Prospect of Qualitative Psychology

SATO Tatsuya May 30, 2013 Shinyosha, 278p.

『Prospect of Qualitative Psychology』

SATO Tatsuya May 30, 2013 Prospect of Qualitative Psychology,Shinyosha,278p. ISBN-10:4788513439 ISBN-13:978-4-7885-1343-3 3200yen+tax [amazon][kinokuniya] ※


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What are the basic problems to learn and practice qualitative psychology? The author invites readers to qualitative research based on thoughts and practices which redefine the existing concepts.

■Table of Contents


Part I Significance and Process of Qualitative Research
Chapter 1 Process of Field Research
1 Without the Technique of Fieldwork……
2 Process of Fieldwork
3 Actual Process of Ms. K
4 Summary

Chapter 2 Research Designs and Ethical Considerations
1 Research Designs
2 Research Process
3 Research Evaluation and Reflexivity
4 Object Extraction in Qualitative Research
5 Research Ethics
6 System for Research Ethics
7 Summary

Chapter 3 Qualitative Research Viewed from Psychology
1 From History of Psychology
2 What Is Qualitative Research?
3 Summary

Part II Fieldwork and Ethnography as a Technique
Chapter 4 Ethnography of Fieldwork Class
1 Outline of Field and Style of Fieldwork
2 Teaching Style of Lecturers
3 Seminars and thier Participants: Social Psychological Examination
4 Reflecting the Process of Making Ethnography

Chapter 5 What Can Psychology Do ?: Invitation to Uncomfortable Feeling Analysis
1 The Feeling of You who Major in Psychology
2 Characteristics of Psychology
3 What Is the Subject?
4 Uncomfortable Feeling Analysis
5 Attitude of the Subject of Sensitivity
6 Examples of Uncomfortable Feeling Analysis
7 Summary

Chapter 6 Uncomfortable Feeling Analysis as a Way of Going into the Field without Ever Leaving
1 Qualification, Field, Practice and Research
2 Learning from Ethnomethodology
3 Using Exasperation and Puzzlement for Uncomfortable Feeling Analysis
4 Field Definition and Sensitivity Concept
5 Summary

Chapter 7 Some Efforts Conveying the Site Viewed from Cultural Psychology: Considering the Site of Therapy
1 Beyond Dichotomy between the Two of Practical Activities and Research
2 Issues of Object Choice
3 Historically Structured Sampling and Trajectory Equifinality Model
4 Summary: Methodology Describing Temporal Transition of Cases

Chapter 8 Let's Conduct Research on Personality which Is Defiant of Concept and Criterion
1 Stagnation of Personality Psychology
2 Mischel's Criticism against Naive Realism
3 What Situationism Brought about and what the Traditional Personality Theory Overlooked
4 What Solves the Cause of Confusion Is Personal Personality
5 Concept of Personality
6 Students Studying Personality Psychology Should Be Interested in Interpersonal Relationship and Go out for a Field
7 New Development of Personality Psychology

Part III Aiming for Qualitative Research Valuing Time
Chapter 9 Trajectory Equifinality Model: Aiming for a New Methodology of Qualitative Psychology for Depicting the Diversity of the Course of Human Life
1 Case Studies and Model Generation
2 Trajectory Equifinality Model as a New Model
3 What Is Cultural Psychology?: Through "Comparison" with Comparative Cultural Psychology
4 Exemplar and Main Concept of Trajectory Equifinality Model
5 Way of Describing Cases via Trajectory Equifinality Model
6 Scheme of Trajectory Equifinality Model
7 Summary: Toward Establishment of Horizontal Interpersonal Relationship

Chapter 10 Reexamination of Sampling Theory for Facing "Experiences of the Society and Places: Or Describing the Occurrence of Mezogenesis Level"
1 Is Random Sampling Necessary?
2 What Do You Mean by Observing the Variable?
3 Seeing the Relationship between Variable and Variable: Or Sampling Method for Applying Causal Models
4 Is the Spell of Law of Large Numbers Effective for Qualitative Approarch?
5 Toward Experience-based Sampling
6 Historically Structured Sampling(HSS)
7 TEM: Methodology for Depicting the Diversity
8 Describing the Mechanism of Occurrence
9 Summary

Additional Chapter History of Qualitative Psychology
1 Short History of Qualitative Psychology
2 Qualitative Psychology in Japan
3 Momentum of Qualitative Psychology

Index of Persons
Index of Items

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