Deleuze and Madness

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki July 30, 2014 Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 378p.

『Deleuze and Madness』

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki July 30, 2014 Deleuze and Madness, Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 378p. ISBN-10:4309624731 ISBN-13:978-4309624730 1900yen+tax [amazon]/[kinokuniya] ※


This is a high-impact book which not only describes a quite new image of Deleuze but opens a new way of life and madness while tracing "madness" of Deleuze.

"Madness" of Deleuze has not been dealt with head-on although it is a core theme for Deleuze. The philosopher, who has been seeking for life and illness, finally summarizes the trace of "history of madness" in the West and Japan--psychiatric treatment/antipsychiatry movements by examing "madness" through Deleuze's main works to challenge the thought and history of "mind," and hope for high-order mind and high-order madness beyond psychopath which crosses psychoneurosis. This is the greatest book which shakes the present from the bottom with the advent of fearful and dangerous Deleuze.

■Table of Contents

I New Human Beings and Perversion
Chapter 1 Savage Nature: Présentation de Sacher-Masoch: Le froid et le cruel
Chapter 2 Becoming a New Man: Présentation de Sacher-Masoch: Le froid et le cruel
Chapter 3 "Adventure which Surely Goes through Psychoneurosis and Glancing off Mental Illness": Logique du sens
II Illness of Repetition, Illness of Differences, and High-order Madness
Chapter 1 Illness of Repetition and Cure of Repetition: Logique du sens
Chapter 2 High-order Pathology and High-order Repetition: Différence et répétition
III "Politics of Schizophrenia": L'Anti-Oedipe: capitalisme et schizophrénie
Chapter 1 L'Anti-Oedipe: capitalisme et schizophrénie in History of Thought
Chapter 2 Schizophrenia Theory of L'Anti-Oedipe: capitalisme et schizophrénie
Chapter 3 Criticisms against Psy System (Psych/Psychology)
Chapter 4 Capitalism "and" Schizophrenia
IV Genealogy of Schizoid
Chapter 1 "Madness" and "Crime"
Chapter 2 Brute Human Beings or Congenital Criminals
Chapter 3 "Fierce Trinity" of "Madness, Ineptitude, and Darkness": Différence et répétition "I'image de penser"
V Community of Undergrounders
Chapter 1 From L'Anti-Oedipe to Milles plateaux
Chapter 2 On Bartleby
Conclusive Words

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