鎌型血球病|sickle-cell disease




◆立岩 真也 1997/09/05 『私的所有論』,勁草書房,445+66p. ISBN-10: 4326601175 ISBN-13: 978-4326601172 6300 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※
Tateiwa, Shinya(立岩 真也) 2016 On Private Property, English Version, Kyoto Books

 Chap.9 note 17

 The issues surrounding screening for sickle-cell anima (which has been made legal in 17 American states) reveal this as a use of this technology that either crosses or comes very close to the border between what is acceptable and what is not.
 "People who are heterozygous for HgbS (carriers) are healthy and have no difficulties in their everyday lives, but there have nonetheless been several instances in which they have been dismissed from their places of employment. These dismissals were instigated by an accident in which four members of the air force, all of whom were sickle-cell carriers, died during intensive high altitude training. This incident showed that even carriers can become ill in certain unusual circumstances such as exposure to extremely low-pressure environments, certain infections, scuba diving, and alcoholism. As a result, immediately following this incident cases began to appear of sickle-cell carriers being barred by commercial airlines from working aboard airplanes and dismissed from occupations requiring physical strength such as soldier, police officer and fire fighter." (Yonemoto [1987b:28]).

◆米本昌平 1987b=19870630 「遺伝病スクリーニングと優生学の狭間」,長尾・米本編[1987:21-40]*
*長尾 龍一・米本 昌平 編 19870630 『メタ・バイオエシックス──生命科学と法哲学の対話』,日本評論社,279p. 3300円(200110:品切れ or 絶版)

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