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◆《Beyond Criminal Courts》
“【Caption】If you’re concerned about the harms criminal courts inflict on individuals and communities in the United States, you’re in the right place.”/“【Introduction】In the United States, policing, criminalization, and punishment operate as the default response to all forms of conflict, harm, and need. Criminal courts play a central role in this process, and create additional harms, separating families, caging people, depressing wages, inflicting long-lasting emotional distress, among other irreparable harms. As we work to defund police and prisons, we need to challenge and think beyond all carceral institutions, including criminal courts, in order to dismantle the entire prison industrial complex.”
◆《Outside Pen Pals》by Sick of It! A Disability Inside/Outside Project
“【Introduction】We are so excited to have you here. The goal of this project is to build long term community and connection between disabled communities inside and outside prisons. Writing to folks inside is a critical way of combating the isolation criminalized disabled people face and resists their disappearance into the system.”
◆《Abolish Mandatory Reporting and Family Policing》
November 10, 2022 / Online
by Barnard Center for Research on Women
“【Caption】How do movements for abolition of mandatory reporting and family policing intersect with larger movements for abolition?”
◆《Listening to the Archives: Movements Against Women's Imprisonment》
September 28, 2022 / Online
by Barnard Center for Research on Women
*“Presented by the Barnard College Archives and Special Collections, co-sponsored by BCRW”


◆〈Appalachian Prison Book Project〉(米:ウェストバージニア州モーガンタウン)
―“a Morgantown nonprofit group that provides free reading materials to inmates”(https://twitter.com/Prison_Health/status/1600125657291362305)

◆〈Sisters Inside〉(オーストラリア)
“【Description】Established in 1992, Sisters Inside is an independent community organisation based in Queensland, which advocates for the collective human rights of women and girls in prison, and their families, and provides services to address their individual needs. At Sisters Inside, we believe that no one is better than anyone else. People are neither “good” nor “bad” ― our environment and life circumstances play a major role in how we behave. Improved opportunities can lead to a major transformation in criminalised women’s lives. Complex factors lead to women and girls’ entering and returning to prison. Criminalisation is usually the outcome of repeated and intergenerational experiences of violence, poverty, homelessness, child removal and unemployment, resulting in complex health issues and substance use. First Nations women and girls are massively over-represented in prison due to the racism at the foundation of systems of social control..”


◆The Prison Industry: Corporate Database
“【Caption】The prison industry is worth over $80 billion and includes thousands of corporations. Here they are.”


◆Books Against Borders, 2022, "Abolition: A Reading List", Books Against Borders, April 8, 2022, (https://booksagainstborders.wordpress.com/2022/04/08/abolition-a-reading-list/).
“【Introduction】After reading Cradle Community’s Brick by Brick: How We Build a World Without Prisons last month, we put together a reading list of some of the most important writers and works on the topic of abolition. We have included links to PDFs or articles where possible!”


◆Ritchie, Andrea J. (Foreword by Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Adrienne Maree Brown), 2023, Practicing New Worlds: Abolition and Emergent Strategies, AK Press.
“【Description】An exploration of how emergent strategies can help us meet this moment, survive what is to come, and shape safer and more just futures.”
◆Cooper, Lovey; Nonko, Emily; Purifoy, Danielle eds., 2022, The Press in Prison: A Practical Abolitionist Guidebook from Scalawag, Haymarket Books.
“【Description】The Press in Prison is a Scalawag Media guidebook for journalists. Illuminating the need for incarcerated voices in journalism, this guide is intended to increase newsroom competency and capacity to work with writers on the inside, integrating reporting from prison into regular reporting cycles.”


Abolition Feminisms, Vol. 1 (August 2022)
《Organizing, Survival, and Transformative Practice》
Edited by Alisa Bierria, Jakeya Caruthers, and Brooke Lober
Foreword by Dean Spade

Radical Housing Journal, Issue 4.1 (July 2022)
《Carcerality, Housing Precarity and Abolition》
◇Graziani, Terra; Szeto, Andrew; McElroy, Erin, 2022, "Gentrification and State Violence", Radical Housing Journal, Issue 4.1 (July 2022), (https://radicalhousingjournal.org/2022/gentrification-and-state-violence/).


