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Contributors should bear in mind that they are addressing an international audience. Manuscripts that do not conform to the requirements listed below will not be considered for publication or returned to their authors. Submissions will be seen anonymously by two referees.

Manuscripts, between 3000 and 7000 words maximum (including the bibliography), should be sent to Helen Oliver, Disability & Society, School of Education, University of Sheffield, 388 Glossop Road, Sheffield S10 2JA, UK. Articles can only be considered if three complete copies of each manuscript are submitted. They should be typed on one side of the paper, double spaced, with ample margins, and bear the title of the contribution, name(s) of the author(s) and the address where the work was carried out. Each copy of the article should be accompanied by an abstract of 100-150 words on a separate sheet, and a short note of biographical details. An additional one page (maximum) statement (3 copies) in *accessible language* covering all the main points of the article must also be included with each submission. The full postal address, telephone, fax and email numbers (where possible) of the author who will check proofs and receive correspondence and offprints should also be included. Please indicate clearly the final word count for the whole of your article. All pages should be numbered (in bold). There are no page charges in Disability & Society.

For further advice on the submission procedure please email h.j.oliver@sheffield.ac.uk

Footnotes to the text should be avoided wherever this is reasonably possible.

Guidelines for the Current Issues Section of the journal.

Books for review should be addressed to Alison Sheldon, Centre for Disability Studies, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK

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Page 1
Doctoral Theses
Page 3
"Representations of autism in Australian print media"
Sandra C. Jones; Valerie Harwood
Pages 5 -- 18
"eThe AISH review is a big jokef: contradictions of policy participation and consultation in a neo-liberal context"
Claudia Malacrida; Stefanie Duguay
Pages 19 -- 32
"Institutional woes of participation: Bulgarian disabled peoplefs organisations and policy-making"
Teodor Mladenov
Pages 33 -- 45
"Community participation and inclusion: people with disabilities defining their place"
Paul Milner; Berni Kelly
Pages 47 -- 62
"Barriers to employment as experienced by disabled people: a qualitative analysis in Calgary and Regina, Canada"
Michael Shier; John R. Graham; Marion E. Jones
Pages 63 -- 75
"Domestic violence and women with disabilities: locating the issue on the periphery of social movements"
Jennifer Nixon
Pages 77 -- 89
"Claiming loss in disability"
Brian Watermeyer
Pages 91 -- 102
"Transition from school for youths with a disability: issues and challenges"
Stephen Winn; Ian Hay
Pages 103 -- 115
Book Reviews
Louise Townson; Rohhss Chapman; Colin Barnes; Bob Sapey
Pages 117 -- 122

Jeff Bartley
Pages 123 -- 124
Doctoral theses
Pages 125 -- 127
"Notions of self: lived realities of children with disabilities"
Vanessa Singh; Anita Ghai
Pages 129 -- 145
"Would rethinking learning disabilities benefit Kuwait?"
Maysaa Bazna; D. Kim Reid
Pages 147 -- 160
"Independence pays: a cost and resource analysis of direct payments in two local authorities"
Tim Stainton; Steve Boyce; Ceri J. Phillips
Pages 161 -- 172
"Constructing the eidealf family for family-centred practice: challenges for delivery"
Jenny Dodd; Sherry Saggers; Helen Wildy
Pages 173 -- 186
"Chemical and electromagnetic exposures as disability barriers: environmental sensitivity"
Pamela Reed Gibson
Pages 187 -- 199
"Physical and social barriers to social relationships: voices of rural disabled women in the USA"
Diane E. Taub; Penelope A. McLorg; April K. Bartnick
Pages 201 -- 215
"Self-employment among people with disabilities: evidence for Europe"
Ricardo Paga'n
Pages 217 -- 229
"Fatness as a disability: questions of personal and group identity"
Nathan Kai-Cheong Chan; Allison C. Gillick
Pages 231 -- 243
Book reviews
Alan Roulstone; Frances Affleck; Paul Adderley; Tracey Harrison; Ruth Garbutt; Alison Wilde; Nick Watson
Pages 245 -- 252
Page 253

Page 255
Doctoral theses
Pages 257 -- 258
"Living on the margin: disabled Iranians in Belgian society"
Gary L. Albrecht; Patrick J. Devlieger; Geert Van Hove
Pages 259 -- 271
"Concepts of access for people with learning difficulties: towards a shared understanding"
Melanie Nind; Jane Seale
Pages 273 -- 287
"Bodies elocked upf: intersections of disability and race in Australian immigration"
K. Soldatic; L. Fiske
Pages 289 -- 301
"eNow Ifd like to sleep with Rachaelf -- researching sexuality support in a service agency group home"
Carol Anne Hamilton
Pages 303 -- 315
"Consumer-directed personal assistance and ecaref: perspectives of workers and ventilator users"
Barbara E. Gibson; Dina Brooks; Dale DeMatteo; Audrey King
Pages 317 -- 330
"Normative approaches to justice in physical education for pupils with physical disabilities -- dilemmas of recognition and redistribution"
Kajsa Jerlinder; Berth Danermark; Peter Gill
Pages 331 -- 342
"Reframing Asperger syndrome: lessons from other challenges to the Diagnostic and statistical manual and ICIDH approaches"
Sarah Allred
Pages 343 -- 355
"Is there a place within academic journals for articles presented in an accessible format?"
Ruth Garbutt
Pages 357 -- 371
"Time and exclusion"
Jan Nespor; David Hicks; Anna-Maria Fall
Pages 373 -- 385
Book reviews
Laura Hemingway; Chrissie Rogers; Anne Waldschmidt
Pages 387 -- 393

