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(Struggle for) Housing Rights/Justice

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◇Gecsoyler, Sammy, 2023, "Number of Households in Temporary Accommodation in England at Highest Level", Guardian, July 25, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/jul/25/number-of-households-in-temporary-accommodation-in-england-at-highest-level).
“【Caption】Charities urge government to ban no-fault evictions and accelerate housebuilding”
◇Bancroft, Holly, 2023, "Revealed: Britain's Council Housing Shame As Majority of Councils Fail to Build a Single Home", Independent, July 24, 2023, (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/council-housing-building-affordable-rent-b2380655.html).
“【Caption】Independent investigation comes as more than 1.2 million families languish on waiting list for properties”
◇Norris, Sian, 2023, "The Struggle to Recruit Procurement Professionals", Inside Housing, June 14, 2023, (https://www.insidehousing.co.uk/insight/the-struggle-to-recruit-procurement-professionals-81381).
“【Caption】Procurement professionals require a varied skillset and have a huge role to play in helping the sector build and improve standards of existing homes. However, recruitment has proved difficult recently.”
◇Gecsoyler, Sammy, 2023, "'Morale Is Very Low': Evicted Tenant's Three Months and Counting in a London Travelodge", Guardian, June 13, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/jun/13/evicted-tenant-homeless-three-months-london-travelodge).
“【Caption】Nicole Bent and her daughter are among dozens of homeless families being put up by council in hotel rooms”
◇Jayanetti, Chaminda, 2023, "Thousands Trapped in Overcrowded Temporary Housing for Months, Figures Show", PoliticsHome, June 9, 2023, (https://www.politicshome.com/news/article/overcrowded-temporary-accommodation-figures-foi-data-haringey-lambeth-social-housing).
“【Introduction】Thousands of homeless people placed in temporary accommodation across England are faced with severe overcrowding, with hundreds ― including families with children ― stuck in cramped conditions for months at a time.”
◇Russell, Herbie, 2023, "Local People Launch Fundraiser Ahead of Legal Battle with Lendlease over 18-Storey Office Block in Elephant and Castle", Southwark News, May 31, 2023, (https://southwarknews.co.uk/area/southwark/local-people-launch-fundraiser-ahead-of-legal-battle-with-lendlease-over-18-storey-office-block-in-elephant-and-castle/).
“【Caption】'Lendlease wants to build an office block whether local residents like it or not. We’re fighting the power'”
◇Mba, Gazelle, 2023, "At the Serpentine and the Aylesbury Estate", London Review of Books Blog, May 23, 2023, (https://www.lrb.co.uk/blog/2023/may/at-the-serpentine-and-the-aylesbury-estate).
 *Aylesbury Estate[London]
◇Focus E15 Campaign, 2023, "Newham Housing Campaigners Join Forces in Lively Demo", Focus E15 Campaign, May 23, 2023, (https://focuse15.org/2023/05/23/newham-housing-campaigners-join-forces-in-lively-demo/).
“【Quot.】Focus E15 campaign joined members of London Renters Union (LRU) and PEACH outside the town hall. With placards, banners and flags flying there were speeches and chants on the megaphone. It was lively and militant.”
◇Forsyth, Alex, Joshua Nevett and Alex Partridge, 2023, "No-Fault Evictions to Be Banned in Reform of Rental Sector", BBC News, May 18, 2023, (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-65612842).
“【Caption】Landlords would be banned from evicting tenants with no justification as part of a long-promised overhaul of the private rental sector in England.”
◇Stacey, Kiran, 2023, "Asylum Seekers in England and Wales to Lose Basic Protections in Move to Cut Hotel Use", Guardian, May 16, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/may/16/asylum-seekers-to-lose-basic-housing-protections-in-move-to-cut-hotel-use).
“【Caption】Exclusive: ministers plan to exempt asylum seekers’ landlords from rules including minimum room sizes”
◇Gecsoyler, Sammy, 2023, "More than 1,600 Homeless Families Left in English Hotels and B&Bs Past Legal Limit", Guardian, May 15, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/may/15/more-than-1600-homeless-families-left-in-english-hotels-and-bbs-past-legal-limit).
“【Caption】Number of families stuck in temporary rooms for more than six weeks is highest since 2003”
◇White, Nadine, 2023, "Revealed: How Britain's Squalid Housing Crisis Hits Black and Asian Tenants Hardest", Independent, May 12, 2023, (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/mould-asthma-housing-association-london-b2327203.html).
“【Introduction】Special Investigation: Mould covering windows and walls next to sleeping children. Ceilings collapsing feet away from tenants. Complaints ignored, evictions threatened. Nadine White hears the stories that lay bare the plight of non-white renters across the country”
◇Barradale, Greg, 2023, "The Council Wants to Demolish Aysen's Home. She's Staying Until the Bitter End", Big Issue, May 10, 2023, (https://www.bigissue.com/news/housing/the-council-wants-to-demolish-aysens-home-shes-staying-until-the-bitter-end/).
 *Aylesbury Estate[London]
“【Caption】7,500 people used to live on the Aylesbury Estate. Now it’s a ghost town ― but one woman is determined to stay”
◇Public Interest Law Centre, 2023, "Breaking News: PILC Issues High Court Claim over Aylesbury Estate Redevelopment", Public Interest Law Centre, May 9, 2023, (https://www.pilc.org.uk/news/breaking-news-pilc-issues-high-court-claim-over-aylesbury-estate-redevelopment/).
