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Community Garden / Community Kitchen

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◇村上潔 20230220 「[報告資料]コミュニティガーデン/ラディカルガーデニング――イギリスの事例から学ぶその実践と運動的意義」(於:釜ヶ崎夜間学校)


◆Agnew Lane Garden[Glasgow]


◆Herbal Unity Garden[Glasgow]
・“An occupied medicinal herbal garden set up by a collective of community herbalists, gardeners and planty people in Tradeston, Glasgow (GAS)”
“If anyone wants to get involved in creating a sanctuary for pollinators get in touch with @herbalunitygarden.|The Herbal Unity Garden was created 7 years ago out the back of Glasgow Autonomous space (GAS) to grow medicinal herbs. Sadly GAS has closed its doors but the garden lives on. It’s currently growing wild and is situated in a very industrial area. Rather than let the landlord clear us off we hope to continue to maintain this little green refuge in the face of huge environmental degradation in urban areas. We are keen to grow as many pollinator friendly plants and flowers to create a wee nectar cafe to support the bees, insects and wildlife that visit this small green space. Looking for anyone who might enjoy this wee project !”(April 30, 2023, https://www.instagram.com/p/CroE2p7s-0R/)
◆Woodlands Community[Glasgow]

◆Golden Hill Community Garden[Bristol]

◆Socco Cheta Community Hub[Croydon, London]
*下記〈South Norwood Community Kitchen〉と連携

◆Elmington Community Gardens[Camberwell, London]
“A collective of Elmington Estate residents creating community gardens and restoring green space”


◇Shahid, Nimra, 2022, "The gal-dem Guide to Starting a Community Garden", gal-dem, March 7, 2022, (https://gal-dem.com/how-to-start-a-community-garden/).
“【Introduction】Climate change and our cost of living crisis have forced us to think differently about how we access our food and treat our planet. In England alone, 82% of the population live in urban areas, with little breathing space to embrace nature. But community gardens could offer a solution. So gal-dem has put together a guide on cultivating your own little patch of green…”
◇Phillips, J'Nae, 2022, "Can Allotments Save Britain's Neglected Communities?", gal-dem, February 25, 2022, (https://gal-dem.com/allotments-britains-neglected-communities/).
“【Caption】With food insecurity on the rise, and a lack of access to outdoor spaces for marginalised groups, are allotments the answer?”/“【Quot.】A lack of government assistance has led people to cultivate their own fresh food solutions, choosing to grow their own produce as an alternative way to source food. Allotments run by people from minority backgrounds can uplift overlooked and vulnerable communities by giving them equal access to fresh food and nature that those from more privileged backgrounds get to enjoy with relative ease.”
◇Cumberbatch, Aimée Grant, 2021, "Nature Is Healing: How Radical Gardening Offers a Future Free from Land Exploitation", gal-dem, October 31, 2021, (https://gal-dem.com/radical-gardening-land-exploitation/).
“【Caption】A new approach to tending green spaces is taking root, and it's regenerative, rule-breaking and welcoming of us all.”/“【Exordium】It was for good reason that farmer and food sovereignty activist Leah Penniman began her [2018] book Farming While Black with the Malcolm X quote: “Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equality.” During the pandemic, the privilege of access to green spaces where you can learn, grow and breathe was thrown into sharp relief. But for the most marginalised in society, especially Black people and people of colour, struggling to find green spaces is nothing new. Nor is it an accident.”
◇Turns, Anna, 2021, "'Revolutionary in a Quiet Way': The Rise of Community Gardens in the UK", Guardian, September 21, 2021, (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/sep/21/revolutionary-in-a-quiet-way-golden-hills-community-garden-in-bristol).
 *〈Golden Hill Community Garden〉[Bristol]
“【Caption】Royal Horticultural Society sets up first Community Awards as community gardens become more common”
◇Doak, Sam, 2021, "Community Growers Celebrate Stop Notice for Agnew Lane Developers", Greater Govanhill, June 11, 2021, (https://www.greatergovanhill.com/latest/community-growers-celebrate-stop-notice-for-agnew-lane-developers).
 *〈Agnew Lane Garden〉[Glasgow]
“【Caption】Local community groups are celebrating after Glasgow City Council served a temporary stop notice to developers attempting to demolish a community garden on the site.”
◇Duffy, Owen, 2013, "Govanhill's Guerrilla Gardeners Find Their Waste Ground Allotments Bulldozed", Guardian, November 15, 2013, (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/scotland-blog/2013/nov/15/scotland-glasgow-southseeds).
 *〈Agnew Lane Garden〉[Glasgow]
“【Caption】Three years ago, the South Seeds community campaign in Glasgow converted derelict ground in Govanhill into a thriving community garden and allotment, only to see it demolished without warning by its owners”
◇O'Neill, Cordelia, 2013, "Govanhill South Seed Community Garden Bulldozed After Landowner Clears Site", Daily Record, November 13, 2013, (https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/govanhill-south-seed-community-garden-2787679).
 *〈Agnew Lane Garden〉[Glasgow]
“【Caption】THE garden, in St Agnew Lane, had become an important resource for the local community, but it was destroyed when Hunter Homes LLP moved to build on the land.”