◆『Mapping the Prison Industrial Complex: A Tool for Abolitionist Organizers』(Spring 2022)


◇Monazzam, Niki and Kristen M. Budd, "Incarcerated Women and Girls", Sentencing Project, April 3, 2023, (https://www.sentencingproject.org/fact-sheet/incarcerated-women-and-girls/).
“【Introduction】Research on female incarceration is critical to understanding the full consequences of mass incarceration and to unraveling the policies and practices that lead to their criminalization. The female incarcerated population stands over six times higher than in 1980.”
◇Whitney, Joel, 2023, "Angela Davis Exposed the Injustice at the Heart of the Criminal Justice System", , April 1, 2023, (https://jacobin.com/2023/04/angela-davis-arrest-trial-acquittal-history-criminal-justice).
“【Caption】In 1970, Angela Davis was arrested on suspicion of murder. She was already the victim of red-baiting witch hunts led by conservatives, but the trial ― and her eventual victory ― proved to everyone that the justice system was corrupt.”
◇Law, Victoria and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, 2023, "Prisons Use Menstruation as a Form of Punishment", Time, March 29, 2023, (https://time.com/6265653/prison-menstruation-punishment/).
“【Exordium】There are approximately 170,000 people incarcerated in women’s jails and prisons across the country. While some identify as trans and gender-nonbinary, they all have similar reproductive health concerns. 90% of people in women’s jails and prisons are below the age of 55, and for them, those concerns include monthly periods. This means that every month, every time they menstruate, they face an additional layer of humiliation and dehumanization.”
◇Schenwar, Maya, 2023, "Let 2023 Be the Year of Dismantling Incarceration", Truthout, January 1, 2023, (https://truthout.org/articles/let-2023-be-the-year-of-dismantling-incarceration/).
“I asked organizers working to dismantle incarceration what is giving them hope for 2023. Here’s what they shared.”
◇Levin, Sam, 2022, "[Interview] The Crime Victims' Advocate Fighting Mass Incarceration: 'How We Actually Stop Violence'", Guardian, December 29, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/dec/29/us-criminal-justice-system-lenore-anderson-in-their-names).
“【Caption】In a new book, Lenore Anderson says the legal system doesn’t serve most victims or alleviate unaddressed trauma”
◇Law, Victoria, 2022, "Tracy McCarter Is a Case Study of the Abusive Carceral State", Nation, December 23, 2022, (https://www.thenation.com/article/society/tracy-mccarter-carceral-state/).
“【Caption】Judge Diane Kiesel’s ruling is just one example of the way the legal system took on the role of the abuser in McCarter’s case.”
◇Ryan, Hugh, 2022, "Hugh Ryan on the Urgency of Prison Abolition", Lithub, December 5, 2022, (https://lithub.com/hugh-ryan-on-the-urgency-of-prison-abolition/).
“【Caption】“Let’s tear down these monstrous warehouses of human misery.””
◇Annamma, Subini; Nanda, Jyoti; Morgan, Jamelia, 2022, "Youth Incarceration Harms America's Children. It's Time to End It", Time, October 13, 2022, (https://time.com/6221421/abolish-youth-incarceration/).
“【Quot.】Formerly incarcerated youth know that C.J.’s Black life matters so they are fighting for C.J. We need to fight too. We owe that to C.J., to the formerly incarcerated youth fighting for him, and to all youth who deserve to be cared for instead of criminalized. How many more can we lose?”
◇Chotiner, Isaac, 2022, "The Stunning Neglect and Racist Politics Behind Alabama's Prison Strike", New Yorker, October 6, 2022, (https://www.newyorker.com/news/q-and-a/the-stunning-neglect-and-racist-politics-behind-alabamas-prison-strike).
“【Caption】In 2020, the Department of Justice sued the state for running prisons that were “riddled” with violence. Since then, things have got worse.”
◇Democracy Now!, 2022, ""We Don't Care About Y'All": Incarcerated People in Hurricane Ian's Path Not Evacuated, Live in Fear", Democracy Now!, September 29, 2022, (https://www.democracynow.org/2022/9/29/florida_prisons_hurricane_ian_evacuated_evacuation).
“【Introduction】As millions of Florida residents in the path of Hurricane Ian were ordered to evacuate, advocates pushed authorities to also evacuate what they say are as many as 176,000 people incarcerated in prisons, jails and immigrant detention centers. Now the storm has left millions without power and many without water. “We’re worried about the conditions in the days and weeks following, with no AC, lack of sanitation and water, lack of food, lack of appropriate staff and access to health,” says Angel D’Angelo, a member of Restorative Justice Coalition and Fight Toxic Prisons.”
◇Gordon-Loebl, Naomi, 2022, "Where Solidarity, Abolition, and Queer History Meet", Nation, September 1, 2022, (https://www.thenation.com/article/culture/hugh-ryan-interview/).
“【Caption】Hugh Ryan’s The Women’s House of Detention: A Queer History of a Forgotten Prison makes a compelling case for abolition as a central part of queer politics.”
