Exceeding the Society People Fall Togther:
Toward Unconditional Life Affirmation!

NOZAKI Yasunobu March 15, 2015@Chikuma Shobo, 240p.



wExceeding the Society People Fall Togther: Toward Unconditional Life Affirmation!x

‘NOZAKI Yasunobu March 15, 2015@Exceeding the Society People Fall Togther: Toward Unconditional Life Affirmation!CChikuma Shobo, 240p.@ISBN-10: 448001618X ISBN-13: 978-4480016188@1500+@[amazon]^[kinokuniya] ¦ ds.


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Is "being hard to live" your fault? This society selects our lives, grades them and requires sacrifice. This is a book with hope that focuses on issues disabled persons have and presents ethics which resists the "structure of sacrifices".

‘Table of Contents


@@‘ Sacrifices and Ethics
@@‘ Issues of Disabled Persons and Sacrifices
@@‘ Organization of This Book

Chapter 1@Attempt to Unconditionally Affirm People's Lives@017

@1@What Is Unconditional Life Affirmation?@018
@@‘ Toward Ethics which Affirms Existence Itself
@@‘ Conditions Are not Required to Affirm Existence
@@‘ My "Reality"
@@‘ Thoughts of "Sacrifices" which Impose Conditions on Survival

@2@Problems of Utilitarianism@028
@@‘ Thoughts of Utilitarianism which Permits Minorities' Sacrifices
@@‘ Solving the Dilemma of Reality?
@@‘ Utilitarianism that Clears Debt to Bear
@@‘ Ethical Rule Making that Takes Away Fundamental Freedom
@@‘ Confusion of Reality and Ethics

Chapter 2@What Is Ethics?@047

@1@What Kind of Study Is Ethics?@048
@@‘ Image of Ethics
@@‘ Ethics Is not Social Politics
@@‘ Ethics Questions "What to Do to Have a Rich Life with Others"

@2@Who Are Others We Have a Rich Life with?@055
@@‘ Who Are Others We Should Live Richly with?
@@‘ The Problem whether the Society Accepts a Person as a Member of the Society
@@‘ Does the Existence that Is Left by the Society Have to Accuse?
@@‘ Response to Call from Others
@@‘ Importance of Being Logical

@3@Living "Together"@070
@@‘ Japanese Society which Encourages (People's) "Falling Together"
@@‘ Japanese Society which Produces (People's) "Falling Together" as a Result of Codependence
@@‘ Direct Involvement in the "Field"
@@‘ Toward the Society Everyone Can Support

@4@What Is "Richness"?@084
@@‘ "Living Richly"
@@‘ Economics and Utilitarianism
@@‘ "Richness" which Rejects Supremacy of Economic Growth
@@‘ Sacrifices and "Richness"

Chapter 3@Considering the Issues of Disabled Persons as the Issues of Sacrifices@099

@1@Why Are the Issues of Disabled Persons the Issues of Sacrifices?@100
@@‘ Japanese Society which Forces Everyone's Tolerance
@@‘ The Essence of the Issues is the Issues of Sacrifices
@@‘ What Is "Rationality" of "Reasonable Accommodation"?

@2@Selecting Lives that Are Delivered@108
@@‘ What Does Prenatal Testing Enable Us to Find Out?
@@‘ What Are the Issues of Prenatal Diagnosis?
@@‘ Questioning the View of Disability on the Side of Medical Staffs
@@‘ Inadequate Social Support
@@‘ Eugenic Thoughts which Select Lives
@@‘ Noninvasive Prenatal Testing and Eugenic Thoughts
@@‘ What Are Issues of the Japan Obstetric Compensation System for Cerebral Palsy?
@@‘ What Are the Real Issues of Prenatal Testing?

@3@Death with Dignity and Sacrifices@122
@@‘ What Is Euthanasia / Death with Dignity?
@@‘ Euthanasia / Death with Dignity in Japan
@@‘ Euthanasia / Death with Dignity in Other Countries
@@‘ Insistence of Japan Society for Dying with Dignity
@@‘ Counterattack against Insistence of Death with Dignity
@@‘ Considering Death with Dignity as Issues of Sacrifices

@4@Japanese Education which Selects Lives@138
@@‘ "Developmental Approarch" and "Symbiosis Education"
@@‘ Toward a Different Way from "Anti-developmental Approarch"
@@‘ Development as "Meeting the Existence that Is Different from Me"
@@‘ What Are Original Purposes of Education?

Chapter 4@Re-construction of Ethics@155

@1@Triage Issue@156
@@‘ What Is Triage?
@@‘ Question whether "Triage Can Be Accepted Ethically"
@@‘ Is It Delusive to Accept the Issue as a Way of Response?
@@‘ What Should Be Questioned Truly Is the Acts of Persons who Are not Victims of a Disaster

@2@Japanese Society that Force People in a Corner and People who Are Pushed into a Corner@165
@@‘ Deciding by Oneself with Supports
@@‘ What Do You Think about Crimes of "People who Are Pushed into a Corner"?
@@‘ People who Are Pushed into a Corner Have Nothing Left to Say except that They Will Do Anything
@@‘ Criticizing Japanese Society that Causes Division

@3@Free Self and Responsibility@177
@@‘ Existence of Others that Enables Myself to Exist
@@‘ "Freedom of Choice and Behavior" and "Fundamental Freedom"
@@‘ Occurrence of "Freedom" Known by Response to Others
@@‘ Responsibility to Others and Free Self
@@‘ There Is no End to Subjectification
@@‘ Resisting Japanese Society which Rejects Subjectification

@4@Ethics which Confronts Authority@189
@@‘ "Dignity" of Lives and "Lives"
@@‘ Authority that Selects "Lives" of Disabled Persons
@@‘ Thinking of "Anyhow"
@@‘ Is It Really the Issue that It Has Nothing to Do with Me?
@@‘ Resisting Sacrifices of "Lives"

@5@How Should We Resist the Reality that Forces "Anyhow"?@202
@@‘ "Irresponsible Society" in which Different Opinions Are Restricted
@@‘ How to Resist Authority: From My Own Experiences
@@‘ It Is not "Disdain for the Public"
@@‘ Disabled People's Movements to Acquire the Transportation Access Rights
@@‘ Meaning of Active Involvement in Social Movements

Conclusion@Ethics Resisting Japanese Society that Sacrifices Disabled People@219


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