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◆《Leslie Kern & Vicky Spratt: On Gentrification and the Housing Emergency》
September 21, 2022
at Round Chapel Old School Rooms [London]
“【Introduction】Join us for an unmissable discussion of the issues surrounding the UK’s housing crisis and how we can fight back.”
◆《What Can We Do About Gentrification?: Leslie Kern》
September 20, 2022
at Waterstones [Bristol]
In conversation with Sian Norris
“【Introduction】Is gentrification inevitable? Leslie Kern, author of Feminist City, scrutinises the myth and lies and that surround this urgent urban crisis of our times.”
◆《Film night! "Feminist Occupations" from the 1970s to Today》
August 3, 2022
at Interference Archive [New York]
by Interference Archive


◆Kotsila, Panagiota; Anguelovski, Isabelle; García-Lamarca, Melissa; Sekulova, Filka, 2022, Injustice in Urban Sustainability:Ten Core Drivers, London: Routledge.
 *eBook Published: 8 November 2022
“【Description】This book uses a unique typology of ten core drivers of injustice to explore and question common assumptions around what urban sustainability means, how it can be implemented, and how it is manifested in or driven by urban interventions that hinge on claims of sustainability.”


◆『Radical Black Women of Harlem Walking Tour』
・Research and Writing by Asha Futterman (BC ’21) and Mariame Kaba
・Map design by Arrianna Planey
・Publication design by Neta Bomani
*on the website of Barnard Center for Research on Women
“【Description】The Radical Black Women of Harlem Walking Tour offers an important contribution to the effort to uplift Black women’s intellectual, social and political work. We encourage community members, students, and educators to use this guidebook to organize tours in New York City, or as inspiration to design guidebooks in other neighborhoods and cities.”


◇Ramsay, Adam, 2023, "How the Design of Our Cities Is Making the Care Crisis Worse", openDemocracy, July 6, 2023, (https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/oureconomy/care-crisis-urban-design-cars-tenement-security-communal-space/).
“【Caption】An obsession with security ― and with cars ― has destroyed the communal spaces key to building strong networks”
◇Spinoza, Andy (Interview by Chandler Dandridge), 2023, "Manchester's Music Scene Dragged the City Out of Postindustrial Decline", Jacobin, April 6, 2023, (https://jacobin.com/2023/04/manchester-unspun-book-interview-music-scene-joy-division-the-smiths-postindustrial-investment).
“【Caption】Manchester in the 1980s was home to bands like Joy Division and the Smiths and a world-famous rave scene. The music rose from the conditions of life in postindustrial Manchester ― and, ironically, it paved the way for a new wave of capital investment.”/“【Quot.】First the Haçienda gave a kiss of life to a dying city center and encouraged others to come in when no one else did or would. And the Factory ethos, the sound, the images, the attitude had a charisma that attracted people from around the world. And that to me laid the foundations of what is, ironically, now a global property hot spot. And this building boom that we’re seeing ― which, even if you put the most benign interpretation on it ― is still pricing out a lot of people who would ordinarily have been able to afford to live in Manchester and who can’t anymore.”
◇Kajiwara, Isabella Yasmin, 2023, "What Can Warm Banks Teach Us About Spatial Justice?", Shado Magazine, March 30, 2023, (https://shado-mag.com/opinion/what-can-warm-banks-teach-us-about-spatial-justice/).
“【Caption】On the rise of warm banks, the current state of community organising and the role that organised religion contends to play in it.”
◇Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, 2023, "Faculty Writing: On the Rationalization of New York City", Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, January 7, 2023, (https://thebrooklyninstitute.com/blog/faculty-writing-on-the-rationalization-of-new-york-city/).
“【Introduction】In a special two-part series for Spectre journal, Andy Battle takes a look back at the long rationalization process that transformed New York City from a hustling, improvisational, and heterogeneous industrial hub to the post-industrial “suburb in the city” that it is for many today.”
◇Silver, Jonathan, 2022, "Seizing Back the City", Greater Manchester Housing Action, December 12, 2022, (http://www.gmhousingaction.com/seizing-back-the-city/).
“This year, the invasion of Ukraine brought sharp focus to the global wealth that has surged into British real estate over the last few decades. Around the time of the invasion, calls from across British society to seize oligarch owned property came from what might have previously seemed like unlikely sources. Tories including Michael Gove, and newspapers such as the Daily Mail were vocal in setting out the case for state sanctioned requisition. There was also direct action by anarchists taking over 5 Belgrave Square, a £25 million London mansion owned by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. It felt like ― if only for a brief moment ― we had arrived at something a national consensus.”
◇Rose, Isaac, 2022, "Against the Manchester Model", Tribune, November 25, 2022, (https://tribunemag.co.uk/2022/11/against-the-manchester-model).
