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Literature (Various Writings)
Achievements at Conferences, Workshops etc.
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Literature (Various Writings)

TAJIMA Akiko (Ed.) June 2014@Eyes for Occupational Therapy of Affirming People's Existence: Why Does It Make People Energetic?CMiwa ShotenC162p.@ISBN-10:4895904733@ISBN-13:978-4895904735@2800 yen{tax@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]

TAKASHIMA Risa & SAEKI Kazuko@2013@"Professional identities of occupational therapy practitioners in Japan"

TAJIMA Akiko@March 29, 2013@The Modern History of Occupational Therapy in Japan: Toward Establishment of the Study of Occupational Therapy which "Affirms the Existence" of the Subject, Seikatsu Shoin, 272p.@ISBN-10:4865000097@ISBN-13:9784865000092@3,000 yen + tax [amazon]^[kinokuniya]

TAJIMA Akiko March 31, 2012 "Movement Towards Theory in the Field of Occupational Therapy: From the 1990s"
Core Ethics 8:245-256@[PDF]

TAJIMA Akiko@March 31, 2011@"Contemporary History of Occupational Therapy in Japan 3 (1981-1991): Discussions on the Unique Identity of Occupational Therapy"
@Core Ethics 7:187-198@[PDF]

TAJIMA Akiko March 31, 2010 "Contemporary History of Occupational Therapy in Japan 2 (1976-1980)," Core Ethics 6:551-562 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

TAJIMA Akiko March 31, 2010 "Transformation and Formation of Theory and Research on Occupational Therapy for Elderly with Dementia: Analysis of Rehabilitation Magazines of the 1980s and 1990s," Core Ethics 6:265-276 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

CROWE Terry K. & AOYAMA Mami September 1, 2009 "Occupational Therapy Thrives in Japan"

TAJIMA Akiko June 25, 2009 Reconsideration of Acceptance of Diabilities: from "Acceptance of Disabilities" to "Freedom with Disabilities", Miwa Shoten, 212p. ISBN-10: 4895903389 ISBN-13: 978-4895903387 1890 [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

TAJIMA Akiko March 31, 2008 "Contemporary History of Occupational Therapy in Japan (1965-1975): Conflicts between Professionalization and Identity", Core Ethics 4:175-191 [Abstract]

COLIN Barnes & GEOF Mercer@2006@Independent Futures: Creating User-led Disability Services in a Diabling SocietyCPolicy PressC240p. ISBN-10:1861347189@ISBN-13:9781861347183@£19.99@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]@ ds

KUNO Kenji@August 1998@"Community-based Rehabilitaion in South East Asia: Case Studies from Indonesia and Malysia"CA Dissertation Submitted to the School of Development Studies of the University of East Anglia in Part-fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts.

Achievements at Conferences, Workshops etc.

TAJIMA Akiko June 23, 2014@"Comment on Prof. Iwama's Occupational Therapy Theory," 13th Study Group on Philosophy of Disability for Symbiosis, the University of Tokyo

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Newspaper Articles

January 3, 2014 "Drawing out the demons and dreams of Fukushima" (The Japan Times)

May 31, 2002 "Footloose in eHollandf" (The Japan Times)

May 8, 2002 "The intoxication of Maurice Utrillo" (The Japan Times)

October 8, 2000 "Occupational therapy via eWomen and Socksf" (The Japan Times)

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