Writing History in the Age of Biomedicine

Cooter, Roger with Claudia Stein, 2013 Yale University Press, 350p.

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■Cooter, Roger with Claudia Stein, 2013, Writing History in the Age of Biomedicine, Yale University Press, 350p. ISBN-10:0300186630 ISBN-13:978-0300186635 [amazon]



A collection of ten essays paired with substantial prefaces, this book chronicles and contextualizes Roger Cooter's contributions to the history of medicine. Through an analysis of his own work, Cooter critically examines the politics of conceptual and methodological shifts in historiography. In particular, he examines the "double bind" of postmodernism and biological or neurological modeling that, together, threaten academic history. To counteract this trend, suggests Cooter, historians must begin actively locating themselves in the problems they consider.

The essays and commentaries constitute a kind of contour map of history's recent trends and trajectories -- its points of passage to the present -- and lead both to a critical account of the discipline's historiography and to an examination of the role of intellectual frameworks and epistemic virtues in the writing of history.



1 The End? History-Writing in the Age of Biomedicine (and Before)
2 Anticontagionism and History's Medical Record
3 "Framing" the End of the Social History of Medicine
4 The Turn of the Body
5 Coming into Focus Posters, Power, and Visual Culture in the History of Medicine
6 Visual Objects and Universal Meanings AIDS Posters, "Globalization" and History
7 The Biography of Disease
8 Inside the Whale Bioethics in History and Discourse
9 Cracking Biopower
10 The New Poverty of Theory Material Turns in a Latourian World




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