 *Aylesbury Estate[London]
“【Quot.】Ms Dennis states: “Aylesbury estate was built for working class communities to live safely and securely. Now it is the site of a battle between our communities, and the councils and private developers who seek to demolish and privatise our homes. We cannot allow them to spread insecurity and socially cleanse us. We demand no demolition, no privatisation ― refurbishment, security and justice!””
◇Dugan, Emily, 2023, "London Estate Resident Goes to High Court over Demolition Plans", Guardian, May 9, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/may/09/london-estate-resident-goes-to-high-court-over-demolition-plans).
 *Aylesbury Estate[London]
“【Caption】Exclusive: Aysen Dennis says plans to bulldoze Aylesbury estate are unlawful and amount to ‘social cleansing’”
◇Focus E15 Campaign, 2023, "May Day, May Day! Our Demands to Newham Labour Council", Focus E15 Campaign, May 1, 2023, (https://focuse15.org/2023/05/01/may-day-may-day-our-demands-to-newham-labour-council/).
◇Robson, May, 2023, "South London Exhibition Showcases Residents' Fight Against 'Social Cleansing'", openDemocracy, April 19, 2023, (https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/aylesbury-estate-exhibition-demolition-southwark-council-regeneration/).
 *Aylesbury Estate[London]
“【Caption】On the condemned Aylesbury Estate, one woman’s flat has been transformed to celebrate her community’s resistance”
◇Jayanetti, Chaminda and Michael Savage, 2023, "Safe Housing Denied to 10,000 Women in England Fleeing Domestic Abuse", Guardian, April 15, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/apr/15/safe-housing-denied-to-10000-women-in-england-fleeing-domestic-abuse).
“【Caption】Lack of shelters may be forcing victims to return to their violent partners or leaving them homeless”
◇Russell, Herbie, 2023, "Aylesbury Estate Tenant's Anti-Gentrification Exhibition to Open in Her Flat This Friday", Southwark News, April 11, 2023, (https://southwarknews.co.uk/news/community/aylesbury-estate-tenants-anti-gentrification-exhibition-to-open-in-her-flat-this-friday/).
 *Aylesbury Estate[London]
“【Quot.】Aysan said: “It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind exhibition which is showing off the fight that we’ve been going through.|“There will be leaflets, pictures ― we’ve got lot os of documents and information that we are using. It’s telling our story… reflecting the councillors’ and campaigners’ story, it’s our perspective.””
◇Russell, Herbie, 2023, "Aylesbury Estate Council Tenant Holding Anti-Gentrification Exhibition Hosting Musical Fundraiser Tonight", Southwark News, April 5, 2023, (https://southwarknews.co.uk/news/culture/aylesbury-estate-council-tenant-holding-anti-gentrification-exhibition-hosting-musical-fundraiser-tonight).
 *Aylesbury Estate[London]
“【Caption】'Fight 4 Aylesbury: An Evening of Live Music’ is being held at Avalon Cafe, SE14 5RZ”
◇Rosa, Sophie K., 2023, "How to Make a Home in a Housing Crisis", Novara Media, March 31, 2023, (https://novaramedia.com/2023/03/31/how-to-make-a-home-in-a-housing-crisis/).
 *“This is an edited extract from the fourth chapter of Radical Intimacy, available now from Pluto Press.”
“【Caption】Political demands expressed through experiments in living can lay powerful foundations.”
◇Koksal, Izzy, 2023, "How Southwark Families Fought for Housing Justice", Justice Gap, March 17, 2023, (https://www.thejusticegap.com/how-southwark-families-living-in-the-most-overcrowded-housing-fought-for-housing-justice/).
“【Caption】When it came to blaming the victims of the housing crisis, Southwark council’s housing office seemed to take inspiration from the Home Office and even pioneered/pre-empted a recent Home Office policy of telling homeless families to go on zoopla, writes Izzy Koksal.”
 *〈Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (HASL)〉
◇Focus E15 Campaign, 2023, "Why I Am Taking Action: Demand Homes Not Council Harassment!", Focus E15 Campaign, January 15, 2023, (https://focuse15.org/2023/01/15/why-i-am-taking-action-demand-homes-not-council-harassment/).
“【Quot.】There will be no let up in campaigning while these families are still living in the hostel or being moved into damp, overcrowded, substandard homes and being labelled intentionally homeless for even questioning a housing offer.”
◇Garcia, Francisco, 2023, "When People Are Asked to Vote to Demolish Their Homes, You Have to Ask If This Is True Democracy", Guardian, January 12, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jan/12/vote-demolish-council-homes-london-democracy).
“【Caption】London housing estate residents must now be balloted on redevelopment plans. But in practice, the process is wanting”
◇Apps, Peter, 2022, "The New Social Housing: Data Shows Scale of Infant Children in Temporary Accommodation", Inside Housing, December 16, 2022, (https://www.insidehousing.co.uk/insight/the-new-social-housing-data-shows-scale-of-infant-children-in-temporary-accommodation-79462).
“【Caption】New data gathered by Inside Housing shows a city’s-worth of under fives are homeless and living in temporary accommodation. Peter Apps reports.”
◇Morelli, Rose, 2022, "'freeze Rent Not Renters': Tenants March Across UK Amid Cost of Living Crisis", Big Issue, December 3, 2022, (https://www.bigissue.com/news/housing/freeze-rent-not-renters-tenants-march-across-uk-amid-cost-of-living-crisis/).
“【Caption】Tenants unions are demanding a rent freeze amid spiralling prices and evictions as winter closes in.”
