abortion and "Stillbirth""
2-5 Keiko TOSHIMITSU "Arguments in Japan over New Prenatal Testing"
2-6 Chiaki YAMAMOTO "What?do?abortion debates mean? : from the Perspective of Bodies"

Submitted Paper
Tetz HAKODA "Body and Pleasure in “A Happy Limbo of Non-Identity”: Foucault against Butler on Herculine Barbin"

Translated Paper
1 Carol GILLIGAN "Moral Orientation and Moral Development"
2 Mariko KONISHI "Annotation: Carol Gilligan"

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