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AMADA Josuke
ARAKI Shigetsugu
HOTTA Yoshitaro
ISHIDA Hiroshi
KAGAMI Katsuhiro
KOTSUJI Hisanori
LEE Wook
MAKI Masako
NISHI Masahiko
NOZAKI Yasunobu

Our Study Groups

Study Group on Aging
Study Group on Aging from the Viewpoint of Historical Sociology


TATEIWA Shin'ya November 13, 2015@The End of Mental Hospital Regime: In the Age of DementiaCSeidosha, 433p.@ISBN-10: 4791768884@ISBN-13: 978-4791768882@2800+@mamazonn^mkinokuniyan

KOBAYASHi Muneyuki & TANIMURA Hitomi@(Eds.) February 20, 2013 Questioning Aging in Postwar Japan, Report Issued by Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University, Vol.19, 153p. ISSN 1882-6539

MAKI Masako@September 30, 2012 Repeal of Deduction for the Elderly and Health-care Insurance Reform: Verification of "Earnings-related System" of the National Health Insurance Fees (Taxes), Bunrikaku, 193p.@ISBN-10:4892596914@ISBN-13:978-4892596919; 2,000 yen + tax [amazon]^[kinokuniya]

Repeal of Deduction for the Elderly and Health-care Insurance Reform: Verification of

NAKAGUCHI Michiko March 31, 2012 "Regarding Issues Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy: Application of PEG for Elderly People with Dementia"
Core Ethics 8:291-303@[PDF]

SHIBUYA Terumi March 31, 2012 "Care Workers and Home Helpers as the Origin of Elderly Care: Activities at Elderly Nursing Homes"
Core Ethics 8:195-206@[PDF]

AMADA Josuke September 25, 2011 Discovery of Aging and Frailty, Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan Publishing, 256. ISBN-10:4047034959@ISBN-13: 978-4047034952@1890@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]

Discovery of Aging and Frailty

NISHI Masahiko September 25, 2011 Terminal Life: Scenery of Terminal Phase, Sakuhin-sha, 348. ISBN-10:4861823528@ISBN-13: 978-4861823527@3780@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]

KOBAYASHI Muneyuki and KOTSUJI Hisanori May 25, 2011 "The Issues of Missing Elderly in Newspapers," Ars Vivendi 4: 208-219

NISHIZAWA Izumi@March 31, 2011@"A Historical Examination of the Role of the Initiative of Residents in Community-based Healthcare: The Case of Shiramine Clinic / Horikawa Hospital in Kyoto"
Core Ethics 7:211-221@[PDF]

KOTSUJI Hisanori@March 31, 2011@"Analysis of Perspectives on Social Isolation of Elderly People"
Core Ethics 7:109-119@[PDF]

KOTSUJI Hisanori & KOBAYASHI Muneyuki@March 31, 2011@"History of News Reports on Lonely Death"
Core Ethics 7:121-130@[PDF]

AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin, 522p. ISBN-10: 4903690733@ISBN-13: 9784903690735@3150 [amazon]^[kinokuniya]

Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging

KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro March 25, 2011 "Introduction," pp.3-18@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

SHIBUYA Terumi March 25, 2011 "How Has Home Care Welfare Labor Been Conducted?: Focusing on Labor Practice Conducted by Home Helpers from the Second Half of 1950s to 1980s," pp.30-89@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

MAKI Masako March 25, 2011 "The Current Health Care System Reform Accompanied with Tax System Revision for the Elderly since 1980s," pp.90-125@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Policies and History of Aging," pp.126-147@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Economics of Medical Nation in Postwar Japanese Society," pp.148-175@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

TAJIMA Akiko March 25, 2011 "Examination of "QOL" in Japanese Rehabilitation: Pursuing Scaffold of Rehabilitation Beyond Subjective / Objective Views," pp.178-216@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

ARIYOSHI Reiko March 25, 2011 "Movement and Fruits of Those Who Are Living with Artificial Kidney: Creating New Systems for Living," pp.217-269@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

KITAMURA Kentaro March 25, 2011 "Patients' Movements and Development of Systems of Patients with Hemophilia in 1970s: Obtaining Pubic Funds and the Course to Official Approval of Self-injection," pp.270-302@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