◇Booth, Robert, 2022, "'They Could Just Evict Us': The Tenants Hit by Huge Hikes in UK Rents", Guardian, December 1, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/dec/01/they-could-just-evict-us-the-tenants-hit-by-huge-hikes-in-uk-rents.
“【Caption】From Manchester to London, three people tell of stress, fear and eviction as cost of private renting rockets”
◇Jayanetti, Chaminda, 2022, "Forty Councils in England Built No Social Housing for Five Years Due to Cuts", Guardian, November 13, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/nov/13/forty-councils-in-england-built-no-social-housing-for-five-years-due-to-cuts).
“【Caption】Government focus on homes at higher ‘affordable’ rent helps fuel drastic shortage with demand poised to surge”
◇Gregory, Ruby, 2022, "Family Stuck in 'Temporary' London Flat for 8 Years Now Face Eviction", MyLondon, November 3, 2022, (https://www.mylondon.news/news/east-london-news/family-stuck-temporary-london-flat-25420001).
“【Caption】The family could be out on the streets in a matter of days”
◇Twomey, James, 2022, "Hundreds of families at worst end of housing crisis march on Downing Street", South London News, October 28, 2022, (https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/hundreds-of-families-at-worst-end-of-housing-crisis-march-on-downing-street/).
“【Exordium】Hundreds of homeless families and those living in overcrowded housing marched on Downing Street calling for family-sized council homes for Londoners.|In one of the biggest housing protests that London has seen in years families who have been suffering at the worst end of the housing crisis demanded immediate action from the Government to end it.|Families from Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (HASL), gathered at Parliament Square Gardens before marching on 10 Downing Street.”
◇Geraghty, Liam, 2022, "In Pictures: Homeless Families March on Downing Street to Demand Council Homes", Big Issue, October 27, 2022, (https://www.bigissue.com/news/housing/in-pictures-homeless-families-march-on-downing-street-to-demand-council-homes/).
“【Caption】Parents and children living in overcrowded housing in London called on ministers to deliver more affordable homes for families in protest.”
◇Stringer, Jacob, 2022, "What Would It Take for UK Tenants Unions to Really Win?", Greater Manchester Housing Action, October 24, 2022, (http://www.gmhousingaction.com/how-we-really-win/).
“【Exordium】A recent visit to Berlin has given me much cause to reflect on the thorny topic of how to win better housing for everyone. I have been part of the London Renters Union for 5 years and while little in housing has improved in that time, we have always been able to comfort ourselves with the idea that if we can organise more people we’ll get there eventually. To go to Berlin is to encounter a city that has organised more people for better housing. The Deutsche Wohnen Expropriation campaign recently called a city-level referendum on taking back into public ownership 240,000 flats owned by big landlords. Amazingly, after much organising that involved many people who had never before campaigned on housing, they won the referendum.”
◇Sadri, Jazmyn, 2022, "Why I'll Be Fighting for a Rent Freeze Across England and Wales This Winter", Guardian, September 23, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/sep/23/rent-freeze-scotland-britain-help-millions).
“【Caption】Extending Scotland’s rent freeze would help millions of renters like me who are struggling to pay their bills”
◇Lillywhite, Charlotte, 2022, "Plug Pulled on Wandsworth Estate Regeneration as 'Simply Not Enough' Social Housing", South London News, September 8, 2022(https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/plug-pulled-on-wandsworth-estate-regeneration-as-simply-not-enough-social-housing/).
“【Exordium】Plans to bulldoze council homes will be put on pause under proposals to review an estate revamp so it offers more affordable housing.|Wandsworth council’s new Labour administration said the number of council homes previously proposed for the Alton Estate in Roehampton was “simply not enough”.”
◇Maloney, Gordon, 2022, "How We Won a Rent Freeze in Scotland", Huck, September 8, 2022, (https://www.huckmag.com/perspectives/activism-2/how-we-won-a-rent-freeze-in-scotland/).
“【Caption】People before profits”/“【Introduction】As the Scottish government announces a rent freeze, an activist with Living Rent who fought and won shares how they did it, and what must come next.”
◇Booth, Robert, 2022, "Social Housing Rent Rises to Be Capped in England Next Year", Guardian, August 31, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/aug/31/social-housing-rent-rises-to-be-capped-in-england-next-year).
“【Caption】Landlords warn cap will mean less investment in housing stock while charity calls on tenants to refuse to pay any rent increases”
◇King, Alex, 2022, "Housing Activists Launch Campaign Calling for Airbnb Regulation", Big Issue, August 30, 2022, (https://www.bigissue.com/news/housing/housing-activists-launch-campaign-calling-for-airbnb-regulation/).
“【Caption】The campaign will lobby government to give councils in England the power to refuse homes being converted into Airbnbs.”
◇Maloney, Gordon, 2022, "The fight for Rent Controls: A Question of Power", Red Pepper, August 22, 2022, (https://www.redpepper.org.uk/the-fight-for-rent-controls-a-question-of-power/).
