ジョンズ・ホプキンス大学のケース|Johns Hopkins Hospital case




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 chap. 5 note 6
 Other texts such as Masia [1985a:59-] [1985b:163-167] [1987:61] refer to the "Johns Hopkins Hospital case" in which the parents of a baby born with Down's syndrome and a closed duodenum did not agree to surgery and the child died 15 days after being born (see also Weir [1984] and Kawai [1989:242]). Masia asserts that there were errors in the assessment of "quality of life" in this case, and that "labeling this child's quality of life as 'low' and allowing him to die can only be viewed as weeding out the weak." Regarding the Howl case, on the other hand, in which a child with a deformed left side, abnormal trachea/esophagus, and other health issues died after surgery was performed by court order (in opposition to the parents and at the recommendation of a group of doctors), Masia states that it "is a case in which it would be better to allow the child to die naturally rather than engage in futile efforts to prolong his life" and "the idea of the 'sanctity of life' has been misapplied" (Masia [1985b:164-166]). In response to this, Inoue writes, "There are unavoidable questions about his [Masia's] views in relation to the distinction between these two cases" (Inoue [1987:48-49]).

 「他に、マシア[1985a:59-][1985b:163-167][1987:61]等でジョンス・ホプキンス病院のケースダウン症、十二指腸閉鎖、両親が手術に同意せず生後一五日で死亡)等に言及されている(他にWeir[1984=1991:61-62]、河合徳治[1989:242-242])。マシアはこのケースについて、「生命の質」に関する誤った捉え方があ▽352 り、「この子供の「生命の質」が低いと決めつけ、この子を死なせるのは、弱者切り捨てに他ならないのではないかと思う」とする一方、裁判所の決定(親は反対、医師団は手術を主張)で手術が行われたハウルのケース(左半身奇形、気管・食道異常、等、手術後死亡)については「「無理に延命せずに、自然に死ぬのに任せた方が良い」というケース」「「生命の尊厳」に関して間違ったとらえ方をしている」(マシア[1985b:164-166])とし、これに対して井上達夫[1987:48-49]が「二つのケースの区別に関する氏の見解には、疑問を拭いきれない」としている。」

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