◇Teen Vogue Staff (Photography by Nyia Sissac), 2022, "Alternatives to Police and Prisons: Activists Share How to Better Address Violence", Teen Vogue, August 18, 2022, (https://www.teenvogue.com/story/alternatives-to-police-prisons).
“【Caption】Punitive systems only create more cycles of trauma and violence.”/“【Exordium】The backlash against criminal justice reform is in full swing. The progressive district attorney of San Francisco was recalled after being blamed for rising crime in that city. Calls to reinstate cash bail are escalating in Chicago and New York, though doing so would disproportionately burden low-income people. President Joe Biden’s recently-announced Safer America Plan asks for $13 billion to hire 100,000 police officers around the country in the next five years.”
◇Mon M., 2022, "'Feminist' Jail Proposals Contribute to Mass Incarceration, Abolitionist Activists Say", Teen Vogue, August 16, 2022, (https://www.teenvogue.com/story/feminist-jail-nyc-abolition).
“【Caption】This op-ed argues that “humane” jails will still result in “more cages for human beings.””/“【Quot.】More specifically, it's the proposed “Women’s Center for Justice,” a jail for “women and gender-expansive people” in New York City. By putting her name behind what is actually a proposal for a jail, Steinem has aligned herself with institutions that argue gender-specific jailing can be a systemic solution to the endemic violence people suffer inside the city’s most notorious penal colony, Rikers Island.”
◇Cummings, Ciara, 2022, "Metro Atlanta Doctors Rally Against City Council Plans for a Detention Center", CBS46, August 13, 2022, (https://www.cbs46.com/2022/08/13/metro-atlanta-doctors-rally-against-city-council-plans-detention-center/).
“【Exordium】ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - The fate of Atlanta’s detention center may be decided next week. But metro Atlanta healthcare workers are condemning the current proposal to lease it out to the sheriff’s office.|About 300 medical professionals signed a letter urging Atlanta City Council to reconsider its proposal that would allow the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to use the detention for overcrowding. Some of the doctors rallied outside Grady Hospital--campaigning, ‘communities over cages.’”
◇Mitchell, Jerry, 2022, "Mississippi Now Leads the World in Mass Incarceration", Mississippi Today, August 10, 2022, (https://mississippitoday.org/2022/08/10/mississippi-now-leads-the-world-in-mass-incarceration/).
“【Exordium】Mississippi is now the world’s leader in putting people behind bars ― more inmates per capita than any state or nation, including China, Russia and Iran, according to the World Population Review.”
◇Ahmed, Zohra and Rachel Foran, 2022, "No More Courts", Inquest, August 2, 2022, (https://inquest.org/no-more-courts/).
“【Caption】The legal institutions, processes, procedures, and actors implicated in the progression of criminal cases are simply beyond reform.”
◇Weiser, Benjamin, 2022, "Prison Officials Remove Ban on Attica Book, Except for 2 Crucial Pages", New York Times, August 1, 2022, (https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/01/nyregion/attica-book-ban-blood-in-the-water.html).
“【Caption】In response to the author’s First Amendment lawsuit, officials said the alteration was necessary for “security reasons.””
◇nofeministjailopenletter, 2022, "An Open Letter Demanding Community Services and an End to Pretrial Detention and Gender-Based Imprisonment in New York City", Medium, July 27, 2022, (https://medium.com/@nonewwomensjailnyc/over-200-community-members-organizers-scholars-and-formerly-incarcerated-people-and-their-ce9218e021ba).
“【Exordium】As people committed to abolition, Black freedom, and ending racial and gender violence, we oppose New York City’s proposal to open a new jail for “women and gender-expansive people” in the Harlem-based Lincoln Correctional Facility, a New York State prison until 2019. In the context of our concern for all people incarcerated at Rikers, in conditions that desperately call for an alternative, we believe that this proposed jail is a continuation of carceral violence.”
◇Ananda, Kitana, 2022, "What Is Abolition Feminism and Why Do We Need It Now?", Nonprofit Quarterly, July 21, 2022, (https://nonprofitquarterly.org/what-is-abolition-feminism-and-why-do-we-need-it-now/).
“【Caption】Police and prison abolition. Feminism. What do these two movements have to do with one another in organizing for a more just world?”
◇Sisay, Samah Mcgona, 2022, "Opinion: Rejecting the Notion of a 'Feminist' Jail for Harlem", City Limits, July 14, 2022, (https://citylimits.org/2022/07/14/opinion-rejecting-the-notion-of-a-feminist-jail-for-harlem/).
“【Caption】Do New York City’s leaders intend to build a new jail every time an old one fails, as it always will? In a city which boasts some of the world’s leading creative, political, and courageous minds, can we not recognize policing and imprisonment as policy failures?”
◇Sered, Susan, 2022, "A New Women's Prison Is Not the Answer", CommonWealth Magazine, July 11, 2022, (https://commonwealthmagazine.org/criminal-justice/a-new-womens-prison-is-not-the-answer/).