“【Caption】Far from being a radical idea, some form of rent control is a tried, tested and proportionate response to an out-of-control situation, writes Gordon Maloney”
◇Axel-Lute, Miriam, 2022, "Making Money Over Making Homes", Shelterforce, August 8, 2022, (https://shelterforce.org/2022/08/08/making-money-over-making-homes/).
“【Caption】Housing has become less about shelter and more about extracting profit. How has that way of thinking changed the market and what are housing advocates trying to do about it? In our new series―Homes or Cash Cows―Shelterforce explores the financialization of housing.”
◇Grant, Harriet, 2022, "Social Housing Tenants Warned of 'Play Ban' for Children in London Site's Shared Spaces", Guardian, August 2, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/aug/02/poorer-children-warned-off-playing-in-shared-spaces-in-london-development).
“【Caption】Families in multimillion-pound One Tower Bridge development told games ‘breached tenancy agreements’”
◇Firth, Robert, 2022, "Families on South London Estate Devastated As They're Suddenly Given Month to Move", MyLondon, August 2, 2022, (https://www.mylondon.news/news/south-london-news/families-south-london-estate-left-24650550).
“【Caption】Lewisham Council intends to demolish their homes”
◇Crockett, Moya, 2022, "'Terrifying', 'Desperate' and Getting Worse ― Inside London's Rental Market Crisis (Where Landlords Are Charging £100,000 in 'Advance Rent')", Evening Standard, July 18, 2022, (https://www.standard.co.uk/insider/rental-market-london-crisis-rents-housing-shortage-b1012703.html).
“【Caption】As average rents skyrocket, tenants are being asked to pay huge sums in advance. Moya Crockett investigates a system on the brink”/“【Introduction】Two months ago, Freya Feilding decided she was ready to move in with her boyfriend. The 28-year-old medical researcher told her three housemates she’d be leaving their rented terrace in Camberwell, gave notice to her landlord and started searching for a new flat.”
◇Jones, Rupert, 2022, "Private Rents in UK Reach Record Highs, with 20% Rises in Manchester", Guardian, July 14, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jul/14/private-rents-in-uk-reach-record-highs-with-20-rises-in-manchester).
“【Caption】Prices adding to cost of living crisis blamed on demand exceeding supply and rising interest rates”
◇Bower, Conrad and Alex King, 2022, "Revealed: The Company Paid Millions in Public Money for Providing Temporary Accommodation in Manchester", Meteor, July 14, 2022, (https://themeteor.org/2022/07/14/company-millions-temporary-accommodation/).
“【Introduction】A single company received £4.59m from Manchester city council for providing temporary accommodation for homeless households in the 2020-21 financial year, a freedom of information request submitted by the Meteor to the council shows.”
◇Shadijanova, Diyora, 2022, "Accusations of Exploitation Mount Against an 'Ethical' Housing Enterprise", gal-dem, June 22, 2022, (https://gal-dem.com/property-guardians-dot-dot-dot-housing-crisis-exploitation/).
“【Caption】Property guardians across London have launched a boycott of Dot Dot Dot after it threatened to increase rents by more than 100%. Now, they’ve united to resist.”
◇Butler, Patrick, 2022, "No-Fault Evictions and Bans on Social Services Tenants to Be Outlawed in England", Guardian, June 15, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/jun/15/white-paper-to-tackle-unfair-evictions-and-bad-landlords-in-england).
“【Caption】Private rentals white paper also includes clampdown on unfit homes and plans to tackle bad landlords”
◇Fyfe, Will, "Cost of Living: Landlords Fear 'Massive Housing Crisis'", BBC News, June 15, 2022, (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-61803123).
“【Caption】Landlords said they fear many will sell up and stop renting homes due to Wales' new housing rules.”
◇Timan, Joseph, 2022, "Hundreds Slam 'Obscene' City Centre Apartment Blocks with No Affordable Housing", Manchester Evening News, May 31, 2022, (https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/hundreds-slam-obscene-city-centre-24108625).
“【Caption】Two major developments are due to be decided by the planning committee”/“【Exordium】Developers behind plans for two new apartment blocks in Manchester city centre must pay more towards affordable housing, a local councillor has said.|Between them, developments in Port Street peaking at 34 storeys tall and the 13-storey tower in Store Street would feature 500 flats ― none affordable. This falls short of the council's policy of 20 pc for developments of this size.”
◇Focus E15 Campaign, 2022, "Newham Residents Disrupt Council Meeting Due to Mounting Concerns About Living Conditions", Focus E15 Campaign, May 26, 2022, (https://focuse15.org/2022/05/26/newham-residents-disrupt-council-meeting-due-to-mounting-concerns-about-living-conditions/).
“【Exordium】At Newham’s well-attended public Annual Council Meeting on Wednesday 25 May, mothers and children of 10 Victoria Street, Stratford E15 (formerly called Brimstone House and Focus E15 foyer) stood up with banners and placards to make their voices heard about the unacceptable conditions in the building. They were brave and strong acting in solidarity together.”
◇Wratten, Marcus, 2022, "Family of 5 Accused of 'Deliberately' Living in a Tiny Studio Flat Win High Court Battle", Big Issue, May 25, 2022, (https://www.bigissue.com/news/housing/overcrowded-housing-win-high-court-southwark-council).
“【Caption】Southwark council had refused to provide priority housing for the family.”



