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Ars Vivendi Vol.5

(Written in Japanese)

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■Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University (Ed.) March 20, 2012 Ars Vivendi Vol.5,Seikatsu Shoin,288p. ISBN-10: 4903690911 ISBN-13: 978-4903690919 2310 yen 2200+110 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※

*Introduction from the Publisher: http://www.seikatsushoin.com/bk/091%20seizongaku05.html (Japanese)


Five years have passed since "ars vivendi" started. Where will "ars vivendi" head at from now to the next 10 years? The ars vivendi program has kept accumulating the basic information of what has happened in Japan. The program has let people in the world know about their research activities. This volume consists of achievements of various research activities and is also the restart volume after the Global COE Program is over.

■Table of Contents

Special Feature 1: Ars Vivendi's Restart
Introduction TATEIWA Shin'ya "Between Five Years and Ten Years"
1 FRANK Arthur W. "Holding One's Own as an Art of Living: Reflections on Companion Stories and Narrative Analysis"(Translated by:ARIMA Hitoshi
2 UENO Chizuko "Sociology of Care: Toward the Welfare Society of the Sovereignty of the Involved Persons"
3 KURIHARA Akira "Theory of 3.11: For Rebirth of Human Beings(Interviewer:AMADA Josuke
4 HAYASHI Tatsuo "From Africa to Japan: The Opportunity with Equality"(Interviewer:NIIYAMA Tomoki

Special Feature 2: Minor Technology of Ars Vivendi
1 POWDERLY James "Eyewriter which Enables People with Paralysis to Scribble in Your Town"(Interviewer:MATSUBARA Yoko & KATO Yukiko, Translation:KATO Yukiko
2 MATSUBARA Yoko "A Bibliographical Essay on Mr. Powderly's Interview"
3 HOTTA Yoshitaro "Development, Supply and Policy of Communication Equipments for People with Severe Disabilities"

Academic Papers
◆Technology / Art
1 FUKUDA Kazufumi "Innovation and Entrepreneurs' Role in the Video Game Industry: A Case of Digital Texts of Benesse Corpotration"
2 KATO Yukiko "Can Art Be Involved in Ars Vivendi?: Art Seen from Energetics"

◆Immovable Body
1 GOTOH Reiko "'Family / World' of People with Schizophrenia"
2 KONISHI Mariko "Codependence and Pathology: Searching for Wives of Alcoholics"
3 TANAKA Moriyasu "Gregor and Women: Die Verwandlung as Literature of Care"
4 AKIYOSHI Daisuke "'Stuttering' Seen in Mr. TERAYAMA Shuji's Works"

◆Medical Care / Distribution
MATSUDA Ryozo "Toward Debates on 'Rationing' of End-of-Life Care: Insights from A UK-Japan Comparison"

◆Emotion / Society
SAKIYAMA Haruo "Toward the Point of Mixture of the Society and Emotion: Through Dialogue with Ars Vivendi"

◆Justice / Recognition
DUMOUCHEL Paul "Equality and Recognition"(Translated by:KINJO Miyuki

◆Earthquake Disaster / Information
KOBAYASHI Muneyuki "Major Earthquakes and Extras: Transition of the First Report after Earthquakes Happen"

Reports of International Research Activities
HORI Tomohisa "Reflection of the Second Korea Japan Disability Studies Forum"
HASEGAWA Yui "'Switch-Ken's' (Study Group on Switches) Visit to Korea"
YOSHIDA Sachie "Between Japan and Korea: Visit to Iksan / Sorokdo and Report of the Second Korea Japan Disability Studies Forum"
ONO Mayuko "Energetic Korea: Interview to a Lawyer who Brings Passion to Suits of CRPS"
WATANABE Katsunori "Oganizational Collaboration Between Japan and Korea over People with Disabilities"
KATAOKA Minoru "Project Management"
ARIMA Hitoshi "Several Things I Learned during My Stay with Prof. Arthur W. Frank"
ONO Mayuko "Narrative about the Symposium whose Theme is 'Narrrative': Participation Report of the International Symposium "Experiences of Illness and Narratives: Possibility of a Narrative Approach as an Analysis Method"
SHINOGI Ryo "Reread of the History of Psychology, Psychological Tests by Movies and Visualization: Investigative Reports about Public Library in Boston and Hugo Münsterberg"
KAWABATA Miki "I was in Berlin in the Summer 2011: Report of IALMH and Visit to the Deutsche Hygiene Museum and Belin's Public Bath"
HAKODA Tetsu "Opposition to Big Society and Foucault's Applied Reading: Report of the Conference at Cambridge"
NAKAKURA Tomonori "In Order to Create the Reality: Inviting Mr. Maurizio Lazzarato"
NIIYAMA Tomoki "Report of Social Investigation and Medical-related One in the Republic of Ghana"
ISOBE Atsuko "White Dot Design in the Green: Now and from Now on"

Cover Photo:WATANABE Aiko

Translation by KATAOKA Minoru
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