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■ → Tomlinson, Jennifer

◆Smithson, Janet 200508 "'Full-timer in a Part-time Job': Identity Negotiation in Organizational Talk", Feminism & Psychology 15(3):275-293 [London]
◇主題:Gender, Interpersonal communication, Part time employment
In this article I explore the ways in which people talk about part-time work, with a particular focus on links which people make between working time, gender and professional identity. I investigate how women and men working part-time in financial sector organizations talk about their career, and their orientations to paid and unpaid work, and also how colleagues of these people talk about them. The analysis shows the links which participants routinely make between full-time work, professional commitment and gender. I demonstrate the ways in which participants negotiate with difficulty the category of 'part-timer', and in particular the problematic use of this category for men. The constructions of work, time and gender raised by the researchers are compared with the way participants themselves orient to categories, and implications for the research interview context are considered.
◆Walters, Sally 200505 "Making the Best of a Bad Job? Female Part-Timers' Orientations and Attitudes to Work", Gender, Work and Organization 12(3):193-216 [Oxford]
◇主題:Studies, Employee attitude, Women, Part time employment, Models, Orientations
This article uses data from 50 qualitative interviews with female part-time workers in low-level jobs in Britain to illustrate their attitudes, orientations and aspirations towards paid work. The research reports two main findings. Firstly, even female part-time workers at the bottom end of the occupational structure are not a homogeneous group of workers. Secondly, they are not all highly satisfied with their jobs. The article argues that many women (especially those in working-class households) still do not have a genuine choice between 'family work' and 'market work'. It concludes by presenting a theoretical model of orientations to work.