Page 395
Doctoral theses
Pages 397 -- 398
"Wounded/monstrous/abject: a critique of the disabled body in the sociological imaginary"
Bill Hughes
Pages 399 -- 410
"Regranting identity to the outgraced -- narratives of persons with learning disabilities: methodological considerations"
Joan Lesseliers; Geert Van Hove; Stijn Vandevelde
Pages 411 -- 423
"Changing perspectives on the child at risk at the end of the nineteenth century. The Belgian Maritime Hospital Roger de Grimberghe (1884--1914) as a space of inclusion and exclusion"
Bruno Vanobbergen
Pages 425 -- 436
"Policies and practices of diversity: reimagining possibilities for new discourses"
Marta D. Infante; Claudia Matus
Pages 437 -- 445
"Getting to know reality and breaking stereotypes: the experience of two generations of working disabled women"
Mari'a Lo'pez Gonza'lez
Pages 447 -- 459
"An equality of condition framework for user involvement in mental health policy and planning: evidence from participatory action research"
Shari McDaid
Pages 461 -- 474
"Pity and pragmatism: understandings of disability in northeast Thailand"
Bhensri Naemiratch; Lenore Manderson
Pages 475 -- 488
"Understanding the social exclusion and stalled welfare of citizens with learning disabilities"
Marcus Redley
Pages 489 -- 501
"Social representations of inclusion and stratification: ethnographic research within two Israeli elementary schools"
Smadar Tuval; Emda Orr
Pages 503 -- 516
Student perspectives
"Women with disabilities in the North West province of Cameroon: resilient and deserving of greater attention"
Shirin Kiani
Pages 517 -- 531
Book reviews
Marie Yates; Holly Renzhofer; Teela Sanders
Pages 533 -- 537

E24-5@eBrave New World?f Disability and the 21st Century: Challenges and Solutions
Page 539
Doctoral theses
Page 541
"Resistance, transformation and the politics of hope: imagining a way forward for the disabled peoplefs movement"
Susan Peters; Susan Gabel; Simoni Symeonidou
Pages 543 -- 556
"Disabled people and self-directed support schemes: reconceptualising work and welfare in the 21st century"
Simon Prideaux; Alan Roulstone; Jennifer Harris; Colin Barnes
Pages 557 -- 569
"eSome people are never going to be able to do thatf. Challenges for people with intellectual disability in the 21st century"
Leanne Dowse
Pages 571 -- 584
"(Re)Defining disability in the egenetic agef: behavioral genetics, enewf eugenics and the future of impairment"
Michael A. Rembis
Pages 585 -- 597
"Mentalism, disability rights and modern eugenics in a ebrave new worldf"
Diane Wiener; Rebecca Ribeiro; Kurt Warner
Pages 599 -- 610
"Engaging with teachersf knowledge: promoting inclusion in Zambian schools"
Susie Miles
Pages 611 -- 624
"Migration and ethnic group disproportionality in special education: an exploratory study"
Susan L. Gabel; Svjetlana Curcic; Justin J. W. Powell; Khaled Khader; Lynn Albee
Pages 625 -- 639
Student perspectives
"Implanting impairment: contextualizing a US special education category
Deb Hamilton"
Pages 641 -- 652
"(Dis)empowering Paralympic histories: absent athletes and disabling discourses
Danielle Peers"
Pages 653 -- 665
Current issues
"Recession, radicalism and the road to recovery?"
Alison Sheldon
Pages 667 -- 671

Pages 673 -- 674
Doctoral theses
Page 675
"Disability activisms: social model stalwarts and biological citizens"
Bill Hughes
Pages 677 -- 688
"Unravelling Mr Presidentfs nomad lands: travelling to interdisciplinary frontiers of knowledge in disability studies"
Griet Roets
Pages 689 -- 701
"Missing discourses: concepts of joy and happiness in disability"
Naomi Sunderland; Tara Catalano; Elizabeth Kendall
Pages 703 -- 714
"Working across borders to promote positive mental health and well-being"
Deirdre Heenan
Pages 715 -- 726
"Psychiatrist--consumer relationships in US public mental health care: consumersf views of a disability system"
Sandra J. Tanenbaum
Pages 727 -- 738
"Navigating healthcare: gateways to cancer screening"
Julie Devaney; Lisa Seto; Nancy Barry; Fran Odette; Linda Muraca; Sharmini Fernando; Samira Chandani; Jan Angus
Pages 739 -- 751
"Career development among young disabled artists"
Heike Boeltzig; Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski; Rooshey Hasnain
Pages 753 -- 769
Student perspectives
"Disability, poverty and development: critical reflections on the majority world debate"
Shaun Grech
Pages 771 -- 784
"Adult dyslexia and the econundrum of failuref"
Kathleen Tanner
Pages 785 -- 797
Current issues
Whatever happened to the human altruism gene? A service userfs view of the Welfare Reform Bill"
James Elder-Woodward
Pages 799 -- 802
Book reviews
Allan Sutherland; Linzi Carlin; Alan Roulstone; Allegra Roccato
Pages 803 -- 810



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