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◇Abraham, Roshan, 2023, "Houseless People Say LA's 'Home Run' Encampment-Clearing Program Is a Mess", Vice, March 24, 2023, (https://www.vice.com/en/article/3akzyk/houseless-people-say-los-angeles-inside-safe-is-a-mess).
“【Caption】Encampment residents describe being misled about housing availability and heavy police presence as part of Mayor Karen Bass' "proactive" program.”/“【Exordium】Los Angeles’ ambitious plan to tackle homelessness is being praised by some―including one council member who referred to it as an “absolute home-run”―but interviews with encampment residents and advocates reveal a messy, heavily-policed rollout with poor communication that is already breeding distrust among people living on the street.”
◇Thornton, Claire, "LA County's Patchwork of Homelessness Laws Grows with City's New Camping Ban", USA Today, February 19, 2023, (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2023/02/19/homeless-tents-banned-culver-city-calif/11289831002/).
“【Caption】The local government in Culver City, California, is facing criticism this week after city council members passed a sweeping ban on tent encampments in an effort to get people experiencing homelessness off the streets.”
◇Ray, Lexis-Olivier, 2022, "New L.A. County Data Shows That Homeless 'Sweeps' Rarely Lead to Permanent Housing", L.A. TACO, December 1, 2022, (https://www.lataco.com/care-sweeps-la-homeless/).
“【Exordium】“Sweeps,” or sanitation cleanings, as they’re sometimes called, are supposed to keep our city sidewalks clean and help move people living on the streets indoors. But according to new data obtained by L.A. TACO from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), the lead agency responsible for homeless housing and services in the city, few unhoused people have been sheltered as a result of outreach associated with the encampment clearings seen regularly across the city (also known as “CARE cleanings”).”
◇Potter, Suzanne, 2022, "L.A. 'Trash Club' Helps Unhoused People and the Community", Public News Service, November 28, 2022, (https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2022-11-28/housing-homelessness/l-a-trash-club-helps-unhoused-people-and-the-community/a81608-1).
 *〈Echo Park Trash Club〉
“【Exordium】On a late August morning, the Echo Park Trash Club approached an underpass below Los Angeles' 101 Freeway. Months earlier, the city had dismantled a homeless encampment located there during one of its routine sweeps.”
◇Tracey, Caroline, 2022, "How a Volunteer Trash Pickup Club Tackles Housing and Climate Justice", High Country News, October 20, 2022, (https://www.hcn.org/articles/south-housing-how-a-volunteer-trash-pickup-club-tackles-housing-and-climate-justice).
 *〈Echo Park Trash Club〉
“【Caption】LA’s Echo Park Trash Club supports its unhoused neighbors by helping them stay in place.”
◇Levin, Sam, 2022, "At Least 14 Unhoused People Froze to Death in LA Last Year, Records Reveal", Guardian, October 4, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/oct/04/hypothermia-deaths-of-unhoused-in-los-angeles-rise-sharply).
“【Caption】Hypothermia deaths rose sharply in 2021, according to data obtained by the Guardian, as part of an overall surge”
◇Vives, Ruben and David Zahniser, 2022, "Homeless Advocates Urge L.A. Leaders to Buy Downtown Hotel and Turn It into Housing", Los Angeles Times, September 24, 2022, (https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-09-24/homeless-advocates-call-on-la-leaders-to-purchase-la-grand-hotel-the-largest-project-roomkey-site).
“【Exordium】Homeless advocates on Friday called on city leaders to purchase the L.A. Grand Hotel, which has served as emergency shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic, to convert into permanent housing.”
◇Karlamangla, Soumya, 2022, "Los Angeles Bans Encampments Near Schools", New York Times, August 10, 2022, (https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/10/us/los-angeles-encampment-ban-schools.html).
“【Caption】The City Council voted on Tuesday to prohibit homeless people from setting up tents within 500 feet of public and private schools and day care centers.”/“【Quot.】“If it was really about children’s safety,” Diaz told the Council, “you would be investing more money in permanent supportive housing, wraparound services and ensuring that people were able to access housing as needed, and not into increased policing.””
