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Ars Vivendi Vol.4

(Written in Japanese)

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■Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University (Ed.) May 25, 2011 Ars Vivendi Vol.4,Seikatsu Shoin,251p. ISBN-10: 4903690768 ISBN-13: 9784903690766 2310 yen 2200+110 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※

*Introduction from the Publisher: http://www.seikatsushoin.com/bk/076%20seizongaku04.html (Japanese)

■Special Feature: "Design of Ars Vivendi" and "Literature"


How much evaluation does "Ars Vivendi" have? What is "Ars Vivendi" going to do? How does "Ars Vivendi" let people know about its research activities via homepage and how does "Ars Vivendi" exchange with others?
This volume mainly consists of 1) the long interview to TATEIWA Shin'ya (interviewer: AMADA Josuke) (continued from Vol.3), and 2) special features: "Design of Ars Vivendi" and "Literature".

■Table of Contents:

Long Interview: TATEIWA Shin'ya and AMADA Josuke "Ars Vivendi: The Contemporary History of Disability and Society" No.2

Special Feature 1: "Design of Ars Vivendi"
Round-table Discussion: "Aging" Game Culture: Three Agings of Video Games
UEMURA Masayuki + KAWAMURA Yoshiaki + SAITO Akihiro + OBANA Takashi + YOSHIDA Hiroshi
YOSHIDA Hiroshi "Why 'Universal Design' Is Called So: Restarted Modern Design"

Special Feature 2: "Literature"
[1] Before the Law of Kafka
1 KAWAGUCHI Yumiko "Independence of Family Found in Kafka's The Metamorphosis
2 KOBAYASHI Hayato "Disappearance on the Boarders"
3 ISHIDA Chie "Migrant People Worrying about Their Affiliation"
4 SAKURAI Satoshi "Temptation of Homicide Machine"
5 ONO Mitsuaki "From Difficult Life of L'Etranger to the Trace of the Possibility of Solidarity: The Meaning of Measurement in Kafka's The Castle"

[2] "Troubled Body" in Literature
1 NISHI Masahiko "Overcoming the Shame of 'Being Unpatriotic'"
2 TORIKI Keita "'Troubled Bodies' in Proletarian Literature: Hayama Yoshiki's Prostitutes as the Starting Point"
3 KURAMOTO Tomoaki "Sexuality and Bodies at Battlefields: Comparing Tamura Taijiro's Locust and Chen Chien-wu's Memory of Former Taiwan Volunteer Solders"
4 TOMODA Yoshiyuki "Technology and Bodies: Virtual Reality of Abe Kobo"

Public Papers
1 KONDO Hiroshi "Listening to Birds Singing: Various Aspects in Discourses on Animals among Embera People in East Panama"
2 KOBAYASHI Muneyuki and KOTSUJI Hisanori "The Issues of Missing Elderly in Newspapers"
3 ARAKI Shigetsugu "Close Examination of Ozawa Isao's 'Dementia Theory': Criticism against the Delusion-of-Robbed Genesis Theory"

Reports of International Research Activities
1 IIDA Namiko"Participating the 'Symposium for All People Considering Medical Tourism and Medical Interpretation'"
2 ITO Kayoko "Seeing Various Ways of International Symposiums"
3 OKADA Kazuo "The Election Observation Activity in Sri Lanka"
4 KONDO Hiroshi "Embera People in East Panama Facing Globalization"
5 KONDO Hiroshi "Present Position of Levi-Sturass: Report of Lecture by Frédéric Keck 'Anthropology since Levi-Sturass'"
6 BANSHO Kenichi "Report on the Study of 'Internal Colony': Ireland"

Cover Photo: WATANABE Aiko

■Reference / Introduction

TATEIWA Shin'ya March 1, 2011 "First Paper in This Year: Around Sole Life No.11" (Japanese), Gekkan Fukushi March 2011

Translation by HIRAGA Midori
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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