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Special Issue: On Population Ethics (No.8/9, 31 March 2017)

■Past Issues

Special Issue: "Radiation Risk, Rationality, and Indeterminacy" (No.7 March 31, 2015)
Special Issue: "Global Justice and Ethics" (No.6 March 31, 2014)
Special Issue: "Protest as Ars Vivendi" (No.5 August 21, 2013)
Special Issue: "Disability" (No.4 March 27, 2013)
Special Issue: "Multi-Sensory Aesthetics and the Cultural Life of the Senses" (No.3 February 21, 2013)
Special Issue: "Experiences of Illness and Narratives: Possibility of a Narrative Approach as an Analysis Method" (No.2 March 27, 2012)
Founding Issue (No.1 August 23, 2011)

■About Ars Vivendi Journal

Ars Vivendi Journal is a new multilanguage electronic journal which was launched in August 2011 by the Research Center for Ars Vivendi, Ritsumeikan University. Its main language is English.

In conformity with the general mission of the Research Center for Ars Vivendi, the goals of this journal are: 1) to promote exchange among scholars worldwide interested in issues relating to disability, aging, disease and difference; 2) to disseminate information concerning the life, hopes and needs of persons struck with chronic or terminal disease; 3) to provide a vehicle for them and the associations which represent them in order to make their voices heard and 4) to encourage young scholars to actively participate in this new type of research concerning various forms of living and survival.

In agreement with the general philosophy of our Global COE Ars Vivendi the ambition of this new journal is to become a forum where not only academics, but also health care workers, patients, their families and associations that support them can be heard and exchange. We also aim to reach beyond them to an audience that includes political deciders and the general public.




■Editorial Board

◇Sayaka OGAWA
◇Shigenori MOCHIZUKI

■Editorial Secretary

Katsunori WATANABE

■Scientific Committee Members

Colin BARNES (Emeritus Professor, University of Leeds)
Arthur W. FRANK (Professor, The University of Calgary)
◇Mitsuho IKEDA (Professor, Osaka University)
◇Han-Jin JO (Professor, Daegu University)
Masahiro MORIOKA (Professor, Waseda University / Editor-in-chief, Journal of Philosophy of Life)
◇Frédéric WORMS (Professeur, Université de Lille 3 / Directeur du Centre international d'étude de la philosophie française contemporaine à l'ENS (Paris))

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