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Literature (Various Writings)
Achievements at Conferences, Workshops etc.
Theme-related Sites
Newspaper Articles



Literature (Various Writings)

KITAMURA Kentaro September 30, 2014@The History of Hemophiliacs in Japan: Hospitality of Otherness/Participation in Society/Protest MovementsCSeikatsu Shoin, 304p.@ISBN-10: 4865000305@ISBN-13: 978-4-86500-030-6@3000 yen{tax@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]

KITAMURA Kentaro August 1, 2013 "Collaboration with the World and Anxiety of Aging: Issues the Voluntary Association for Hemophilia Faces"

OMURA Kayoko August 1, 2013 "Social Underlying Problems with the Development of Medical Treatment for Hemophilia Seen in Experiences of Patients with Hemophilia", Gendai Shiso41-11:111-125

KITAMURA Kentaro March 10, 2012 "Generation of Activities by People with Hemophilia that Connect with the Society: With Emphasis on Formation of Young Hemophiliac Club", pp.62-84 AMADA Josuke, MURAKAMI Kiyoshi & YAMAMOTO Takanori (Eds.)@March 10, 2012 Disputed Point of Differences: Understanding the Modern Discrimination, Harvestsha, x+299p. ISBN-10:4863390343@ISBN-13: 9784863390348@2835@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]

KITAMURA Kentaro March 25, 2011 "Patients' Movements and Development of Systems of Patients with Hemophilia in 1970s: Obtaining Pubic Funds and the Course to Official Approval of Self-injection", AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin, ISBN-10: 4903690733@ISBN-13: 9784903690735@3150 [amazon]^[kinokuniya]

KITAMURA Kentaro November 20, 2010 "From a Pamphlet to Young Hemophiliac Club: Movements toward Activities Conducted by Individuals with Hemophilia Themselves", pp.114-140 YAMAMOTO Takanori & TAKAHASHI Shinichi (Eds.) Dynamics of "Differences": Practical Challenges of Research and Methodology on Minority, Report Issued by Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University, Vol.14,@408p.@ISSN 1882-6539

KITAMURA Kentaro December 4, 2009 "Look at "Pain": A Pattern of Issues over Patients with Hemophilia", pp.113-142@SAKURAI Hiroko & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.) Ethics of Birth: Choice toward "Living"CReport Issued by Research Center Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University, Vol.10,@194p.@ISSN 1882-6539

ONO O, SUZUKI Y, YOSHIKAWA K, WADA I, DOI Y, TAKANO M, WADA Y, FUKUSHIMA K; Planning Committee, Japanese Nurse Group for Research of Hemophilia Care 2009 "Assessment of Hemophilia Treatment Practice Pattern in Japan", Hemophilia 15(5):1032-8@[Abstract]

KELLEY Laurie June 12, 2007 "Taking Japan to the Next Level"

KITAMURA Kentaro March 31, 2007 "The History of Hemophiliacs in Japan: Until 1983" [Abstract] (The Doctoral Dissertation)

KITAMURA Kentaro March 31, 2007 "The Shinsei na gimu Issue from the Perspective of Hemophiliacs"
Core Ethics 3:105-120 [Abstract]

KITAMURA Kentaro March 31, 2006 "System and Technology of Blood Use: Hemophiliacs and Coagulation Factor Products in Postwar Japan"
Core Ethics 2:75-87 [Abstract]

KITAMURA Kentaro March 31, 2006 "The Establishment of the "Japan Hemophilia Fraternal Association" and its Successful Effort to Acquire Public Health Coverage for Mediacal Treatment"
Core Ethics 2:89-102 [Abstract]

KITAMURA Kentaro March 31, 2005 "The Sabita Honoo Problem and its Contemporary Significance"
Core Ethics 1:1-13 [Abstract]
FUKUTAKE K. 2000 "Current Status of Hemophilia Patients and Recombinant Coagulation Factor Concentrates in Japan", Semin Thromb Hemost 26(1):29-32@[Abstract]

RESTA Robert G. "Genetic Counseling: Coping with the Human Impact of Genetic Disease"

Achievements at Conferences, Workshops etc.

SANO Ryusuke, KITAMURA Kentaro, ABE Shinji & ONISHI Akahito May 12, 2014 "The History of Hemophilia Community in Japan", World Federation of Hemophilia 2014 World Congress in Melbourne

KITAMURA Kentaro September 27, 2009 "Formation of 'National Network of Hemophilia Association'", The 6th Annual Convention of Japan Society of Disability Studies, Suzaku Campus, Ritsumeikan University

KITAMURA Kentaro November 17, 2007 "Movements by Patients of National Hemophilia Organization" The 80th Annual Convention ofthe Japan Sociological Society, Kanto Gakuin University

Theme-related Sites

Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.103 (August 15, 2013)
Chronology: The History of Disabled People (and Their Movement) in Japan
wCross Heartx (Japanese)
Discourses on Prenatal Diagnosis
List of Hemophilia Organizations
National Hemophilia Network of Japan (Japanese)
World Federation of Hemophilia

Newspaper Articles

October 18, 2014@"Suicidal cells and the immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks" iThe Japan Timesj

May 18, 2011@"Last plaintiff in HIV-tainted blood scandal settles" iThe Japan Timesj

April 29, 2005@"Abe, central figure in HIV-tainted blood products scandal, dies" iThe Japan Timesj

May 14, 2004@"Hospitals tied to HCV fiasco to be mostly named before f05" iThe Japan Timesj

February 11, 2004@"Abefs trial over AIDS death set to be halted" iThe Japan Timesj

November 30, 2002@"Prosecutors want acquittal of HIV expert overturned" iThe Japan Timesj

July 26, 2002@"Law enacted to ensure safety of nationfs blood products" iThe Japan Timesj

April 26, 2001@"Hemophiliac with HIV receives liver transplant" iThe Japan Timesj

March 31, 2001@"eNot guiltyf is not innocent" iThe Japan Timesj

March 30, 2001@"Bar president says citizens should be involved in trials" iThe Japan Timesj

March 17, 2001@"School sued for betraying hemophiliac" iThe Japan Timesj

February 24, 2000@"Green Cross chiefs receive prison terms for HIV scandal" iThe Japan Timesj

September 30, 1999@"Green Cross execs face bars over HIV scandal" iThe Japan Timesj

March 24, 1997@"Green Cross execs plead guilty in blood products debacle" iThe Japan Timesj

March 5, 1997@"Abe trial begins next week" iThe Japan Timesj

March 4, 1997@"Abe pleads not guilty as HIV trial gets under way" iThe Japan Timesj

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