◇Gayle, Vicky; Hamada, Rachel; Boutaud, Charles, 2022, "Disabled People Trapped Waiting Years for Vital Home Adaptations", The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, April 5, 2022, (https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/2022-04-05/disabled-people-trapped-waiting-years-for-vital-home-adaptations).
“【Exordium】As children, Rianna and Lauren Campbell-Thompson shared a bedroom. Lauren took the top bunk and Rianna, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, took the bottom. Eventually Rianna moved to the room across the landing. It’s a distance of a few feet, but one Rianna cannot cross ― the landing is too narrow for her wheelchair.|Rianna has not seen her twin’s room since about 2003. Instead, Lauren shows her photos.”/“【Quot.】She said: “If you had no food in your house, and you needed to feed your children, you’d go out there and do anything you can to bring a meal to the table. It’s the same. We’re a family with children with disabilities, if they need that extra room or whatever, you know, do it. Don’t give up.””
◇Ryan, Frances, 2018, "'I Never Feel Safe': Meet The People at the Very Sharpest End of the Housing Crisis - Disabled Millennials", Guardian, August 21, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/aug/21/disabled-accessible-housing-shortage-young-millennials).
“【Caption】Finding decent accommodation is hard enough for ‘generation rent’ millennials ― but for young disabled people a nightmare shortage of accessible housing is ruining lives and career prospects”