HOTTA Yoshitaro March 25, 2011 "Socialization Theory of Care and Liberalism: Theory of Distribution of Care and Division of Labor," pp.303-348@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Detention to Surplus of Family and Residue of Security: (Un)production of Family and Policies over Aging in the Postwar Period," pp.349-372@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Governance of "Fragile Lives": Difficulties in "Application" of Theory of Governance to Elderly Care," pp.374-412@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Overlapping Scream: We Live with / Leave from Families to Live," pp.413-437@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Turning "Generation" into a System of Thought: Receiving "Conflicts between Generations" and Questioning them," pp.438-465@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Considering Society where Date and Place Are Impressed: Several Issues that Academics Should Deal with," pp.466-480@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Those who Touch the Bottom Lose Voices and Provides Voices: Cruel Knots over "Aging and Frailty,"" pp.481-507@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging," pp.508-518@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke March 25, 2011 "Afterword," pp.519-522@AMADA Josuke, KITAMURA Kentaro & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.)@March 25, 2011 Governing Aging: Policies and History of Aging Seikatsu Shoin

AMADA Josuke October 15, 2010 "Those who Are Touching the Bottom Lose Voices and Provides Voices: Cruel Knots of 'Aging and Frailty'," MIYAUCH Hiroshi & YOSHII Hiroaki (Eds.)@Sociology of "Involved Persons": Through Encounters in Research, Kitaohji Shobo, 207+xvip.@ISBN-10:4762827304@ISBN-13: 978-4762827303@2940 yen@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]

KAGAMI Katsuhiro March 31, 2010@"From 'Prevention of Becoming Bedridden' to 'Prevention of Long-term Care'," Core Ethics 6:109-119 [PDF]/ [Abstract in English]

SHIBUYA Terumi March 31, 2010 "A Study on the Creation of the Home Helper System as a New Home Care Welfare Labor and Workforce Supply Policy," Core Ethics 6: 241-251 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

TAJIMA Akiko March 31, 2010 "Transformation and Formation of Theory and Research on Occupational Therapy for Elderly with Dementia: Analysis of Rehabilitation Magazines of the 1980s and 1990s," Core Ethics 6:265-276 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

MAKI Masako March 31, 2010 "The Concept of "Elderly with an Income Level of Active Workers" in the Medical Care System for the Elderly: A Historical Study on Changes in the State's Contribution Caused by the Medical Reform of 2006," Core Ethics 6: 375-384

AMADA Josuke March 10, 2010@Sociology of 'Aging and Frailty' (Enlarged and Revised Edition)CTaga ShuppanCvi+683p. ISBN-10: 4811575717 ISBN-13: 978-4811575711 4,200yen@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]

MAKI Masako March 31, 2009 "Influence of Abolition of Old Age Deduction: In View of Tax System Revisions by the Ruling Party in 2004" Core Ethics 5:283-292 [abstract] (http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/acd/gr/gsce/ce/ce5engtext.htm#24)

AMADA Josuke, TATEIWA Shinya, OTANI Izumi, KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki & HOTTA Yoshitaro February 25, 2009 "Critical Point of Ars Vivendi (3)" (Round Table Discussion) , Ars Vivendi 1 :236-264

HOTTA Yoshitaro February 25, 2009 "Socialization of Care and Marginalization of Publicness", Ars Vivendi 1:265-278

ARIYOSHI Reiko February 25, 2009 "Medical Insurance System: Scheme Viewed from Policies in 1972 and 1973", Ars Vivendi 1:293-307

TAJIMA Akiko February 25, 2009 "Rehabilitation with/of "Bedridden Aged People": Especially after 1990", Ars Vivendi 1:308-347

