Free Ride / Free Rider


Shinya Tateiwa September 1997 On Private Property iwIL_xj, Tokyo, Keiso-Shobo 445+66p ISBN-10: 4326601175 ISBN-13: 978-4326601172@6300yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya]
Shinya Tateiwa 2016 On Private Property, English Version, Kyoto Books Translation by Robert Chapeskie

@It follows from (7) that both a fair distribution of resources and self-determination regarding how resources are to be used must be supported and established in a manner in which they are mutually compatible. In other words, individuals must receive enough of what they need to survive, and it is up to the individuals themselves to decide how to live their lives using what they are given. A method of realizing this state of affairs is to be sought out. While I think that we have a desire to pursue our own interests and increase our own holdings, on the other hand let us assume there is also some part of us that seeks to affirm α. And if something is being managed well enough thanks to someone (something) else, we want to leave it in their hands. Put this way, let us say this "free riding," in which the person in question avoids certain burdens by deferring to someone else and thus benefitting from the existence of the other, is not permissible. If this is the case, our method of preventing this kind of behavior must be one (perhaps the only one) that is workable in practice. I discuss this in detail in Chapter 8 Section 3.

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