*〈Autonomous Winter Shelter〉[London]
◇Byrne, Eugene, 2022, "'Staking a Claim': How the Postwar Housing Crisis Led to a Mass Squatting Movement in Bristol", Bristol Cable, September 15, 2022, (https://thebristolcable.org/2022/09/how-historic-housing-crisis-led-mass-squatting-movement-bristol/).
“【Caption】After the Second World War, Britain faced an acute shortage of homes. The remarkable outbreak of civil disobedience that followed is being remembered as part of a two-month festival of working-class history in South Bristol.”
◇mudlark121, 2020, "Today in London's International History, 1977: North Kensington Squatters Declare the Independent Republic of Frestonia", Past Tense, November 1, 2020, (https://pasttenseblog.wordpress.com/2020/11/01/today-in-londons-international-history-1977-north-kensington-squatters-declare-the-independent-republic-of-frestonia/).



◇Clift, Theresa, 2023, "Affordable Housing Nonprofit Evicting Tenants from Two South Sacramento Complexes", Sacramento Bee, June 7, 2023, (https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article275721486.html).
“【Exordium】Mutual Housing California, a large affordable housing nonprofit, is threatening to evict at least two tenants from Sacramento apartments.”
◇Stein, Samuel, 2023, "Rabble Rousers Shows How Activists Beat the Rich to Build Social Housing in New York City", Jacobin, June 4, 2023, (https://jacobin.com/2023/06/rabble-rousers-cooper-square-community-land-trust-housing-movie).
“The documentary Rabble Rousers tells the story of the New York activists who overcame enormous odds to build the Cooper Square community land trust ― and points to the limits of movements that don’t contend for broader control over the state and capital.”
◇Crabapple, Molly, 2023, "The Revolution Against Shady Landlords Has Begun", Nation, April 1, 2023, (https://www.thenation.com/article/society/good-cause-eviction-new-york/).
“【Caption】In New York, the real estate industry and the politicians in its pocket both reign supreme. These tenants have a plan to change that forever.”
◇Dillon, Liam, 2022, "Poor Housing Conditions Continue at L.A. Apartment Complex, Despite 2,000 Citations", Los Angeles Times, November 25, 2022, (https://www.latimes.com/homeless-housing/story/2022-11-25/tenants-south-la-apartments-promised-repairs-again-falling-short).
“【Exordium】Maintenance workers installed new vinyl in Ruth Perez’s one bedroom apartment over floorboards that sag under foot. They put a new drain pipe in a sink that still clogs. They screwed new cabinet hinges into rotted wood. And they haven’t yet bothered to replace the stained carpet, or the heavy wooden closet doors that keep coming off their tracks.”
◇Dillon, Liam, 2022, "They Seized Vacant El Sereno Homes at the Start of the Pandemic. Now, They Face Eviction", Los Angeles Times, October 25, 2022, (https://www.latimes.com/homeless-housing/story/2022-10-25/housing-seizures-el-sereno-tenants-face-eviction-pandemic).
“【Exordium】At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, more than a dozen families that were homeless or at risk of losing housing seized vacant, publicly owned homes in El Sereno, an action they said was driven by the astronomical costs of living in Los Angeles and the need to shelter from the virus.|Some have remained, taking advantage of a deal that allowed them to stay legally in single-family bungalows owned by the state. Families have planted gardens outside the homes and sent their children to neighborhood schools.|But now, nearly three years later, their leases are expiring, and they aren’t allowed to renew them. A standoff is emerging between public officials eager for the families to move out and some families that don’t want to.”
◇Dillon, Liam, 2022, "One Family's Act to Escape Overcrowded Housing in L.A." Los Angeles Times, October 19, 2022, (https://www.latimes.com/homeless-housing/story/2022-10-19/los-angeles-overcrowding-housing-one-family).
“【Quot.】Immediately, Gordillo was confronted with the reality of five people stuffed into a 350-square-foot studio in one of the most overcrowded neighborhoods in the United States.|Gordillo and her husband set up a queen mattress for themselves and a triple-decker bunk bed, an arm’s length away, for the children. The two-story, century-old Period Revival building housed 20 families squeezed so close together that Gordillo could hear whenever her neighbors used the bathroom.”
◇Dougherty, Conor, 2022, "The Rent Revolution Is Coming", New York Times, October 15, 2022, (https://www.nytimes.com/2022/10/15/business/economy/rent-tenant-activism.html).
“【Caption】For the 44 million households who rent a home or apartment in the U.S., inflation keeps pushing costs higher and higher. Anger is rising too. It could be a breaking point.”
◇Dillon, Liam, 2022, "L.A. to End COVID Eviction Protections by February", Los Angeles Times, October 4, 2022, (https://www.latimes.com/homeless-housing/story/2022-10-04/la-end-covid-eviction-protections-february).
“【Exordium】After nearly three years of COVID-19 emergency restrictions, landlords will once again be allowed to evict tenants who have fallen behind on their rent, the L.A. City Council decided Tuesday.|The unanimous vote allows the eviction protections, some of the longest-lasting in the country, to end starting Feb. 1.”
◇Hayes, Kelly, 2022, "Philly Families Faced with Eviction Are Rising Up, Refusing to Leave Their Homes", Truthout, September 22, 2022, (https://truthout.org/audio/philly-families-faced-with-eviction-are-rising-up-refusing-to-leave-their-homes/).
“【Introduction】“Iwant you to fight, I want you to organize, I want you to talk to your neighbors, I want you to have a meeting, I want you to get a spreadsheet and just the same way that we can organize a barbecue, we can all figure out what it means to actually take control of some of these housing units,” says organizer Sterling Johnson. In this episode, host Kelly Hayes talks with Johnson and UC Townhome resident Rasheda Alexander about gentrification, organized abandonment and an ongoing struggle in West Philadelphia, where dozens of families are resisting the demolition of a 70-unit housing development.”
◇Jones, Velena, 2022, "Affordable Housing Victory: How a Years-Long Strike Helped Residents Get a Property in Oakland", NBC Bay Area, July 29, 2022, (https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/making-it-in-the-bay/oakland-residents-strike-affordable-housing/2964298/).
“【Caption】With financial help from the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and the Oakland Community Land Trust, the tenants all bought the 14-unit apartment building for $3.3 million using city bond funds.”
◇Tobias, Manuela, 2022, "A New Online Tool Helps California Tenants Respond to Eviction Notices", KQED, July 19, 2022, (https://www.kqed.org/news/11919866/a-new-online-tool-helps-california-tenants-respond-to-eviction-notices).
“【Quot.】The website they created resembles tax-return-filing software. It asks tenants a long series of questions in relatively plain English, or Spanish, that produces a legal document they can print and submit in court. Tenants in Los Angeles County can file the paperwork electronically. If they choose, tenants can connect to other tenants and legal aid organizations through the website.”
◇Darrah, Dan, 2022, "We Need Public Housing, Not Affordable Housing", Jacobin, April 17, 2022, (https://jacobin.com/2022/04/us-canadian-social-housing-affordability-ownership-speculation).
“【Caption】Homeownership is out of reach for millions in Canada and the US. One well-meaning response to this crisis has been to call for more affordable housing. But we should be demanding more social housing instead.”



