The Modern History of Kidney Disease and Dialysis:
Patients who Are Forced to "Choose"

ARIYOSHI Reiko November 14, 2013 Seikatsu Shoin,336p.

『The Modern History of Kidney Disease and Dialysis: Patients who Are Forced to

ARIYOSHI Reiko November 14, 2013 The Modern History of Kidney Disease and Dialysis: Patients who Are Forced to "Choose",Seikatsu Shoin,336p. 3200+tax ISBN-10: 4865000178 ISBN-13: 978-4865000177 [amazon][kinokuniya]


Although dialysis has become widspread in order to "live", what makes patients choose/be chosen?
Who enjoy the benefits of medical techonologies that enables people to live and how? How is its framework made? The author examines and clarifies the history of dialysis--introduction of technologies and the process of establishing a system/policy, how is the current condition patients face formed--to pose the questions.

■Table of Contents

Foreword  This Book Is a Must for All not Just for Patients with Kidney Disease   TATEIWA Shin'ya

Introductory Chapter
1 Background and Purpose of This Book
2 Organization of This Book
3 Research Methodology
4 Explanation of Terms Used in This Book

Chapter 1 Current Condition of People Living with Artificial Kidney
1 The Reasons You Cannot Use Artificial Kidney Even If You Want to
2 Cost of Artificial Kidney
3 Use/Non-use of Artificial Kidney: Trend of Japan
4 Use of Artificial Kidney: Atmosphere in Japan and the World
5 Artificial Kidney: Measure for Survival

Chapter 2 History and Current Condition of Artificial Kidney
1 History of Renal Replacement Therapy
2 Research on Artificial Kidney in Japan

Chapter 3 Scarce Artificial Kidney and Patients who Are Chosen
1 Choice by "God Committee": U.S.
2 "Life Will End When the Money Ends": Process in Japan

Chapter 4 Formation of a Patient Group: For Enjyoing the Benefits of Medical Care
1 Organization Expansion Movement from Hospital Unit Organization
2 Formation of the National Organization

Chapter 5 The Road to Acquisition of Public Fund
1 Negotiation with the Ministry of Health and Welfare
2 Act on Welfare of Physically Disabled Persons: Medical Rehabilitation Service and Persons with Internal Impediment
3 Appeal to the Local Government: So That Everyone Can Use the System
4 Reflection on the Formation Process of Acquiring Public Fund

Chapter 6 Scheme of Medical Delivery/Cost Distriubution during 1970s
1 Medical Insurance System and Its Antilogy
2 Policies for Medical Delivery
3 Establishment of the System for Benefits for High-cost Medical Care: As a Complementary Policy for Biased Benefit Rate
4 Scheme of Medical Delivery Formed during 1970s
5 Measure for Continuation of Medical Institutes
6 Fear of Persons in Charge of the Burden of Expenses

Chapter 7 Dissemination and Derailing of Kidney Transplantation: 1980s
1 Kidney Transplantation: The Other Measure of Survival
2 Promotion and Limitation of Kidney Transplantation
3 Kidney Transplantation with Scarcity

Chapter 8 Containment of Delivery of Artificial Kidney: As Part of Distribution for Medical Fees
1 Control of Medical Delivery
2 Transition of Cost Distribution to Artificial Kidney

Chapter 9 Use/Non-use of Artificial Kidney: Factors of Decision
1 Trend of the West
2 Determining Factors of Use/Non-use in Japan
3 Incident That Dialysis Was Refused by a Peron in Miyazaki Prefecture
4 Discretion of Doctors and Patients' Intention
5 The Flow Is Made

Final Chapter

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