AMADA Josuke May 9, 2008 "People's Practice and its History over Being Old and Weakening: on Ironic and Dangerous Situation Appearing as a Result of Saving Ourselves"
UENO Chizuko, OKUMA Yukiko, OSAWA Mari, JINNO Naohiko & SOEDA Yoshiya (Eds.) Care (Care: Its Thoughts and Practice (Total 6 Volumes) Volume 2, Iwanami Shoten
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bp17.html (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke March 30, 2008 "Ethics of Old Age: From/To Capability that Portrays Old Age," Issued by Japanese Society for Ethics, Rinrigaku Nenpo 57, 63-78 http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bpp48.html (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke March 1, 2008 "Structure of Economy of Donation of Death and Price: Older People's Strategies of Living"
Gendai Shiso 36-3(2008-3):82-101

AMADA Josuke November 1, 2007 "Aging No.7" (In the Middle of Sensitivity of the World No.7)
Kangogaku Zasshi 71-11(2007-11):-(Igaku Shoin) http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bs07-7.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke October 2007 "Aging that Death Abandons: Serious Conditions and Logics that Fights off Ethics"
Igaku Tetsugaku Igaku Rinri24
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bpp40.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke October 1, 2007 "Aging No.6" (In the Middle of Sensitivity of the World No.6)
Kangogaku Zasshi 71-10 (2007-10) (Igaku Shoin)
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bs07-6.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke September 10, 2007 "Aging Bodies: Where is the Boundary of Differences of Bodies?"
TASC MONTHLY (Issued by TASK) September 2007 Issue (No.381)
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bpp42.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke September 1, 2007 "Aging No.5" (In the Middle of Sensitivity of the World No.5)
Kangogaku Zasshi 71-09 (2007-09) Igaku Shoin http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bs07-5.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke August 1, 2007 "Aging No.4" (In the Middle of Sensitivity of the World No.4)
Kangogaku Zasshi 71-08 (2007-08) Igaku Shoin http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bs07-4.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke July 1, 2007 "Aging No.3" (In the Middle of Sensitivity of the World No.3)
Kangogaku Zasshi 71-07 (2007-07) Igaku Shoin http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bs07-3.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke June 1, 2007 "Aging No.2" (In the Middle of Sensitivity of the World No.2)
Kangogaku Zasshi 71-06 (2007-06) Igaku Shoin http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bs07-2.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke May 1, 2007 "Aging No.1" (In the Middle of Sensitivity of the World No.1)
Kangogaku Zasshi 71-05 (2007-05) Igaku Shoin http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bs07-1.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke January 30, 2007 Sociology of Aging and Frailty (Trade Edition), Taga Shuppan, 606p. ISBN: 4-8115-6362-X 5250yen [amazon]/[boople] (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke September 30, 2006 "Questions to/from Aging: From the Horizon of Sociology of Aging" http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bp12.htm (Japanese)
HORI Shigeo (Ed) September 30, 2006 Development of Educational Aging Studies, Gakubunsha, 236p. ISBN-10: 4762015911 ISBN-13: 978-4762015915 2730yen [amazon]/[boople] (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke March 30, 2004 Freedom for the Frail Elderly: Social Theory of the Elderly Care from the User's Viewpoints, Harvestsha, 394p. ISBN: 4-938551-68-3 3800yen [amazon]/[boople]/[bk1] (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke November 10, 2003 "Removal of Diapers"/"Year of the International Aged"/"Early Dementia"/"The 100 Year-old Aged"/"Leisure"/"Retirement Community"/"Public Expenditure System of Medical Bill for the Elderly"/"Old Age", http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bp5.htm
AKIMOTO Miyo, FUJIMURA Masayuki, OSHIMA Iwao, MORIMOTO Yoshiki, SHIBANO Matsujiro & YAMAGATA Fumiharu (eds.) The Yuhikaku Dictionary of Social Welfare (Japanese), Yuhikaku, 549p. ISBN-10: 4641002622 ISBN-13: 978-4641002623 4095yen [amazon]/[boople] (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke February 28, 2003 Sociology of Aging and Frailty, Taga Shuppan, 595p. ISBN: 4-8115-6361-1 8925yen [amazon]/[boople]/[bk1]

Achievements at Conferences, Workshops etc.