◇After Echo Park Lake Research Collective, 2022, "Continuum of Carcerality: How Liberal Urbanism Governs Homelessness", Radical Housing Journal, Issue 4.1 (July 2022), (https://radicalhousingjournal.org/2022/continuum-of-carcerality/).
◇After Echo Park Lake Research Collective, 2022, "Blueprint For the Future: Unhoused Tenant Organizing in Los Angeles", Radical Housing Journal, Issue 4.1 (July 2022), (https://radicalhousingjournal.org/2022/blueprint-for-the-future/).
◇Forte, Giuseppina, 2022, "Houselessness, Infrastructural Exclusion, and Stigmatization", Radical Housing Journal, Issue 4.1 (July 2022), (https://radicalhousingjournal.org/2022/houselessness-infrastructural-exclusion-and-stigmatization/).
◇Johnson, Sterling, 2022, "Marronage and Philadelphia's Housing Justice Fight" Radical Housing Journal, Issue 4.1 (July 2022), (https://radicalhousingjournal.org/2022/marronage-and-philadelphias-housing-justice-fight/).
◇Robinson, Rob and Erin McElroy, 2022, "Picturing the Homeless, Building International Solidarities", Radical Housing Journal, Issue 4.1 (July 2022), (https://radicalhousingjournal.org/2022/picturing-the-homeless-building-international-solidarities/).
◇Sheets, Connor (Photography by Francine Orr), 2022, "Homeless People Wait As Los Angeles Lets Thousands of Federal Housing Vouchers Go Unused", Los Angeles Times, July 25, 2022, (https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-07-25/emergency-housing-vouchers-story).
“【Exordium】Yolanda Robins’ dream was finally coming true.|After three decades living on skid row, punctuated by brief stays in hotel rooms and shelters, she was approved in January to move into an apartment where she could begin to rebuild her life with help from a federal housing subsidy program.”
◇Best, Blair, 2022, "A New Study Says the Housing Market Is Largely to Blame for Portland's Homeless Crisis", KGW, July 20, 2022, (https://www.kgw.com/article/news/local/homeless/new-study-housing-market-root-cause-homelessness/283-819457a7-9606-42c6-9cb3-62bd25661d2b).
“【Exordium】PORTLAND, Ore. ― A new study by a pair of researchers tried to find the root cause of homelessness in cities across the U.S. It revealed how Portland's housing market plays a much bigger part in the crisis than many might think.|The urban study called “Homelessness is a Housing Problem” found that the biggest factors in the homeless crisis are not necessarily addiction or mental health but rather a combination of high rent prices and a lack of affordable housing.”
◇Levin, Sam, 2022, "As Police Crack Down on Homelessness, Unhoused End Up in Mojave desert", Guardian, July 18, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jul/18/california-homelessness-crisis-mojave-desert).
“【Caption】On the edge of northern Los Angeles county, at least 200 people are living in tents and trailers on remote, harsh terrain. ‘They treat us like we’re a lost cause,’ one resident said”/“【Introduction】In a remote stretch of southern California desert, at least 200 unhoused people live outside, battling the extremes: blazing hot temperatures in the summer, snow in winter, rugged terrain inaccessible to many vehicles, a constant wind that blankets everything with silt, and no running water for miles.”
◇Lewis, Melissa, 2022, "Police Know Arrests Won't Fix Homelessness. They Keep Making Them Anyway", Reveal, June 23, 2022, (https://revealnews.org/article/homeless-unhoused-police-arrests-west-coast-cities/).
“【Exordium】In the Lents neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, residents gathered at a public forum last June to voice their concerns about the city’s growing population of homeless individuals.|Over the last decade, rent grew twice as fast in Portland as the rest of the country, and the estimated number of people experiencing homelessness increased by nearly 30%. The effects of those dynamics were on full display in Lents, one of the city’s most racially diverse areas and among the neighborhoods where home prices had been rising the fastest.”
◇After Echo Park Lake Research Collective, 2022, "The Antidisplacement Fight in Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles", Housing Matters, June 1, 2022, (https://housingmatters.urban.org/research-summary/antidisplacement-fight-echo-park-lake-los-angeles).