◇Breda, Thalles Vichiato, 2023, "The Role of Black Women in Urban Housing Struggles in Brazil: From Land Occupations to the Institutional Policy", Radical Housing Journal, Issue 5.1, (https://doi.org/10.54825/MAJR9896).
◇Perry, Keisha-Khan Y., 2022, "Housing Justice in the Americas: Struggle and Solidarity", NACLA, September 8, 2022, (https://nacla.org/housing-justice-americas).
“【Caption】Read the editor's introduction to our latest issue of the NACLA Report, "Fighting for Housing Justice in the Americas."”



◇Hilbrandt, Hanna, Ifigeneia Dimitrakou and Luca Pattaroni, 2023, "Towards a Radical Housing Responsibility", Radical Housing Journal, Issue 5.1, (https://doi.org/10.54825/CAKG9224).
◇Dąbrowiecki, Łukasz, 2022, "Germany's Collective Alternative to the Private Housing Swindle", Tribune, July 31, 2022, (https://tribunemag.co.uk/2022/07/germany-mietshauser-syndikat-property-housing).
“【Caption】In cities across Germany, the Mietshäuser Syndikat is helping working-class people to set up collective housing projects ― and taking homes out of the hands of profiteers for good.”



◇Gilmartin, Eoghan, 2023, "Barcelona Is Fighting for the Right to Housing", Tribune, May 27, 2023, (https://tribunemag.co.uk/2023/05/barcelona-is-fighting-for-the-right-to-housing).
“【Caption】Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau has taken housing out of the hands of profiteers. In tomorrow's election, she aims to prove that socialists can reject the market-led development of our cities ― and win.”



◇Stratford, Beth, 2020, "An End to Landlordism", Greater Manchester Housing Action, December 31, 2020, (http://www.gmhousingaction.com/an-end-to-landlordism/).
“【Caption】Buy To Let landlords have played such a big role in inflating the current housing bubble, that serious attempts to rein in landlord extractivism would likely trigger a house price crash. The vast majority of voters are home owners. So how can we persuade governments to end the exploitation and precarity suffered by renters?”
◇Lavin, Tom, 2020, "The 'Good Landlord' is a Myth", Greater Manchester Housing Action, June 8, 2020, (http://www.gmhousingaction.com/good-landlord-myth/).
“【Caption】...or, Why Landlordism is Inherently Exploititative”