“【Caption】State must embrace non-carceral approaches to rehabilitation”
◇Sarai, Tamar, 2022, "Abolitionists Push Back Against New York City's Proposed Plan for a 'Feminist Jail'", Prism, July 7, 2022, (https://prismreports.org/2022/07/07/abolitionists-new-york-city-feminist-jail/).
“【Caption】Appropriating feminist rhetoric in support of jail expansion ignores the underlying violence of incarceration”/“【Exordium】Last Tuesday, June 28, an interagency task force dedicated to designing and implementing plans to help ensure the safety of those detained in New York City’s Rikers Island jail complex was on the hot seat at a hearing held by the New York City Council’s Committee on Criminal Justice. Chief Counsel Brendan McGuire, who leads the task force, answered questions from council members and local advocates about upcoming plans to address mental health issues plaguing those incarcerated at Rikers, staffing shortages, and overall conditions at the jail complex.”
◇Cunniff, Abby, 2022, "NYC Activists Push Back Against Proposed "Feminist" Women's Jail in Harlem", Truthout, July 2, 2022, (https://truthout.org/articles/nyc-activists-push-back-against-proposed-feminist-womens-jail-in-harlem/).
“【Exordium】Prominent mainstream feminists have been increasingly advocating for a proposed women’s jail in Harlem. Earlier this month, feminist activist Gloria Steinem urged New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams to act on the proposal.”
◇Cunniff, Abby, 2022, "Brutal Island: On Jarrod Shanahan's "Captives: How Rikers Island Took New York City Hostage"", Los Angeles Review of Books, May 17, 2022, (https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/brutal-island-on-jarrod-shanahans-captives-how-rikers-island-took-new-york-city-hostage/).
“【Exordium】RIKERS IS A failed project. The jail contributes to neither rehabilitation nor public safety. Hardly a week goes by without a breaking story of brutality on New York City’s penal colony, and reading these stories, an onlooker cannot help but grimace and wonder how this cycle of abuse continues. In response to this current humanitarian crisis, the New York City Department of Corrections has been gathering support for a borough-based jail system. Official planning began in 2017, and promoters of the proposed four new jails argue that facilities spread throughout the city will promote better behavior by guards and incarcerated people alike, providing more windows and more social services.”
◇Hayes, Kelly, 2022, "Ruth Wilson Gilmore on Abolition, the Climate Crisis and What Must Be Done", Truthout, April 14, 2022, (https://truthout.org/audio/ruth-wilson-gilmore-on-abolition-the-climate-crisis-and-what-must-be-done/).
“【Introduction】“For anybody who is caught up in the systems that are shaped by extractive capitalism and organized violence, there is a cumulative and compounded effect on their persons and their lives,” says scholar and activist Ruth Wilson Gilmore.”
◇Davis, Angela Y., Gina Dent, Erica R. Meiners, Beth E. Richie and Nia T. Evans, 2022, "Why Policing and Prisons Can't End Gender Violence", Boston Review, January 24, 2022, (https://bostonreview.net/articles/why-policing-and-prisons-cant-end-gender-violence/).
“【Caption】The authors of Abolition. Feminism. Now. discuss why racialized state violence and gender-based violence have to be fought together.”
◇Kolhatkar, Sonali, 2021, "Abolition Through the Ages: Reform Versus Transformation, Then and Now", YES! Magazine, November 15, 2021, (https://www.yesmagazine.org/social-justice/2021/11/15/abolition-reform-vs-transformation).
“【Caption】Just as slavery couldn’t be reformed and had to be ended, policing can’t be reformed and has to be abolished, say leaders of modern-day abolitionist movements.”
◇Goodwin, Michele, 2020, "The New Jane Crow: Women's Mass Incarceration", Just Security, July 20, 2020, (https://www.justsecurity.org/71509/the-new-jane-crow-womens-mass-incarceration/).
“【Editor’s Note】This article is part of a special Just Security “Racing National Security” symposium edited by editorial board member Matiangai Sirleaf. The goal of the symposium is to render race visible in national security to shift the dominant paradigm toward addressing issues of racial justice.”
◇Couloute, Lucius, 2018, "Nowhere to Go: Homelessness Among Formerly Incarcerated People", Prison Policy Initiative, August 2018, (https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/housing.html).
“【Exordium】It’s hard to imagine building a successful life without a place to call home, but this basic necessity is often out of reach for formerly incarcerated people. Barriers to employment, combined with explicit discrimination, have created a little-discussed housing crisis.”
◇Widra, Emily, 2017, "Incarceration Shortens Life Expectancy", Prison Policy Initiative, June 26, 2017, (https://www.prisonpolicy.org/blog/2017/06/26/life_expectancy/).
“【Caption】Each year in prison takes 2 years off an individual's life expectancy. With over 2.3 million people locked up, mass incarceration has shortened the overall U.S. life expectancy.”



