How do you present the Human-Serviceology?

MOCHIZUKI Akira, MURAMOTO Kuniko, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, TOKUDA Kanji, KASUGAI Toshiyuki (Eds.) July 2013 Koyo Shobo, 213p.
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『How do you present the Human-Serviceology?』

MOCHIZUKI Akira, MURAMOTO Kuniko, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, TOKUDA Kanji, KASUGAI Toshiyuki (Eds.) July 2013 How do you present the Human-Serviceology?, Koyo Shobo, 213p. ISBN-10:4771024618 3000yen+tax [amazon][kinokuniya]


How can we present the significances of the new study, Human-serviceology, which stress the collaboration and trans-disciplinary of vocations and research methods keeping adovocacy-oriented stance, and develop it practically? This book consists of presentation of 15 researchers/educators in the areas of "Family function and Social clinical systems", "Human development and Social-welfare clinical system", "Clinical psychology", "Humanity formation and Clinical education" and "Disability and Behavior analysis".

■Table of Contents

Part 1 Family Function and Social Clinical System(Form of Knowledge Describing Social and Clinical System: Purview of Social Clinical System and De-psychologism / Solution of Social Problems/ Collaboration and Transdisciplinarity of Social Systems: Circulation of Clinical Field and Graduate Schools etc.)

Part 2 Human developmental and Social Welfare Clinical System(Development Diagnosis of Local Developmental Clinical System: Reorganization of Methodology of Developmental Description;Human-Service of Children with Developmental Disabilities: Re-questioning the Meaning and Concept of Words etc.)

Part 3 Clinical Psychology (What Can Be Done to Get Rid of Feelings of Self-Denial of Minds of Children and Youth?;Educational Activity Support by Collaboration between Teachers and Clinical Psychologists: From Experiences of Support Activities under the Great East Japan Earthquake)

Part 4 Humanity Formation/Clinical Education(Children's World Seen from Issues of Bullying and School Refusal and Practical Challenges;School's Response to Child Abuse: Especially over Finding and Notice)

Part 5 Disability and Behavior Analysis (Approach to What Is Elusive: From Viewpoints of Behavior and Relationships; Research Ethics and Experimental Design of the Human-Serviceology etc.)

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