◆『Nation』Issue: April 17/24, 2023
《The Renters' Revolt》



◆《Fight 4 Aylesbury Exhibition》
April 14〜May 8, 2023
at Wendover House [Thurlow St, London SE17 2UD]
・“Come along to Fight4Aylesbury exhibit. Open Friday 14 -Sunday 23 April. You are invited to A’s council flat on Aylesbury Estate to celebrate 20+ years of housing struggles for housing justice and against gentrification, social cleansing and demolition of social housing.”(https://twitter.com/Aylesbury_exhib/status/1644635067501641728)
・“When are you coming to see us on Aylesbury Estate to find out about housing struggles to defend our communities from social cleansing and gentrification?”(https://twitter.com/Aylesbury_exhib/status/1645023729292910592)

◆《Tara Collette: Gentrification Is Class War》(展示)
Part of: International Women's Day 2023
Part of: PUSH Festival 2023
Date: Sat 21 Jan ‐ Sun 2 Apr 2023
Place: HOME [Manchester]
“Free, just drop by to HOME's Granada Foundation Galleries on Level 1 and 2”

◆《Building the Movement for a Rent Freeze》
November 15, 2022
Venue: Pelican House event space [London]
by London Renters Union
“【Introduction】Has your rent gone up recently or are you worried about the cost of housing? You’re not alone. More than 1 million renters per month are having their rent put up every month and LRU members are facing rent increases of £5,000 per year or more.”
◆《Southwark Organising: Public Listening Session》
October 29, 2022
at Darwin Court Hall [London]
“【Description】Over the last 6 months, Southwark Notes and Ultra-red, alongside Latin Elephant and researchers from the University of Warwick, have been running what we call Practical Listening Sessions on various council estates and sites of prospective development in the borough. We heard from campaigns on Elmington Estate and Aylesbury Estate about long histories of tenant and resident organising against “regeneration.” We also heard from people on Nunhead Estate about their recent opposition to Council plans for Roof Top Homes on their blocks. We also hosted a walk through Peckham looking at contested sites of development like the Aylesham Shopping Centre and Peckham Arch.”
◆《Collective mapping of the histories of Black & POC/PGM Squatting》
June 29, 2022, 18:00〜20:00 BST
at 56a Infoshop [London]
“A sharing event based on looking together at archival histories and bringing your own stories.|Mapping out a timeline of the marginalised Black & POC/PGM squatting history to see what's missing and how to access these forgotten movements. Putting these histories to practical use by inspiring new squatting communities!”
◆《Fight for housing》
June 25 (Sat.), 2022 - 14:30 at Ithaca House [London]
主催:Focus E15 Campaign
“Hear about the fight for decent long term housing from residents living at Victoria Street hostel. Plan the next steps.”
◆《Housing Futures Month》(2022年4月)
◇Creating Housing Futures Together(PolicyLink)
“Housing as health, housing as community, housing as liberatory ― that is the future we are working toward. Bright and bold housing futures for our communities mean new models and approaches that are unapologetically inclusive of all, imagined and made possible by the brilliance, insights, and guidance from the communities most impacted by housing inequities.”/“Housing Futures Month calls on each of us to consider how we can contribute to designing and implementing housing models that allow everyone the stability and ability to dream about and pursue bold futures.”



“We are a group of residents and supporters who have been fighting against the privatisation and demolition of the Aylesbury and all social housing, and we need help turning the flat of one of us, a tenant on Aylesbury, into an exhibition about housing struggles on the Aylesbury Estate from 1999 to the present.”
“Celebrating housing struggles on Aylesbury Estate (South London) from 1999 to now: exhibition in a resident’s home, april&may 23.”

〈Fight for the Aylesbury〉
“Fighting against social cleansing of the Aylesbury Estate in South London. Occupation and direct action. Tenants and squatters together.”

◆〈Wandsworth Action Against Empty Homes〉[London]
October 2022〜
“【Description】A new group has been launched called Wandsworth Action Against Empty Homes which has called a protest for the Day of Action on Empty Homes on Saturday 22nd October and has put forward demands to deal with the housing crisis in the borough”



◆《Tenant Power Toolkit》(カリフォルニア)
“The Tenant Power Toolkit is a collaborative effort between the The Debt Collective, The LA Tenants Union, The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, anti-eviction lawyers and legal service providers including Gary Blasi, one of California’s best known housing justice lawyers. We designed this toolkit to keep people in their homes, fight evictions, fight rent debt, and build the collective power of tenants. Together, we have the power not only to fight back against the system, but to change it.”
◆《How to Deal with Illegal Eviction》(Shelter England)

◆《Coronavirus Rent Crisis》(London Renters Union)
“Many of us are struggling to pay rent or face eviction because of the pandemic. The government is prioritising the interests of landlords over the rest of us.|Renters across the city are getting organised and are standing up to landlords and preventing evictions. We’re pressuring the government to introduce greater protections for renters including a permanent ban on evictions.”

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