“【Exordium】In 2019, an unhoused encampment formed at Echo Park Lake, a public park in a downtown, gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood. This community grew during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reflecting the social composition of homelessness in LA, the encampment had many Black, Indigenous, and immigrant residents and was a refuge for people fleeing gendered violence. Residents built life-sustaining infrastructure, including a community garden and kitchen, a jobs program, and accessible showers.”
◇Oreskes, Benjamin and David Zahniser, 2022, "L.A. City Council Seeks to Ban Homeless Encampments near Every School, Daycare Center", Los Angeles Times, May 31, 2022, (https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-05-31/l-a-city-council-seeks-to-ban-homeless-encampments-near-every-school-daycare-center).
“The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday instructed its lawyers to draft a major change to the city’s anticamping ordinance, barring homeless encampments within 500 feet of schools and daycare centers.|The council voted 13-2 to draft legal language that would expand its anticamping law to cover hundreds, possibly thousands, of educational facilities.”/“Kate Pynoos, a former Bonin aide running against O’Farrell, also criticized the measure. She said O’Farrell and his colleagues “cynically cloaked this back-room motion in terms of ‘supporting the youth.’”|“What motivates O’Farrell is simply pushing the unhoused out of sight, rather than actually solving this crisis by providing them with permanent housing,” she said.”
◇Coleman, Jonny, 2022, "How Los Angeles Created the Playbook for a Nationwide War on the Unhoused", The Appeal, May 26, 2022, (https://theappeal.org/homeless-encampment-sweeps-los-angeles-echo-park-lake/).
“【Caption】As politicians look to build public support for homeless encampment sweeps, they’re using tactics popularized in LA―the site of one of the nation’s most intense battles over the unhoused.”
◇Rosenthal, Tracy, 2022, "Inside LA's Homeless Industrial Complex", New Republic, May 19, 2022, (https://newrepublic.com/article/166383/los-angeles-echo-park-homeless-industrial-complex).
“【Caption】Just 7 percent of the people in Los Angeles’s Echo Park encampment found permanent housing after it was cleared. Almost half are missing. Seven are dead. That’s not a failure of homelessness policy; it’s an example of the system working exactly as intended.”
◇Schmid, Thacher, 2022, "Homeless People in the US Are Being Murdered at a Horrific Rate", Jacobin, May 17, 2022, (https://jacobinmag.com/2022/05/homeless-homicides-data-surge-victims-suspects/).
“【Caption】Homelessness is one of the most grotesque horrors of US capitalism. And even worse, according to new reporting by Jacobin, the rate of murders of homeless people has spiked to appalling new highs.”
◇Levin, Sam, 2022, "'We Hurt Those Already Hurting': Why Los Angeles Is Failing on Homelessness", Guardian, May 16, 2022, (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/may/16/homelessness-los-angeles-lahsa-heidi-marston).
“【Caption】After her dramatic resignation, a top official discusses systemic flaws in the response to one of the country’s worst humanitarian crises”
◇Henderson, Theo and Ananya Roy, 2022, "Everyone Has an Idea for Solving Homelessness. What If We Listened to the Unhoused?", Los Angeles Times, May 9, 2022, (https://www.latimes.com/lifestyle/image/story/2022-05-09/theo-henderson-ananya-roy-on-solutions-los-angeles-homelessness-unhoused-erasure-nimbys).
“【Exordium】“It’s a war on the poor,” Theo Henderson often likes to note. And indeed, it is, in the liberal city of Los Angeles, where homelessness is the leading public issue of concern. While politicians expand the criminalization of homelessness and promise to “end encampments,” thousands of Angelenos are consigned to living and dying on the streets, and thousands more are on the edge of eviction. Rarely, though, do unhoused voices and experiences shape the city’s public discourse and policies about homelessness. Dehumanized and banished, the unhoused have come to be seen as a problem to be eradicated.”
◇Blasi, Gary, 2020, UD Day: Impending Evictions and Homelessness in Los Angeles, Los Angeles: UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy.


