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■Achievements by Members of the Research Center for Ars Vivendi

TATEIWA Shin'ya & HOTTA Yoshitaro June 10, 2012 Differences and Equalities: Disability and Care / Paid Work and Unpaid Work, Seidosha, 342+17p. ISBN-10:4791766458 ISBN-13: 978-4791766451 2400 + tax [amazon][kinokuniya]

Differences and Equalities: Disability and Care / Paid Work and Unpaid Work

SAITO Taku March 31, 2012 "Basic Income as a Policy Goal"
Core Ethics 8:149-159 [Abstract in English (PDF)]

SAITO Taku March 31, 2012 "Liberal Neutrality and Limited Governments: The Minimization of Social Minimum Policy Regime and the Maximization of Basic Income"
Core Ethics 8:161-170 [Abstract in English (PDF)]

NOZAKI Yasunobu June 30, 2011 Toward the Ethics of Life Affirmation: From a Perspective of Disability Studies, Hakutakusha, 216p. ISBN-10: 4768479391 ISBN-13: 978-4768479391 2310 [amazon][kinokuniya]

Toward the Ethics of Life Affirmation: From a Perspective of Disability Studies

TATEIWA Shin'ya October 1, 2010 "Taking from the Big Pile and Adding to the Small - Giving to Those who Need More," Gekkan Komei 2010-10:42-47

TATEIWA Shin'ya August 1, 2010 "Basic Income: Income Guarantee System which Provides the Same Amount of Money for Anybody,"  Chuo Koron 2010-8 (Published on July 10) Feature: The 50 Books to Understand this Summer's Trends (Tentative)

KOBAYASHI Hayato July 2, 2010 "The Effects of U.S. Workfare Policies on Japanese Welfare Reform: A Vision for Basic Income in Japan," 13th International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Gendai Shiso 38-8(2010-6) June 1, 2010
 Cover Stories "Basic Income: Its Demanders"
 Seidosha, 229p. ISBN-10: 4791712145 ISBN-13: 978-4791712144 1,300 yen [amazon][kinokuniya] ※
『現代思想』38-8(2010-6)   201005 特集=ベーシックインカム 要求者たち

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki June 1, 2010 "From Remainder to Niche: Social Defense of Basic Income as Social Welfare" Gendai Shiso 38-(2010-6):110-118

TATEIWA Shin'ya June 1, 2010 "Serial Article: No. 55 Continuation of Basic Income," Gendai Shiso 38-(2010-6):38-49 Article (Japanese)

KOBAYASHI Hayato June 1, 2010 "Job Assistance, Income Security and Workshare: Based on the Welfare Policy of the U.S," Gendai Shiso 38-(2010-6):182-95

TATEIWA Shin'ya June 1, 2010 "Minimum? Around the Sole Life 2", Monthly Welfare 2010-6:60-61

KOBAYASHI Hayato May 29, 2010 "Consideration of Issues over Basic Income and Labor: Based on the History of Workfare," The 8th Annual Convention of Japan Welfare Sociology Association, Kyushu Univbersity

SAITO Taku May 21, 2010 "Basic Income and Abundant Societies: Realizing the Fact that "Needs Are Variable"", Kyoto Shimbun 2010-5-21:14

TATEIWA Shin'ya and SAITO Taku April 10, 2010 Basic Income: Possibility of the Minimal State that Distributes, Seidosha, ISBN-10: 4791765257 ISBN-13: 978-4791765256 2310 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ bi.

◆January 25, 2010 The Second Workshop with Professor Philippe Van Parijs
Soshikan 4th Floor, 401/402, Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

◆Van Parijs, Philippe 1995 Real Freedom for All-What (if Anything) Can Justify Capitalism?, Oxford University Press.
=Translation by GOTOH Reiko and SAITO Taku, December 10, 2009 Basic Income no Tetsugaku-Subete no Hito ni Riaru na Jiyu wo Keiso Shobo, 494p. ISBN-10: 432610192X ISBN-13: 978-4326101924 6,000 yen [amazon][kinokuniya] ※
Real Freedom for All: What (If Anything) Can Justify Capitalism?

SAITO Taku March 31, 2009 "Why Do Basic Income Advocates Support Basic Income?: Comments on Pragmatic and Principled Cases for Basic Income" Core Ethics vol.5:149-160 [Abstract in English]

TATEIWA Shin'ya, BITO Hiroki & OKAMOTO Atsushi March 10, 2009 The Right to Live, Tokyo, Doseisha, 141p. ISBN-10:4886214789 ISBN-13:978-4886214782 1,470yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya]
The Right to Live

SAITO Taku December 30, 2008 "Objection to MIYADAI and HORIUCHI from a BI Supporter: Basic Income Theory of Libertarian"
 http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/acd/gr/gsce/d/b03m.htm (Japanese)

GOTOH Reiko 2006, "Welfare Reform based on Capability Theory and Public Reciprocity: An Idea of Reformulation of Basic Income," The 2006 Annual Meeting of the Human Development and Capability Association, Groningen, Netherlands, 29 August - 1 September 2006.

