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『AMPO: a report from the japanese new left』


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■196911〜 『AMPO: a report from the japanese new left』.


1969年、ベトナム反戦運動の中で英文雑誌『AMPO』の発行が始まりました。雑誌のサブタイトルは「A Report From the Japanese People's Movement(日本の民衆からの発信)」。このタイトルが語るように、英文『AMPO』はこの時代に日本で躍動した広い意味での新左翼や三里塚や水俣、沖縄などの動きを海外に伝える役割を果たしてきました。



※PARC(NPO法人アジア太平洋資料センター)ホームページ( http://www.parc-jp.org/ampo/index.html)より


▼No.1 (November, 1969)
AMPO 70, part I: the Security Treaty and Okinawa
AMPO interviews Makoto Oda, Beheiren chairman
Antiwar Day -- October 21
Beheiren -- a new force on the Left
The Story of a Deserter

AMPO 70, part2: The Deal
Massive Armed Uprisings Mark Sato's Departure for U.S
AMPO Interviews Yoshikawa
Crisis in the Courts
Student Murdered by Riot Police
From the Sato-Nixon Joint Communique
14,202 Students Arrested
Self0Defence Forces
Deportation of Political "Undesirables"

▼No.3-4 (March, 1970)
AMPO 70 Part 3: South Korea in the Ampo System
Okinawa Workers Strike
December Election: An Analysis
The Sanrizuka Farmer's Struggle
Japanese Immigration Law
Vietnamese Students Struggle in Japan
Notes on GI Organizing
New Items

▼No.6 (**, 1970)
Street Fighting Workers -- Hansen
Iwakuni Prison Seized
Japan's First G.I. Resister
June Action
Harassing the Brass at Iwakuni
Christian Radicals
"Fanon is a Brother": Interview with Pak Su Nam

▼No.7-8 A Special Issue of AMPO
Koza uprising
Kunigami incident
Okinawa: The keystone
Pre-war history
Post-war history
Okinawa in the '70s
Iejima interview
Film review
Zengunro poster
Puls: maps, photos, etc.

▼No.9-10 (**,1971)
Vietnam in Japan
A Report from the Front
Minamata Disease
Minamata Interviews
Mishima Yukio & Democratic Fascism
Mitsubishi's War Industry
One-share Stockholders' Movement
Immigration Control
Immigration in Action
Operation Freedom Vault
GI Join Us!

▼No.11 (**,1971)
'72 Okinawa Reversion Fraud
"Okinawa Compatriots in Japan, Unite and Rise!"
Economic Analysis (1): Junk-Yard Development
Liberation, not Reversion (Iwakuni)
Japan against Asia

▼No.12 (March,1972)
Letter from Our Friends
Eye of the Times: Law & Order, Japanese Style
Okinawa after Reversion
Economic Analysis (2): Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere One Again
Offensive Strategy of "Defensive Defense" -- Philosophy and Practice of the Neo-Japanese Military

▼No.13-14 (May-July,1972)
Letter from Our Friends
Eye of the Times: Nothing to Offer - Tanaka Kakuei steps into power
Peasants' Guerillas on Vietnam Second Front





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