Gendai Shiso 36-3(2008-3)
"Patient Studies: Ars Vivendi"

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Gendai Shiso 36-3(2008-3) March 1, 2008
 Cover Stories "Patient Studies: Ars Vivendi"

 Seidosha, 246p. ISBN-10: 4791711777 ISBN-13: 978-4791711772 1,300 yen
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Gendai Shisho 2008 36-3

Table of Contents:

■Themes Associated with Cover Stories: Patient Studies: Ars Vivendi
TATEIWA Shin'ya March 1, 2008 "Withdrawing because Resource Is Limited No.30"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):20-31 Materials in Japanese

【Living with Diseases】

◆TADA Tomio March 1, 2008 "Aspects of Terminal Diseases"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):40-47


◆SANKAI Yoshiyuki & MATSUBARA Yoko March 1, 2008 "Declaration of Cyborg Patients"(Conversation)
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):48-67

【Medical Care / Welfare】

◆ALS‐D  March 1, 2008 "ALS-D: Diaries about Mr.Kotani"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):102-114
 cf.KOTANI Masaaki Living with ALS
 KITAMURA Kentaro "KOTANI Masaaki" http://www.livingroom.ne.jp/w/kutnmsak.htm (Japanese)/ALS (Japanese)

YOSHIMURA Yuri March 1, 2008 "Dynamics of Organizations over Mental Disorder: Case Study of National Federation of Families in Japan whose Members Have Mental Disabilities"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):138-155

ITO Kayoko March 1, 2008 "Medical World of Patients with Muscular Dystrophy"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):156-170 cf.Muscular Dystrophy (Japanese)

【Ars Vivendi】

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki March 1, 2008 "Toward the Economy of Sickness and Suffer"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):68-81

AMADA Josuke March 1, 2008 "Structure of Economy of Donation of Death and Price: Older People's Strategies of Living"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):82-101

◆MUTO Kaori March 1, 2008 "Death without Suffer after Long Healthy Life: Is This What We Want?"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):116-125

YOSHINO Yugi March 1, 2008 "Escape Line of GID Law"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):126-137


◆KAWAMURA Sawako & KAWAGUCHI Yumiko(Interviewer) March 1, 2008 "Genealogy of Care of Incurable Diseases: From Subacute Myelo-optico-neuropathy to Home Mechanical Ventilation"(Interview)
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):171-191

HOTTA Yoshitaro March 1, 2008 "Care and Market"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):192-210

◆SUGITA Syunsuke March 1, 2008 "ALS / Natural Death / Family Care: From Modest Life of a Helper"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):224-231
 1. Being Disclosed / 2. At One Corner / 3. As Another Invloved Person

【Thoughts of Diseases】

◆SAWANO Masaki March 1, 2008 "Beginning of Patient Studies: To Become a Legendary Patient"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):232-245

◆MATOIBA Mizuki March 1, 2008 "Patient as a Character, and Life as a Character"
 Gendai Shiso36-3(2008-3):211-223

Translated by TAMURA Noriko, Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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