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テイ=ザックス病(Tay-Sachs Disease)

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米本 昌平[1987b:35-37]、DNA問題研究会編[1994:30-31]等に言及

米本 昌平 19870630 「遺伝病スクリーニングと優生学の狭間」
◇長尾 龍一・米本 昌平 編 1987 『メタ・バイオエシックス――生命科学と法哲学の対話』,日本評論社,279p. <433>
◇DNA問題研究会 編 1994 『遺伝子治療――何が行なわれ,何が問題か』,社会評論社,157p. <315,373,428,432,439>

◆立岩 真也 1997/09/05 『私的所有論』,勁草書房,445+66p. ISBN-10: 4326601175 ISBN-13: 978-4326601172 6300 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※
Tateiwa, Shinya(立岩 真也) 2016 On Private Property, English Version, Kyoto Books
 "When I mentioned death and pain I had in mind illnesses like Huntington's disease (see Chapter 7 Note 15). Tay-Sachs disease (an autosomal recessive genetic disorder most commonly found in Ashkenazi Jews that causes most of those born with it to enter a vegetative state and live only 2 to 4 years) is discussed in Yonemoto [1987b:35-37] and "DNA mondai kenkyukai" ed. [1994:30-31]."

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