◆《LGBTQ+ Night Shelter Pilot》
January 23, 2023 〜
Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard
“【Description】We’re delighted to be opening an LGBTQ+ night shelter in Brighton. Opening January 23rd 2023, the shelter will be a pilot project which will run initially for 10 weeks.”
◆Public Interest Law Centre ed, 2022, Solidarity Not Charity: Activist Interventions in Housing and Homelessness, London: Public Interest Law Centre.
Published On: 3rd November 2022
cf. https://www.pilc.org.uk/news/pilc-launches-other-voices-series/
“【Description】This second publication in PILC’s Other Voices series draws on interviews with members of Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (HASL), Museum of Homelessness and Streets Kitchen”

◇Brown, Rivkah, 2023, "Did Riot Police Illegally Evict a Homeless Shelter?", Novara Media, June 12, 2023, (https://novaramedia.com/2023/06/12/did-the-police-illegally-evict-a-homeless-shelter/).
 *〈Autonomous Winter Shelter〉[London]
“【Caption】Legal experts reckon so.”
◇Autonomous Winter Shelter Crew, 2023, "Violent Eviction of Autonomous Winter Shelter", Freedom News, June 10, 2023, (https://freedomnews.org.uk/2023/06/10/violent-eviction-of-autonomous-winter-shelter/).
 *〈Autonomous Winter Shelter〉[London]
“Everybody evicted has already been rehoused or found alternative accommodation. We need to keep showing up for each other when faced with the devastating consequences of inequality and injustice. As long as buildings lie empty and people require shelter, the need for all of us to take autonomy over our living situation will remain.|We need to put our ideals into action.”
◇Lister-Fell, Frankie, 2023, "Staff Throw Away Tents of People Sleeping Rough Outside Hospital", Camden New Journal, June 9, 2023, (https://www.camdennewjournal.co.uk/article/staff-throw-away-tents-of-people-sleeping-rough-outside-hospital).
“【Caption】Former bus driver is living on streets after being 'sucked dry' by the cost of rent”
◇Brown, Rivkah, "These Nuns Helped the Homeless Until They Showed Up on Their Doorstep", Novara Media, May 30, 2023, (https://novaramedia.com/2023/05/30/these-nuns-helped-the-homeless-until-they-arrived-on-their-doorstep/).
 *〈Autonomous Winter Shelter〉[London]
“【Exordium】The white stone Virgin Mary affixed to 88 Hardinge Street in Shadwell, east London, looks embarrassed. Dwarfed by a banner that almost covers the building’s facade, flanked by two black flags, the statue is a visual metaphor for the limits of charity.|The banner, an epic 20ft by 10ft patchwork of old clothes made to look like hanging laundry, proclaims the building the Autonomous Winter Shelter (AWS). “This is ours,” it reads.”
◇Gecsoyler, Sammy, 2023, "Homeless Families to Be Moved Out of London Hotel During Beyoncé Tour", Guardian, May 23, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/may/23/homeless-families-to-be-moved-out-of-london-hotel-during-beyonce-tour).
“【Caption】Exclusive: Up to 30 families face removal from Enfield Travelodge as their rooms have been booked on dates of Tottenham concerts”
◇Freedom News, 2023, "Homeless Shelter Threatened with Illegal Eviction", Freedom News, May 12, 2023, (https://freedomnews.org.uk/2023/05/12/homeless-shelter-threatened-with-illegal-eviction/).
“【Exordium】Winter’s gone. Spring’s almost up. The Autonomous Shelter Network is still here.|The question remains, for how long?”
◇Hussen, Dahaba Ali, 2023, "More than 1,300 People Died While Homeless in UK During 2022", Guardian, April 20, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/apr/20/more-than-1300-people-died-while-homeless-in-uk-during-2022).
“【Caption】Charity says stronger policy and investment needed to tackle ‘appalling loss of life’, after 85% rise in deaths since 2019”
◇Gecsoyler, Sammy, 2023, "Number of Homeless Families in Hotels Longer than Legal Limit Doubles in a Year in England", Guardian, April 9, 2023, (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/apr/09/homeless-hotels-legal-limit-doubles-england).
“【Caption】Latest figures show 1,210 households in hotels and B&Bs for longer than the six-week legal limit”
◇Lott-Lavigna, Ruby, 2023, "UK's Extreme Weather Support for Rough Sleepers Labelled 'Inadequate'", openDemocracy, March 29, 2023, (https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/rough-sleeping-swep-museum-of-homelessness-climate-change-extreme-weather/).
“【Caption】Exclusive: A new report has warned homelessness services in the UK are not prepared for the climate crisis”
◇Museum of Homelessness, 2023, "Findings of Investigation into Homelessness and Climate Change Published", Museum of Homelessness, March 28, 2023, (https://museumofhomelessness.org/news/investigation-into-homelessness-and-climate-change-launched).
◇Smithies, Ben, 2023, "Why I Am Basically Hostile Towards Hostile Architecture", Londonist, March 27, 2023, (https://londonist.com/london/features/hostile-architecture-london).
“【Introduction】It is difficult to sit on the fence when it comes to the issue of hostile architecture, especially when the top of that fence has sharp metal teeth.”
◇Robinson, Adele, 2022, "Councils Paying Millions More for Temporary Accommodation in Social Housing Shortage", Sky News, November 25, 2022, (https://news.sky.com/story/councils-paying-millions-more-for-temporary-accommodation-in-social-housing-shortage-12755357).
“【Caption】The latest government figures show the number of families with children living in temporary accommodation in England, outside London, has risen by more than 20%.”
◇Norris, Sian, 2022, "Homeless Deaths Increase by More Than 50% Since 2013", Byline Times, November 24, 2022, (https://bylinetimes.com/2022/11/24/homeless-deaths-increase-by-more-than-50-since-2013/).
“【Caption】New Government data shows how deaths of homeless people ― including to Coronavirus ― continue to rise. Sian Norris reports”
◇Tess, 2022, "What Difference Do Social Connections Make?", Listen Up! Homelessness Insights Hub, October 5, 2022, (https://groundswell-listenup-hub.org/what-difference-do-social-connections-make/).
◇Burrell, Miriam, 2022, "Homelessness: London Councils Claim They Are Set to Lose £50m Under Proposed Funding Changes", Evening Standard, September 2, 2022, (https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-councils-homelessness-funding-prevention-grant-levelling-up-b1022558.html).
“【Caption】The government says claims of funding losses are “a total misinterpretation of the figures””
◇Geraghty, Liam, 2022, "Government Urged to Bring in New Laws to Protect Homeless People in Heatwaves", Big Issue, July 14, 2022, (https://www.bigissue.com/news/housing/homeless-people-heatwaves-bring-in-laws-government/).
“【Caption】Climate change means heatwaves are going to become more frequent and intense but there is no law requiring authorities to protect people on the streets.”
◇Lister-Fell, Frankie, 2022, "Rough Sleepers at Risk in Blistering Heat" Camden New Journal, July 14, 2022, (https://www.camdennewjournal.co.uk/article/rough-sleepers-at-risk-in-blistering-heat).
“【Caption】Warning that more homeless people die in very hot weather than during winter cold months”
◇Talora, Joe, 2022, "Two-Thirds of London's 'Hidden Homeless' Are Women, Research Finds", Evening Standard, March 9, 2022, (https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/homeless-housing-london-international-women-s-day-b986693.html).
“【Exordium】Almost two-thirds of homeless Londoners living in temporary accommodation are women, according to new figures from London Councils.|Analysis from the cross-party group, which represents all 32 London boroughs and the City of London, found that there were almost twice as many women impacted by “hidden homelessness” in the capital as there were men.”