◆South Norwood Community Kitchen[Croydon]
*上記〈Socco Cheta Community Hub〉と連携
◇South Norwood Community Kitchen (@norwoodkitchen)
[2022年8月8日16:25*現地 https://twitter.com/norwoodkitchen/status/1556662781537026048]
“#allotmentpower #communityallotment #allotmentsunited”/“Thank you to everyone dropping off their beautiful produce from their allotments”
◇South Norwood Community Kitchen (@norwoodkitchen)
[2022年8月11日21:39*現地 https://twitter.com/norwoodkitchen/status/1557829035987636224]
“Here’s our wonderful Ian who is running our gardening club ‘flower power’ growing food for our community every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm @Soccochetahub Open to everyone and all abilities - you will also have to opportunity to learn basic woodwork skills.”
◇South Norwood Community Kitchen(@norwoodkitchen)
[2022年8月30日15:31*現地 https://twitter.com/norwoodkitchen/status/1564621953494880259]
◇South Norwood Community Kitchen(@norwoodkitchen)
[2023年2月1日21:51*現地 https://twitter.com/norwoodkitchen/status/1620902804327112707]
“【Quot.】Rebecca from Hair4change is working with us to deliver free haircuts for all hair types every Tuesday between 12 and 4!”
◇South Norwood Community Kitchen(@norwoodkitchen)
[2022年9月14日15:58*現地 https://twitter.com/norwoodkitchen/status/1570064485498650624]
“【Quot.】We have daily volunteer opportunities from helping out at the community cafe, maintaining our edible gardens to our big Saturday get togethers entertaining the crowds and ensuring people get what they need.”
◇South Norwood Community Kitchen(@norwoodkitchen)
[2023年4月3日15:46*現地 https://twitter.com/norwoodkitchen/status/1642901426555830277]
“【Quot.】What do you need to build a powerful community? seeds, soil, good people, good food and a big ol' pot to cook it in.”

◆Homegrown in Tottenham[Tottenham]
◇https://twitter.com/HaringeyHousing/status/1569635487630991366[2022年9月13日11:33/Haringey Housing Action Group(@HaringeyHousing)]
◇lola olufemi(@lolaolufemi_)
[2022年9月11日11:21*現地 https://twitter.com/lolaolufemi_/status/1568907567610433536]
“【Quot.】@WeAreHomegrown a community-run kitchen, saturday school & social space for young children & their families in Tottenham Hale were evicted by @NHGhousing on 29/08.|Rose & Emma have since occupied the space & HG is demanding a permanent, accessible location in Tottenham Hale.”
◇Homegrown in Tottenham(@WeAreHomegrown)
[2022年9月10日14:22*現地 https://twitter.com/WeAreHomegrown/status/1568590750132338690]
“【Quot.】We’ll be here until 4. Banner making, food hub, tea & coffees for the community. We’ve had so many beautiful conversations with residents already. Even without a fixed space, we are here and connecting.”
◇Homegrown in Tottenham(@WeAreHomegrown)
[2022年8月26日13:18*現地 https://twitter.com/WeAreHomegrown/status/1563138778751189004]
“【Quot.】We’re Homegrown in Tottenham. We run a free Saturday school, community kitchen, food hub, social space and advocacy service. We bring together kids, young people, their families, & everyone else in our community. We’re here to challenge our upcoming eviction by @nhghousing.”

◆Kairos Women+[Paisley, Renfrewshire(Scotland)]


◇Braga Bizarria, Maria Teresa, Marcela Palomino-Schalscha and Polly Stupples, 2022, "Community Gardens as Feminist Spaces: A More-Than-Gendered Approach to Their Transformative Potential", Geography Compass, 16(2): e12608, (https://doi.org/10.1111/gec3.12608).
“【Abstract】Finally, the paper suggests that community gardens can be conceptualised as feminist spaces, given their fluidity and capacity to enable critical perspectives in volunteers, which may result in alternative forms of political action. The paper concludes with suggestions for further critical research on UA spaces.”