“【Caption】The last 20 years have seen Manchester become the poster city of neoliberal urbanism with a dressing of radical chic. It's time to consider how we got here ― and how we take it back from the developers.”
◇Battle, Andy, 2022, "The City of Blind Windows: Part 2", Spectre Journal, November 16, 2022, (https://spectrejournal.com/the-city-of-blind-windows-2/).
“【Exordium】“Production not only creates an object for the subject,” Marx noted, “but a subject for the object.” The new infrastructure―in other words, the spatial form assumed by the intersection of the basic logic of capital accumulation with the terms of the capital-labor relation and the particular historical-geographical circumstances of the postwar United States―created new kinds of people.”
◇Grant, Harriet, 2022, "'We're a Thorn in Their Side': The Battle over Green Space in London's Estates", Guardian, November 4, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/nov/04/battle-over-green-space-london-estates-social-housing).
“【Caption】Councils are pushed to allow ‘infill’ building on land they own ― but residents resist the loss of play space and open areas”
◇Battle, Andy, 2022, "The City of Blind Windows: Part 1", Spectre Journal, October 11, 2022, (https://spectrejournal.com/the-city-of-blind-windows/).
“【Exordium】The secret of New York is that it is held together with duct tape and screaming. Its highways, choked with traffic and cortisol, were obsolete before the asphalt dried. Its subways, strangled by a ruthless commitment to postwar car culture, scramble to maintain a creaking inch between themselves and operational collapse.”
◇Wakeley, Lily, 2022, "A Home Away from Home: The Campaigners Fighting to Save Britain's Vital Communities", Metro News, September 10, 2022, (https://metro.co.uk/2022/09/10/a-home-from-home-the-campaigners-fighting-to-save-their-communities-17175301/#metro-comments-container).
“【Quot.】Vicky Alvarez is on the phone, describing her local market in Seven Sisters, London. It may sound overly sentimental but it’s hard to comprehend just how integral this market really is to her.|That’s because for Vicky, the market known locally as Pueblito Paisa, is considered Tottenham’s Latin Village ― the UK’s only Latin American indoor market ― and has become a home away from her former home, Colombia, where she was violently forced to flee from in 1990.”
◇Kern, Leslie, 2022, "It's Not All Coffee Shops and Hipsters: What We Get Wrong About Gentrification", Guardian, September 4, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/sep/04/coffee-shops-hipsters-gentrification-communities). 
“【Caption】Communities should mobilise against the property industry and its partners, not the people who move in their wake”/“【Quot.】But resistance is possible. It can come through rent strikes, squatters’ movements and the growth of community-led models of development, such as community land trusts and cooperative housing. We can push governments to use the regulatory tools at their disposal: eviction bans, rent stabilisation, community benefit ordinances, zoning and taxation.”
◇Hardy, Ian, 2022, "Why Criminalising Street Drinking Will Do More Harm Than Good", South Norwood Community Kitchen, September 2, 2022, (https://www.southnorwoodcommunitykitchen.co.uk/blog/2022/9/2/why-criminalising-street-drinking-will-do-more-harm-than-good).
“【Exordium】I write this as an alcoholic, albeit dry. Castigating, criminalising and punishing street drinkers will only lead to unnecessary paperwork and a very good chance of exacerbating the issue further.”
◇Seaforth, Jaydee, 2022, "Caribbean Elders Strive to Keep East London Cultural Hub Alive After Noise Bans", gal-dem, August 31, 2022, (https://gal-dem.com/caribbean-elders-london-noise-cultural-hub-hibiscus-centre/).
“【Caption】A decade after the London 2012 Olympics, when gentrification swept across much of Newham, the future of the Hibiscus Community Centre is under threat.”
◇Berkeley Faculty Association, 2022, "People's Park and the Future of the Public University", Verso Blog, August 22, 2022, (https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/5406-people-s-park-and-the-future-of-the-public-university).
“【Caption】The Berkeley Faculty Association on how the struggle over the People's Park exposes the structural contradictions of privatization strategies at UC Berkeley.”/“【Exordium】Images of police officers clearing and enclosing People’s Park on 4th August for the construction of student housing had uncanny echoes of Ronald Reagan’s use of state violence to try to reclaim the park as university property in 1969. These parallels raise fundamental questions about the dilemmas all public universities in the US face in the twenty-first century.”
◇Left in the Bay, 2022, "Who Owns the Park?", Verso Blog, August 11, 2022, (https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/5398-who-owns-the-park).
“【Caption】The continued existence of People's Park proves something dangerous: you, too, can seize something from the most powerful people in town, make it into whatever you want, and hold it for half a century.”/“【Introduction】Since this was written, defenders of People’s Park have reclaimed the space, and have been occupying it tirelessly. They have been working to clean the mess and repair the damage left by the police and private contractors’ assault on the gardens, the trees, and the belongings of the park’s inhabitants. On August 5th, a state appeals court issued an injunction temporarily halting construction in the park, and the University of California vowed not to restart the project until it is “safe” to do so for contractors, indirectly crediting direct action with successfully delaying the park’s destruction.”