TATEIWA Shin'ya July 7, 2006 Questions to Professor Philippe Van Parijs
Workshop with Professor Philippe VAN PARIJS, Ritsumeikan University

◆July 7, 2006 Workshop with Professor Philippe VAN PARIJS
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki July 10, 2006 Philosophy of the "Losers" (Japanese), Jinbunshoin, 194p. ISBN:4409040790 1680 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※,
Philosophy of the

SAITO Taku March 31, 2006 "Basic Income vs. Basic Capital" Core Ethics Vol.2:115-128 [Abstract in English]

■Other Books & Writings

◆VANDERBORGHT Yannick & YAMAMORI Toru (Eds.) October 2014 Basic Income in Japan: Prospects for a Radical Idea in a Transforming Welfare State, Palgrave Macmillan, 275p. ISBN-10: 113735657X ISBN-13: 978-1137356574 [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

◆DANAHER John February 2014 "Sex Work, Technological Unemployment and the Basic Income Guarantee," Journal of Evolution and Technology 24(1) :113-130

◆HIRANO Hiroya 2012 " The Potential of Introducing Basic Income for the“New Public Commons” in Japan: A Road to Associational Welfare State? "

◆HARADA Yutaka September 19, 2011 "OPINION: A Basic Income scheme will eliminate poverty in Japan: Ensuring Basic Incomes for All Rather Than Welfare Public Assistance"

◆YAMAMORI Toru October 15, 2010 "Neoliberals And The Radical Left Are In The Same Basic Income Boat: Is The Debate In Japan An Exception Or Is There A Universal Rationale Behind It?," Presentation at the Lunch Seminar on the 15th of October 2010, with Thierry Ribault as a discussant at 日仏会館

◆MIYAMOTO Taro November 21, 2009 Life Security: Toward the Society that does not Eliminate, Iwanami Shoten, 234p. ISBN-10: 4004312167 ISBN-13: 978-4004312161 840yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

◆MOGI Kenichiro "Basic Income," The Qualia Journal

◆YAMAMORI Toru February 20, 2009 Introduction to Basic Income: Considering Basic Income with Unconditional Benefits, Kobunsha, 296p. ISBN-10: 4334034926 ISBN-13: 978-4334034924 882yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

◆WERNER Götz 2007 Einkommen für alle. Der dm-Chef über die Machbarkeit das bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens, Luebbe Verlagsgruppe

◆WERNER Götz 2006 Ein Grund für die Zukunft : Das Grundeinkommen,Stuttgart : Freies Geistesleben,128p

◆YAMAMORI Toru & Tanaka Soichiro 2006 "Recognition and Basic Income in the case of Japan," Mansfred Fuellsack (Ed.) Globale soziale Sicherheit: Grundeinkommen-weltweit?, Berlin, AvinusVerlag.

◆ACKERMAN Bruce et al. 2006 Redesigning Distribution: Basic Income and Stakeholder Grants As Alternative Cornerstones for a More Egalitarian Capitalism (The Real Utopias Project), Verso Books, illustrated edition; ISBN-10: 1844675173 ISBN-13: 978-1844675173 [amazon]

◆YAMAMORI Toru, 2004, "Basic Income and Capability Approach: On Recognition and Deconstruction for Difference,"31 July 2004 version for the BIEN 10th Congress, 19-20 September 2004, Barcelona.

◆HUBER Joseph October 6 & 7, 2000 "Funding Basic Income by Seigniorage", the Basic Income European Network 8th Congress

◆FITZPATRICK Tony 1999 Freedom and Security: An Introduction to the Basic Income Debate, Macmillan Press

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◆"Why Should We Support the Idea of an Unconditional Basic Income?: An answer to a growing question of the 21st century"

◆May 5, 2015 "Krugman's Argument In Favor Of A Universal Basic Income" (Forbes)

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◆November 12, 2013 "Everyone's Talking About This Simple Solution To Ending Poverty By Just Giving People Free Money" (Business Insider

◆October 17, 2010 "Utopia Means Free Money for Everyone" (Japan Times

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◆August 8, 2009 "New Party Nippon Pledges 'Basic Income' for All" (The Japan Times

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