◇Nojiren 2022 「野宿者追い出しの現況について、および2022-2023渋谷越年越冬闘争に改めてご支援のお願い」,Nojiren Blog,2022年12月27日,(【URL】
◇ねる会議 2022 「【声明第二弾】わたしたちは共に居る――美竹公園の仲間を追い込む渋谷区に対して強く抗議し、代替地を要求する。(これまでの経緯とこれから)」,ねる会議,2022年12月2日,(https://minnanokouenn.blogspot.com/2022/12/blog-post.html)
◇ねる会議 2022 「渋谷区が10月28日に発表した公報に反論する」,ねる会議,2022年11月8日,(https://minnanokouenn.blogspot.com/2022/11/blog-post_8.html)
◇ねる会議 2022 「〈声明〉渋谷区・東京都・ヒューリック・清水建設による「渋谷一丁目共同開発事業」のための、渋谷区立美竹公園の強制封鎖と野宿者追い出しに抗議します」,ねる会議,2022年11月3日,(https://minnanokouenn.blogspot.com/2022/11/blog-post_3.html)
◇山下葉月 2022 「「ここで生きつないできたのに…」長年炊き出ししてきた渋谷・美竹公園、再開発のため突如封鎖、これからどこで…」,『東京新聞』2022年10月31日,(2022年10月31日 )