TAJIMA Akiko, NAKAGUCHI Michiko & AMADA Josuke June 20 2008 Poster Presentation "Point for Occupational Therapists' Supporting Life of the Elderly with Dementia: Referring to Academic Journals Issued by Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists from 2000 through 2007" (Japanese)
The 42nd Japanese Ocuupational Therapy and Expo, Nagasaki

AMADA Josuke December 6, 2007 "Society over Aging"
"Special Lecture on Modern Sociology", Graduate School of Integrated Human and Social Welfare Studies at Shukutoku University, Shukutoku University
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bsp071206.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke November 19, 2007 "Aging that Death Abandons No.3"
Study Group on Aging and Death, University of Hawaii at Manoa
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bsp071119.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke October 14, 2007 "Preface of Sociology of "Ethics of Aging""
The 58th Annual Convention of the Japanese Society for Ethics, Common Issues: Symposium on "Aging", Niigata University
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bsp071014.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke September 8, 2007 Chairperson of "Care and Support between Generations"
The 17th Annual Convention of Japan Society of Family Sociology, Sapporo Gakuin University
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bsp070908.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke August 2, 2007 "Making Different Bodies Be Sociology: Focusing on Aging, Disability and Disease"
Study Group on Stigma and Normalization, Osaka Prefecture University
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bsp070802.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke May 20, 2007 Chairperson of "Care for the Aged"
The 33rd Annual Convention of the Japanese Society of Health and Medical Sociology, Niigata University of Health and Welfare
http://www.josukeamada.com/bk/bsp070520.htm (Japanese)

AMADA Josuke April 7, 2007 "Difficulties over Aging: How Was what Questioned?"
Construction of "Ars Vivendi", Saturday Lecture, Ritsumeikan University


July 14, 2015 (Tue) Lecture by Prof. Masami Takahashi, Questioning "Anti-aging": Wrinkle Reduction without Getting Old? How Should We Think about Aging?, Ritsumeikan University
June 6, 2010 (Sun) Public Event of Research Center for Ars Vivendi on the Homecoming Day of Ritsumeikan University "Living with Aging in Japan", Ritsumeikan University
December 27, 2008 (Sat) The 20th Study Group on Care of Dementia, Ritsumeikan University
September 20, 2008 (Sat) The 19th Study Group on Care of Dementia, Ritsumeikan University
September 14, 2008 (Sun) The 6th Study Group on Aging, Ritsumeikan University
May 25, 2008 (Sun) The 5th Study Group on Aging, Ritsumeikan University
June 30, 2007 (Sat) Study Group on Aging, Ritsumeikan University
April 7, 2007 (Sat) Saturday Lecture at Ritsumeikan University: "Construction of "Ars Vivendi": Towards the World Living with Disabilities, Aging, Illness and Differences"

Theme-related Links

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19th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology & Geriatrics July 5 - 9, 2009
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Annual Health, Labour and Welfare Report 2007-2008
Annual Reports on Health and Welfare 1998-1999 Social Security and National Life
Arizona Center on Aging
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University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community
University of Maryland Center on Aging
WVU Center on Aging

Newspaper Articles

October 24, 2015@"Survey Finds People Divided in Their Opinions about Life with Dementia" iThe Japan Timesj

October 19, 2015@"An Increasingly Bitter Battle of the Ages Brews in Japan" iThe Japan Timesj

October 16, 2015@"Does Fungus Cause Alzheimerfs?" iThe Japan Timesj

October 15, 2015@"Protein Thought Vital to Alzheimerfs Treatment Identified" iThe Japan Timesj

October 9, 2015@"Abe Counts on Kato to Reverse Sliding Birthrate, Labor Exodus in Aging Japan" iThe Japan Timesj

October 5, 2015@"A New Vision for Healthy Aging" iThe Japan Timesj

October 3, 2015@"Economizing on Medical Spending" iThe Japan Timesj

September 29, 2015@"Japanfs Cheap Debt, Aging Population Prompt Ex-banker to Shift Focus" iThe Japan Timesj

September 25, 2015@"Abe to Create New Ministerial Post to Tackle Key Social Issues" iThe Japan Timesj

September 4, 2015@"Japanfs Medical Spending to Top ?40 Trillion in Fiscal 2014" iThe Japan Timesj