◆Duffy, Ann 199206 Part Time Paradox Connecting Gender Work and Family, Can Books. 360p. ISBN-10: 0771029004 ISBN-13: 978-0771029004 [amazon]
◆Negrey, Cynthia 199307 Gender, Time, and Reduced Work (SUNY Series in the Sociology of Work and Organizations), State Univ of New York Pr. 148p. ISBN-10: 0791414078 ISBN-13: 978-0791414071 [amazon]
◆Tam, May 199703 Part-Time Employment: A Bridge or a Trap?, Avebury. 259p. ISBN-10: 1859725325 ISBN-13: 978-1859725320 [amazon]
▼Book Data
◎Full Description
 This study seeks to examine the of factors which underlie the demand for and the supply of part-time workers as well as the employment conditions of part-time employees, by using Britain as a case study. It aims to provide an empirical account of all the issues relating to part-time employment.
 This text looks at the issues surrounding part-time work. Using Britain as a case, both the supply side and the demand side of part-time employment are examined. The main issues addressed are: the determinant of employers' demand for part-time workers; the extent to which part-time workers differ from full-time workers in terms of their respective employment conditions; the long term effect of part-time work experience on the labour market fortunes of women; and the different explanations for participation in part-time work. By analyzing these four aspects, this study seeks to examine the ways in which two labour market theories (that which calls for a deregulated labour market and that which demands greater protection for part-time employees) help us understand part-time work and the labour market. It also attempts to draw out some of the policy implications of the findings.
▼Table of Contents
Figures and tables  vi (6)
Preface  xii(2)
Acknowledgements  xiv
1 Introduction  1 (38)
2 Data and methods  39 (12)
3 Employers' demand for part-time workers  51 (36)
4 The market situation of part-time work  87 (38)
5 The work situation of part-time work  125(22)
6 Market rewards to part-time work experience  147(24)
7 Part-time work participation I: self-selection ?  171(36)
8 Part-time work participation II: a full assessment  207(32)
9 Conclusion  239(6)
Bibliography  245
◆Blossfeld, Hans-Peter and Catherine Hakim eds., 199712 Between Equalization and Marginalization: Women Working Part-Time in Europe and the United States of America, Oxford University Press. 360p. ISBN-10: 0198280866 ISBN-13: 978-0198280866 [amazon]
▼Book Description
 This book provides the first comparative study of the long-term development of women's part-time work in Europe and the United States from 1950 onwards. The authors analyze a wealth of longitudinal and cross-sectional data on the work force, generating a powerful critique of the dominant theories that part-time work equalizes women's position vis a vis full-time workers or leaves women in part-time jobs wholly marginalized. Instead, the study asserts, women's increasing part-time employment in modern societies must be examined in the context of the sexual division of labor within the family.
◆Hakim, Catherine 19980719 Social Change and Innovation in the Labour Market: Evidence from the Census Sars on Occupational Segregation and Labour Mobility, Part-Time Work and Student Jobs, Homework and Self-Employment, Oxford University Press. 344p. ISBN-10: 019829381X ISBN-13: 978-0198293811 [amazon]
▼Book Description
 This important study presents the results of the first analysis of labor market data from Britain's new SARs, drawing comparisons with research results for the USA and for Western European countries. The author fully examines several relevant phenomena, such as: a new and distinctive category of integrated occupations, employing men and women equally in highly qualified work; the diversification of part-time work; the emergence of a new category of marginal jobs; and the expansion of student jobs. This book also provides an excellent introductory guide for future SAR users.
◆Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs ed., Carroll Seron, Bonnie Oglensky and Robert Saute 19981211 The Part-Time Paradox: Time Norms, Professional Lives, Family, and Gender, Routledge. 176p.(PAP) ISBN-10: 0415921244 ISBN-13: 978-0415921244 [amazon]
▼Book Description
 Today's professionals, especially women, are caught in a time paradox: can they build a career and a family at the same time? The Part-time Paradox explores the conflict and tension between the time demands of career and family life, and the choice of part-time work as a solution.
 The changing demographics of the family and the work place make it increasingly difficult for both men and women to meet the escalating time pressures facing a doctor, lawyer or manager. This book examines the social problems associated with demanding work schedules and choices, and also illustrates successful alternatives to full-time employment. It draws on interviews with attorneys in large law firms, in-house corporate counsels, and government service in order to explore the multiple dimensions of the part-time work solution. Although attitudes are beginning to change, one of the greatest impediments to part-time work is the stigma attached to it in many organizations, and the consequences for the careers of individuals who take it. Professionals define themselves, in part, by their commitment to overtime. The authors reveal how cultural perspectives of the "true professional," part-time work, and stereotypes about gender roles can influence both an individual's decision making process and office policy. They show that in an environment where professionals perceive part-time work as deviant, it may require not just perserverance, but also a trade-off between time flexibility and professional status.
 The authors consider issues ranging from job security and the consequences of new technology, to the economics of part-time work and the division of labor in the family. The Part-time Paradox provides a timely overview of a growing crisis, as part-time and flex-time work arrangements increase.
▼About the Author
 Cynthia Fuchs Epstein is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She is Visiting Professor at the Stanford Law School for 1997-98. Carroll Seron is Acting Dean of the School of Public Affairs at Baruch College, CUNY. Bonnie Oglensky and Robert Saute are at CUNY Graduate Center.
◆Wolf, Elke 200212 What Hampers Part-Time Work?: An Empirical Analysis of Wages, Hours Restrictions and Employment from a Dutch-German Perspective (Zew Economic Studies 18), Physica Verlag. 174p. ISBN: 3790800066 [amazon]
◆Sciarra, Silvana; Davies, Paul L.; Freedland, Mark R. ed. 20040701 Employment Policy and the Regulation of Part-Time Work in the European Union: A Comparative Analysis, Cambridge Univ Pr. 386p. ISBN: 0521840023 [amazon]
◆Grunow, Daniela, Heather Hofmeister and Sandra Buchholz 200601 "Late 20th-Century Persistence and Decline of the Female Homemaker in Germany and the United States", International Sociology 21(1):101-131 [London]
◇主題:Women, Labor market, Employment, Homemakers, Comparative analysis
The article compares changes in West German and American women's mid-career job exits and re-entries and introduces an innovative event-history model to compare mobility across three decades using 1940s and 1950s birth cohorts from the German Life History Study and the US National Longitudinal Survey of Young Women. Processes by which transitions through parenthood and marriage impact women's labour market participation vary by country and cohort, evidence that changing gender relations, norms and institutions provide unique options and restrictions for women's family and career trajectories. Homemaking is in decline in both countries, but event-history models show that this decline is due to different life course dynamics in each country: women's job attachment has increased throughout the family cycle in the US, while German women still exit the labour market, but at motherhood rather than marriage, and for shorter durations. Employment interruptions have become more penalizing for women in both countries.
◆Brykman, Beth 200603 The Wall Between Women: The Conflict Between Stay-at-home And Employed Mothers, Prometheus. 200p./pbk.191p. ISBN: 1591023947 [amazon]
◇From Publishers Weekly:
Imagine a coffee klatch of upper-middle-class women with nuclear families, asked to discuss the barrier the author believes separates stay-at-home and employed mothers. Some might say there aren't problems because the two types of women's paths simply don't cross. Some might air grievances about the flextime or part-time work policies of their employers. Others might recount the demeaning remarks ("you stay home all day―what do you do with yourself?") made at cocktail parties by dressed-for-success career moms. Imagine a few more comments, and you can skip reading this tiresome pseudo-survey. Brykman, a mother who's worked in marketing, says she questioned some 100 moms about their feelings concerning this "wall" between women. She neither includes a copy of her survey nor describes how she located her contributors; and the book is rife with run-on sentences and grammatical errors. Still, Brykman's basic message―that women should define success for themselves, not feel guilty about it and be supportive of other women's choices―is a useful conclusion.
◆von Oertzen, Christine; Selwyn, Pamela(TRN) 20071129 The Pleasure of a Surplus Income: Part-Time Work, Gender Politics, And Social Change in West Germany, 1955-1969 (Studies in German History), Berghahn Books. 238p. ISBN: 1845451791  [amazon]


◆Beechey, Veronica(ヴェロニカ・ビーチ)
1987 Unequal Work, Verso [London]=19930310 高島道枝・安川悦子訳,『現代フェミニズムと労働――女性労働と差別』,中央大学出版部,295p. ISBN: 4805721502 4200 [amazon][boople]

◆Beechey, Veronica and Tessa Perkins 198710 A Matter of Hours: Women, Part-Time Work and the Labour Market (Feminist Perspectives), Univ of Minnesota Pr. 212p. ISBN-10: 0816616426 ISBN-13: 978-0816616428 [amazon]

◆Barrett, Michele
◇Barrett, Michele & MaryMcIntosh 1980 "The 'Family Wage': Some Problems for Socialists and Feminists", Capital and Class 11(Summer 1980)
 cf. →「家族・性・市場」
◇Barrett, Michele 198811 Women's Oppression Today: The Marxist/Feminist Encounter (REV Edition), Verso
 cf. →『フェミニズムの名著50』
◇Barrett, Michele 199109 The Anti-Social Family (2ND Edition), Verso

◆Cockburn, Cynthia(シンシア・コウバーン)
◇Interview: Cynthia Cockburn on women, equality and social science research

cf. http://www.jca.apc.org/fem/news/events/1313.html
cf. http://www.cynthiacockburn.org/

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