◆丸山里美 [2013] 20210920 『[増補新装版]女性ホームレスとして生きる』,世界思想社,336p. ISBN: 9784790717591 2700+

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◆原口 剛(大阪市立大学→神戸大学)


『現代思想』34-09(2006年08月号) 20060801 《特集:ホームレス》
 ISBN: 4791711521 1300円(本体1238円) [amazon] ※
地球にねてる 自句自解 / 橘安純
夜空の星を見て / 橘安純+酒井隆史(=聞き手)
ホームレスへの招待 / 中桐康介+高沢幸男+小川てつオ
ホームレス、または世界の喪失 / 笹沼弘志
「ホームレス支援」策における選別と排除、そして抵抗 / 北川由紀彦+戸叶敏大
野宿生活者は隠蔽されていたホームレス状況を都市空間で解放した? / 水内俊雄
「それにもかかわらず抵抗」宣言 / M・ベナサヤグ (稲葉奈々子=訳)
ホームレスに歴史あり 代々木公園テント村の歴史 / 力道さん+山形さん+小川てつオ(=聞き手)
ホームレス文化を考える / 小川てつオ
「反権力のリゾーム」としての「『持たざる者』の国際連帯行動」の模索 / なすび
「持たざる者」からの脱出 そして何処へ / 稲葉奈々子
ドキドキ★野宿生活 / いちむらみさこ
自由でもなく強制でもなく / 丸山里美
路上生活者が読み、書き、表現すること 文芸誌「露宿」の五年 / 笠井和明
ホームレスと表現。自立・自律の試み 新世界での取り組み / 上田假奈代
ダンボールでみる夢 / 入江公康
スラムの惑星 都市への内訌と非正規なプロレタリアート / M・デイヴィス (長原豊=訳)

◆社会政策学会編 19990701 『[社会政策学会誌:1]日雇労働者・ホームレスと現代日本』,御茶の水書房,266p. ISBN: 427501765X 4200 [amazon] ※


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Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 15:25:59 -0400
Subject: はじめまして、境セイキと申します。


僕が日本人のホームレスとして過ごした日々の事、巡り会った人々の事、感じたこと、新たな自分の発見、そしてそれらを通して見た現在のアメリカ、ニュー ヨークの事、そして「人間」ということ。「生きる」ということをこれらを文章にまとめ、このたび一冊の本にして頂くことがかないました。

日米共に深刻化するホームレス問題。報道などで伝えられている物とは一線を画す僕の本が、人の生き方、アメリカのホームレスについてのより深い理解の一助 となる事をねがっております。


タイトル:    ニューヨーク底辺物語
著者:      境セイキ
発売元:     扶桑社
発売日:     2002年10月1日
ISBN:     4−594−03730−5
価格:      1200円 


境 セイキ

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