September 1, 2015@"The Future Is Gray for the Developed World" iThe Japan Timesj

August 27, 2015@"Global Life Expectancy Rises, but People Live Sicker for Longer" iThe Japan Timesj

August 25, 2015@"Dementia Cases by 2050 to Be Nearly Triple Todayfs Tally, Report Forecasts" iThe Japan Timesj

August 21, 2015@"Dementia May Be Stabilizing in Some Countries: Study" iThe Japan Timesj

August 17, 2015@"South Korea Comes Full Circle in One Generation as Aging Crisis Looms" iThe Japan Timesj

August 15, 2015@"Research on Brain Disorders Leads to Superclever Mice" iThe Japan Timesj

August 2, 2015@"Aging Hibakusha Pass on Witness Accounts to Younger Storytellers" iThe Japan Timesj

July 7, 2015@"Signs of Aging Appear in Mid-20s, Study Finds" iThe Japan Timesj

May 16, 2015@"Is Japan Becoming Extinct?" iThe Japan Timesj

April 29, 2015@"Is There Life after Death for Japanfs Aging Women?" iThe Japan Timesj

April 24, 2015@"Loyalty to 1960s Machine Shows Risk from Japanfs Aging Factories" iThe Japan Timesj

April 23, 2015@"Japan Lifts Pilot Age Limit to 67 amid Asian Shortage" iThe Japan Timesj

April 17, 2015@"Seniors Grow to 26% of Population as Japan Shrinks for Fourth Year Straight" iThe Japan Timesj

March 19, 2015@"Aging Population, Reform Taking a Toll on LDP" iThe Japan Timesj

February 10, 2015@"Robots and Foreigners Are the Answer as Japanfs Population Ages, Says Investor Sawakami" iThe Japan Timesj

February 5, 2015@"Better Life for Dementia Sufferers" iThe Japan Timesj

January 22, 2015@"Aging Japanese Prove Rich Pickings for Investment Fraud" iThe Japan Timesj

December 17, 2014@"Expert on Aging Forms Research Group on Muscle Loss" iThe Japan Timesj

December 9, 2014@"Aging Brings Gray Hair c and Greater Happiness" iThe Japan Timesj

November 23, 2014@"Japan Sanctioning Mass eSlave Laborf by Duping Foreign Trainees, Observers Say" iThe Japan Timesj

November 23, 2014@"Foreign Workers in Demand amid Tourism Surge" iThe Japan Timesj

November 14, 2014@"Experts Urge Japan to Step up Dementia Care" iThe Japan Timesj

October 8, 2014@"Mobile Truck Stores Filling Void in Shrinking Suburbs" iThe Japan Timesj

September 26, 2014@"In Praise of What Looks Like Chinafs New Norm" iThe Japan Timesj

September 16, 2014@"In Japan, Grave Times for the Tombstone Trade" iThe Japan Timesj

September 14, 2014@"Ministry Estimate Says Elderly Account for Record 25.9% of Population" iThe Japan Timesj

August 19, 2014@"Kewpie Adapts Its Menu to Feed a Graying Nation" iThe Japan Timesj

August 4, 2014@"The Elderly who Need Help" iThe Japan Timesj

August 3, 2014@"Europe May Have Weathered Financial Storm, but Aging Society Will Need Structural Reform" iThe Japan Timesj

July 24, 2014@"Chinafs Aging Millions See Bleak Future Ahead" iThe Japan Timesj

July 4, 2014@"Japanese Scientists Find Aging Cure for Flowers" iThe Japan Timesj

June 8, 2014@"Elderly with Dementia Increasingly Targeted in Consumer Fraud" iThe Japan Timesj

June 6, 2014@"More than 250 People with Dementia Missing in Japan" iThe Japan Timesj

May 24, 2014@"Getting Past the Stigma of Dementia" iThe Japan Timesj

May 21, 2014@"Caring for Dementia Sufferers" iThe Japan Timesj

May 20, 2014@"Aging Japanese-Brazilians Facing Challenges" iThe Japan Timesj

May 16, 2014@"Aging, Crowded China Instigates Funereal Revolution: Burial at Sea" iThe Japan Timesj