◇Wainwright, Oliver, 2022, "'It's Been a Disaster': How Boris Johnson's Docklands Business Hub Turned Into a Ghost Town", Guardian, July 20, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2022/jul/20/empty-promise-the-fantasy-city-within-a-city-that-turned-into-a-ghost-town).
“【Caption】The former mayor touted the £1.7bn London development as a vibrant beacon for Asian companies. Now there isn’t a single tenant ― though the dystopian setting is attracting film crews”
◇Inside Croydon, 2022, "Labour Councillors Accused of High Street 'Social Cleansing'", Inside Croydon, July 19, 2022, (https://insidecroydon.com/2022/07/19/labour-councillors-accused-of-high-street-social-cleansing/).
“【Exordium】A community action group has reacted angrily to Labour councillors in South Norwood signing up to a police scheme intended to clear the area of street drinkers|Volunteers at the South Norwood Community Kitchen have characterised the plans as “social cleansing”, and warned of the “disastrous impact” that the scheme might have.”
◇Duvivier, Tara, 2022, "How to Make New York a City of Dreams for Black Women", Bloomberg, July 12, 2022, (https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2022-black-women-thrive-new-york-city-culture/).
“【Caption】Black women have long been cut out of affordable housing and business opportunities in New York City. Here’s what needs to change.”
◇森千香子 2022 「[現代のことば]都市とは誰のものか」,『京都新聞』2022年7月5日夕刊
◇Brown, Hannah, 2022, "The Importance of Libraries to Women in Town Planning", Scotsman, July 3, 2022, (https://www.scotsman.com/education/the-importance-of-libraries-to-women-in-town-planning-3753609).
“【Caption】Libraries can offer “important lessons” on including and welcoming women in communities, according to researchers.”
◇Wainwright, Oliver, 2022, "'A Massive Betrayal': How London's Olympic Legacy Was Sold Out", Guardian, June 30, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jun/30/a-massive-betrayal-how-londons-olympic-legacy-was-sold-out).
“【Caption】After so many other Olympic sites ended up left to rot, London 2012 was supposed to be different. But who has really benefited from this orgy of development?”
◇Cheung, Kylie, 2022, "Ruth Wilson Gilmore Says Freedom Is a Physical Place―But Can We Find It?", Jezebel, June 21, 2022, (https://jezebel.com/ruth-wilson-gilmore-says-freedom-is-a-physical-place-bu-1849079415).
“【Caption】Everything seems awful right now. But the author of Abolition Geography insists that "without optimism," there’s "no point in bothering."”
◇Jamerson, Megan, 2022, "Stopping Gentrification in Boyle Heights: Can Retail Co-op Model Help?", KCRW, May 17, 2022, (https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/greater-la/gentrification-laguna-woods-shooting-wildlife/community-real-estate-boyle-heights).
“Torres teaches photography to teenage girls of color and gender-expansive youths to help them find their voice. The idea of owning this building is symbolic, she says. “To be able to say, both, I am on a path to ownership, and also I am spiritually, culturally, creatively inhabiting this space and owning this space, and taking up a space where our voices have historically been silenced is super important.””
◇Guardian Editorial Team, 2022, "The Guardian View on Guerrilla Gardening: Go Forth and Grow", Guardian, May 6, 2022, ( https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/may/06/the-guardian-view-on-guerrilla-gardening-go-forth-and-grow).
“【Caption】Requiring councils to list neglected public land on which to plant fruit and vegetables would be a good thing”
◇Chiotakis, Steve, 2022, "Koreatown Amid COVID And Gentrification: Photographer Captures All the Changes", KCRW, April 18, 2022, (https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/greater-la/korean-americans-homelessness-anaheim/emanuel-hahn-koreatown-dreaming).
“【Exordium】When photographer Emanuel Hahn moved from NY to LA during the first winter of the pandemic, he would park his car on the perimeter of Koreatown and go walking. The streets and alleyways, once bustling, were quiet and empty.|Inside Koreatown’s restaurants, home and knick-knack stores, and barber shops, Hahn met dozens of business owners struggling to stay afloat.”
◇mudlark121, 2021, "Today in London Festive History, 1995: Reclaim the Streets Party Takes over Angel, Islington", past tense, July 23, 2021, (https://pasttenseblog.wordpress.com/2021/07/23/today-in-london-festive-history-1995-reclaim-the-streets-party-takes-over-angel-islington/).
“【Exordium】After its first big shindig in Camden High Street had hit the news with a bang in May 1995, the second London Reclaim the Streets party was held on Sunday, July 23, at the Angel intersection in Islington, North London.”


◇Lefebvre, Henri 1974 La Production de l'espace, Paris: Anthropos
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