◇Martin, Annabel, 2022, "Sarah Chelsom: Handing Out Sausage Rolls and Blasting Reggae from Her Mobility Scooter", Eastlondonlines, December 19, 2022, (https://www.eastlondonlines.co.uk/2022/12/sarah-chelsom-handing-out-sausage-rolls-and-blasting-reggae-from-her-mobility-scooter/).
 *〈South Norwood Community Kitchen〉[Croydon]
“【Quot.】Chelsom is a DJ and works at South Norwood Community Kitchen, located in the Socco Cheta community hub on Portland Road. Socco Cheta is run in conjunction with Croydon United Domino Football Club and the building has been owned by the Domino’s since the seventies. With the help of a grant from the council, South Norwood Community Kitchen moved into the space five months ago. Around 40 volunteers work at the kitchen, some of whom were originally guests.”
◇Kemp-Habib, Alice, 2022, "Vital Community Group Pushed Out by Property Developer", Haringey Community Press, August 26, 2022, (https://haringeycommunitypress.co.uk/vital-community-group-pushed-out-by-property-developer).
 *〈Homegrown in Tottenham〉[Tottenham]
“【Caption】Homegrown in Tottenham has been evicted with barely two months notice”/“【Exordium】A community group is being evicted from its space in Tottenham Hale, as property developers prepare to build on the site.|Homegrown in Tottenham has run a community kitchen, food bank and Saturday school from a meanwhile-use project called Grow Tottenham since 2018. They provide advocacy and advice to those who need it, assisting with application forms and appeals from the site in Ashley Road, N17. Throughout August, Homegrown hosted a weekly summer school, including a film club, pop-up classroom and cookery lessons. During the cost of living crisis, it has proved an invaluable resource for those on a low-income in particular.”
◇Keller, Hadley, 2022, "The Lasting Legacy of Black Garden Clubs in America", House Beautiful, July 15, 2022, (https://www.housebeautiful.com/lifestyle/gardening/a40613881/black-garden-clubs-america-history/). *映像あり
“【Caption】In honor of the 90th anniversary of one of the country's earliest Black garden clubs, experts look back at the important work of these organizations, which reaches far outside the garden plot.”/“【Exordium】On April 22, 1932, at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, seven community garden clubs joined forces to found the Negro Garden Club of Virginia (later known as the Virginia Garden Clubs). This group grew and grew―eventually becoming one of the nation's largest Black garden clubs, comprising over 60 chapters across the state. Ninety years later, Philadelphia's Morris Arboretum celebrated the anniversary of this original confluence this April with the Ethel Early Clark Symposium (named for the Club's first president), a gathering of garden and horticultural experts who made the case that the mission and impact of the Club―and others like it―remain deeply relevant today.”
◇Inside Croydon, 2022, "Community Kitchen's Cooking up a Storm in South Norwood", Inside Croydon, July 7, 2022, (https://insidecroydon.com/2022/07/07/community-kitchens-cooking-up-a-storm-in-south-norwood/).
 *〈South Norwood Community Kitchen〉[Croydon]
“【Exordium】After six years of what they describe as community activism through food, cooking up and delivering tens of thousands of meals to the elderly, the poor and anyone who wanted some decent food, the South Norwood Community Kitchen has finally moved into permanent premises, embarking on the next stage of their admirable project.”
◇Ivey, Christina, 2022, "The gal-dem Guide to Creating a Community Kitchen", gal-dem, July 4, 2022, https://gal-dem.com/gal-dem-guide-how-to-start-community-kitchen/).
“【Introduction】As the cost of living crisis worsens across the UK, more and more people are struggling to put food on the table. The number of food-insecure households has doubled since January 2020, while food bank usage has grown exponentially under successive Tory governments, from under 70,000 food bank users in 2010 to more than two million in 2021. People with children, or on Universal Credit, disabled people and people of colour are particularly worse off.”



◆〈Right to Roam〉
“Campaigning for the Right to Roam and free, fair and informed access to nature throughout England. Act as if you're already free. […] Join us!”
◆〈Aylesbury Trees group〉[London](*関連組織:〈Fight4Aylesbury〉→


◇Proehl, Ariana, 2022, "'Welcome Black to the Land': Inside Sonoma County's First Afro-Indigenous Permaculture Farm", KQED, August 1, 2022, (https://www.kqed.org/news/11921034/welcome-black-to-the-land-inside-sonoma-countys-first-afro-indigenous-permaculture-farm).
 *農場 *人種 *先住民 *米:カリフォルニア州ソノマ郡
“One of the first things you see when you approach the driveway of EARTHseed Farm in Sebastopol is a yellow, hand-painted sign that reads “Welcome Black to the Land.” It’s an intentional message that speaks to the vision held by EARTHseed’s founder Pandora Thomas: a farm that serves as a place of refuge and healing for the Afro-Indigenous community.”
◇Tiayon, Shanna B., 2020, "Living off the Land: The New Sisterhood of Black Female Homesteaders", Guardian, July 31, 2020, (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/31/living-off-the-land-the-new-sisterhood-of-black-female-homesteaders).
 *フェミニズム *人種 *農場 *土地
“【Caption】From the South Side of Chicago to tiny Carolina farms, a growing number of Black women are reclaiming the land ― and their wellbeing”/“【Quot.】Beyond this shared intention, these women’s stories are connected in their origins ― experiences with trauma as Black women in the US and a decision to return to the land for healing: sisters of the soil, victors of their destiny.”

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