May 14, 2014@"Elderly Woman Found after 7 Years" iThe Japan Timesj

May 11, 2014@"S. Koreafs Economy and the Elderly" iThe Japan Timesj

April 15, 2014@"Japan Population Drops for Third Year Straight; 25% Are Elderly" iThe Japan Timesj

April 10, 2014@"Senile Seniors Challenge Japan Inc." iThe Japan Timesj

March 30, 2014@"Documentary Shines Light on New Dementia Therapy" iThe Japan Timesj

March 25, 2014@"Government Plans to Cut Number of Elderly Kept Alive on Feeding Tubes" iThe Japan Timesj

March 13, 2014@"Aging 3/11 Foster Folks Facing Health Worries" iThe Japan Timesj

February 27, 2014@"Stroke Prevention Drug Found to Slow Mild Dementia" iThe Japan Timesj

February 17, 2014@"Medical Reforms for an Aging Nation" iThe Japan Timesj

January 22, 2014@"Aging Society Tops All Issues" iThe Japan Timesj

January 2, 2014@"Hong Kong Faces a Familiar Aging Problem" iThe Japan Timesj

December 11, 2013@"Doctor Helps His Grandma Die to Avoid Feeding Tube" iThe Japan Timesj

December 5, 2013@"Dementia Cases to Treble Worldwide by 2050: Study" iThe Japan Timesj

October 30, 2013@"Aging Overseas Hibakusha Still Seek Equal Treatment" iThe Japan Timesj

June 23, 2013@"Epidemic of Dementia" iThe Japan Timesj

June 3, 2013@"4.6 Million Elderly Are Suffering Dementia" iThe Japan Timesj

February 25, 2013@"Reining in the Welfare Costs" iThe Japan Timesj

October 6, 2012@"Future of Senile Dementia" iThe Japan Timesj

September 4, 2012@"Part of Aging Process: Preparing for the End" iThe Japan Timesj

June 9, 2012@"Anti-aging Tips for the Elderly ? Donft Let the Society Age You" iThe Japan Timesj

May 31, 2012@"Aging Population a Drag on Economy: Shirakawa" iThe Japan Timesj

May 28, 2012@"China, Too, Faces Challenge of an Aging Society" iThe Japan Timesj

April 7, 2012@"Japan-like Fertility Rate, Aging Population Pose Threats to China" iThe Japan Timesj

November 13, 2011@"Creating a Future for Japanfs Aging Society" iThe Japan Timesj

July 5, 2011@"Welfare Rise: Sign of Economic, Aging Times" iThe Japan Timesj

December 11, 2010@"Aging Naturally and Gracefully" iThe Japan Timesj

August 25, 2010@"When Scores of Centenarians Fall off Radar" iThe Japan Timesj

August 8, 2010@"56 out of 75 'Missing' Centenarians Are Men" iThe Japan Timesj

April 2, 2010@"University of Tokyo Transforming Kashiwa into City for the Elderly" iThe Japan Timesj

May 23, 2009@"Japanese women, at 86, live longest in world: WHO" iThe Japan Timesj

April 20, 2008@"The Challenges of an Aging Society" iThe Japan Timesj

August 21, 2007@"Nation's Oldest Citizen Dies at 113" iThe Japan Timesj

August 15, 2007@"World's Oldest Person Dies" iThe Japan Timesj

March 8, 2007@"Realizing the Potential of an Aging Society" iThe Japan Timesj

February 3, 2007@"National Center Set to Introduce Unified Living Will Forms" iThe Japan Timesj

January 31, 2007@"New Oldest Woman Is 114 in Fukuoka" iThe Japan Timesj

July 16, 2006@"Adventures in Gerontology" iThe Japan Timesj

November 18, 2005@"Old Textbooks, Games Bring Spark of Memory to Those Suffering Dementia" iThe Japan Timesj

July 17, 2003@"Foreign Drugs Urged for Alzheimer's" iThe Japan Timesj

February 19, 2002@"Gene Study Sheds Light on Alzheimer's Disease" iThe Japan Timesj

January 9, 2002@"Tackling the Problem of Aging" iThe Japan Timesj

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