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ABE Akane
GONDO Mayumi
HIZAWA Yoshihiko
HORI Tomohisa
NAKA Asayo

Literature (Various Writings)

By Our Members
TATEIWA Shin'ya November 13, 2015@The End of Mental Hospital Regime: In the Age of DementiaCSeidosha, 433p.@ISBN-10: 4791768884@ISBN-13: 978-4791768882@2800+@mamazonn^mkinokuniyan

TATEIWA Shin'ya@November 25, 2013@To Rebel Is Justified: Toward the Modern History of Psychiatry, Seidosha, 434p.@ISBN-10:4791767446@ISBN-13:978-4791767441 2800yen + tax [amazon]^[kinokuniya]

YOSHIMURA Yuri December 20, 2009 Politics in Clinical Settings: Micro and Macro Tools for Mental Disabilities, Seikatsu ShoinC263p.@ISBN-10: 4903690482 ISBN-13: 978-4903690483 3675yen@mamazonn^[kinokuniya]

Papers etc.
SHIRATA Koji@February 1, 2014 "What Makes the Mentally Disordered Hard to Live?: Can Social Model of Disability Include Mental Disorders?"
AOKI Hidemitsu June 1, 2013 "Surveys concerning Parents Having a Child with Schizophrenia and the Self"
GONDO Mayumi March 31, 2012 "A Case Study of Folk Cures as a Treatment Option for Mental Disabilities in Northern Vietnam"
Core Ethics 8:483-491@[PDF]
HAGIWARA Hiroshi March 31, 2012 "People with Mental Disorders and Consultation Services: Focusing on the Development of Community Life Support Centers for People with Mental Disorders in Japan"
Core Ethics 8:317-327@[PDF]
HORI Tomohisa February 1, 2012 "Modern and Contemporary Psychiatry"
March 25, 2011 Ars Vivendi Vol.3 (Special Feature: "Psyche")
YAMAGUCHI Maki March 25, 2011 "A Study on the Bottleneck of Diagnosing Disease Name in Memoirs of People with Autistic Disorder: Why Do they Try to Talk about 'False Step'?"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:92-105
KATAYAMA Tomoya March 25, 2011 "About the Discourse on Autistic Culture in the Age of Neoliberalism,"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:106-116
FUJIWARA Nobuyuki March 25, 2011 "Prevention of 'Medicalized' Suicide Prevention Methods and Emphasis of Duties and Responsibilities of Family Members: Its Ideological Formation,"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:117-132
HAGIWARA Hiroshi March 25, 2011 "The Image of People with Mental Disabilities in TV Dramas: From 'Lunatic' to "'Mental Illness',"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:133-143
ABE Akane March 25, 2011 "The Eve of Mental Health Reform in Japan: The Movement toward the Kanazawa Conference of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology in 1969,"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:144-154
HIZAWA Yoshihiko March 25, 2011 "Affinity between Law concerning Medical Care for and Protective Observation of a Person who Seriously Injured Others in a State of Mental Incompetence and Social Work,"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:155-173
MINO Koji March 25, 2011 "What Is the Meaning of Work in the Clubhouse Model?"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:174-184
SUGIHARA Tsutomu March 25, 2011 "Viewpoint on Training for Students Studying Psychiatric Social Work Based on Resilience: Suggestion from Assertive Community Treatment Activities,"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:185-197
NAKATA Kiichi March 25, 2011 "Study on Various Definitions of Self-help Groups: From the Viewpoint of Visibility and Imaginativity,"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:198-209
YOSHIMURA Yuri March 25, 2011 "Social Work Profession Education with the Participation of Mentally Disabled People: Qualitative Analysis with Users of Mental Treatment on Interviews in the Treatment,"@Ars Vivendi Vol.3:210-239
ABE Akane March 31, 2010 "The Japanese Reform Movement of Psychiatric Medicine and Anti-psychiatry Thought in the 1970s," Core Ethics6: 1-11 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]
NAKA Asayo March 31, 2010 "Historical Background and Problems of the Psychiatric Service Exception: Its Establishment and Discussion for Revision," Core Ethics 6: 277-286
HAGIWARA Hiroshi March 31, 2010 "Government-led Awareness-raising Activities for Mental Health and Welfare," Core Ethics 6: 339-348
MATSUEDA Akiko March 31, 2010 "Tranquilizers in Vogue: Grounds and Progress of the Control of Over-the-counter Psychotropic Drugs," Core Ethics 6: 385-399 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]
MINO Koji March 31, 2010 "A Study on the View of Japanese Mental Health Experts about De-hospitalization," Core Ethics 6: 413-423 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]
YOSHIDA Sachie March 31, 2010 "A Study on Narrative and the Life of People with Mental Disorders: What Does the Word 'Support' Mean?," Core Ethics 6:485-496 [PDF]/ [Abstract in English]
NAKATA Kiichi March 31, 2009 "The Possibility of an Online Self-Help Group," Core Ethics 5:241-249
MATSUEDA Akiko March 31, 2009 "The Rise of Antidepressants: Psychiatric Discourse in Japan from the 1950s to the 1970s" Core Ethics 5:293-303 [Abstract]
MINO Koji March 31, 2009 "Trends in the Discourse in Japan about the Clubhouse Model" Core Ethics 5:315-326 [Abstract]
HIZAWA Yoshihiko March 31, 2008 "Problems of Legal Compulsion and Social Work: Certified Psychiatric Social Workers and the Act for the Medical Treatment and Supervision of Insane and Quasi-insane Persons who Cause Serious Harm", Core Ethics 4:305-317 [Abstract]
MATSUEDA Akiko March 31, 2008 "Evaluations of Psychiatric Medication: Affirmations and Criticisms from 1960s to 1980s in Japan and Abroad" (Research Note), Core Ethics 4:465-473 [Abstract]
SUGIHARA Tsutomu March 31, 2007 "A Study of Work and Living Support for People with Mental Illness by "Fureai Kohba" in Okinawa Prefecture", Core Ethics 3:223-237 [Abstract]
YOSHIMURA Yuri March 31, 2007 "Psychiatric Debate over Electric Shock Treatment", Core Ethics 3:375-390 [Abstract]

By Others
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