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◇Cheung, Kylie, 2022, "Ruth Wilson Gilmore Says Freedom Is a Physical Place―But Can We Find It?", Jezebel, June 21, 2022, (https://jezebel.com/ruth-wilson-gilmore-says-freedom-is-a-physical-place-bu-1849079415).
“【Caption】Everything seems awful right now. But the author of Abolition Geography insists that "without optimism," there’s "no point in bothering."”
◇Jamerson, Megan, 2022, "Stopping Gentrification in Boyle Heights: Can Retail Co-op Model Help?", KCRW, May 17, 2022, (https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/greater-la/gentrification-laguna-woods-shooting-wildlife/community-real-estate-boyle-heights).
“Torres teaches photography to teenage girls of color and gender-expansive youths to help them find their voice. The idea of owning this building is symbolic, she says. “To be able to say, both, I am on a path to ownership, and also I am spiritually, culturally, creatively inhabiting this space and owning this space, and taking up a space where our voices have historically been silenced is super important.””
◇Guardian Editorial Team, 2022, "The Guardian View on Guerrilla Gardening: Go Forth and Grow", Guardian, May 6, 2022, ( https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/may/06/the-guardian-view-on-guerrilla-gardening-go-forth-and-grow).
“【Caption】Requiring councils to list neglected public land on which to plant fruit and vegetables would be a good thing”
◇Chiotakis, Steve, 2022, "Koreatown Amid COVID And Gentrification: Photographer Captures All the Changes", KCRW, April 18, 2022, (https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/greater-la/korean-americans-homelessness-anaheim/emanuel-hahn-koreatown-dreaming).
“【Exordium】When photographer Emanuel Hahn moved from NY to LA during the first winter of the pandemic, he would park his car on the perimeter of Koreatown and go walking. The streets and alleyways, once bustling, were quiet and empty.|Inside Koreatown’s restaurants, home and knick-knack stores, and barber shops, Hahn met dozens of business owners struggling to stay afloat.”


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