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BMA:End of Life Issues

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BMA:End of life issues

Assisted dying - the annual meeting debate, October 2005
Links to the webcast from the BMA's 2005 annual meeting and a briefing paper on assisted dying to inform public debate on the issue.

End of life decisions
This guideline summarises the BMA's views on five issues - refusal of treatment, euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, withholding and withdrawing life-prolonging medical treatment, advance statements

Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide - do the moral arguments differ?9804
This discussion paper has been drawn up to stimulate wider debate within the profession about euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Treatment decisions for patients in persistent vegetative state
The persistent vegetative state (pvs) presents particular medical, ethical and legal dilemmas because of the extreme nature of the condition, the difficulties associated with diagnosing it accurately and the risks of premature diagnosis.

Withholding and withdrawing life-prolonging medical treatment
This report offers comprehensive guidance on the controversial and emotive issue of withholding and withdrawing life-prolonging treatment from patients of all ages and is available from the BMJ Bookshop.

Withholding and withdrawing life-prolonging medical treatment: guidance for decision making.
Updates to Withholding and withdrawing life-prolonging medical treatment - Mental Capacity Act, Glass v United Kingdom, 2004 BMA policy on artificial hydration and nutrition, Burke v GMC

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