◇石田広 19281200 「所謂監獄部屋の研究」『司法研究報告書集』第8輯2
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Foucault, Michel 1975 Surveiller et punir: Naissance de la prison, Gallimard.=1977 田村俶訳,『監獄の誕生――監視と処罰』,新潮社
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 『社会心理学評論』6, pp.91-108.(1987年12月) 70枚
◇Bauman, Zygmunt 1997 “Postmodernity and its Discontents”, Polity Press.
 (=入江公康訳「消費時代のよそもの 福祉国家から監獄へ」『現代思想』1999年10月号,27-11,pp.149-159)
◇Bauman, Zygmunt 1998 “Work, Consumerism and the New Poor”, Open University Press.
◇Bauman, Zygmunt 2000 ‘Social Uses of Law and Order’, in Garland D. and Sparks R. eds., “Crimnology and social theory”, Oxford University Press.
◇山本 譲司 20060915 『累犯障害者――獄の中の不条理』,新潮社,238p. 1470 ISBN-10: 4103029315 ISBN-13: 978-4103029311 [amazon]


◇知的発達障害者人権センター基金 ニュースレター No.85








八月の指導以降も、受刑者からの訴えによれば、松岡医務課長は「同意書にサインしないなら、今後一切診察しない」と言って、半ば強制的に同意書を取っているという。何の改善にもなっていない。(出展 監獄人権センター)

◇刑務所職業訓練、「ガテン系」脱却 エステや設計も









◇刑務所に高齢者専用棟 3カ所で1千人収容へ 法務省







◇富山刑務所、過剰収容を解消 84人分の施設増設、8月完成








◇神戸刑務所が偽装請負──あぱけん神戸大事件速報 所長自ら法令違反「業務委託女性を替えろ」 偽装請負と大幅賃下げ






◇留置中死亡、医務課長告訴へ――遺族検討 「医療態勢に問題ある」




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