Voiceless A, KA, SA, TA, NA: Unique Communication Method in the World

TENBATA Daisuke May 10, 2012 Seikatsu Shoin, 256p.
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TENBATA Daisuke May 10, 2012 Voiceless A, KA, SA, TA, NA: Unique Communication Method in the World, Seikatsu Shoin, 256p. ISBN-10:490369092X ISBN-13:978-4903690926 1800 yen + tax [amazon][kinokuniya]


Since the day that the author became a person with disability at the age of 14, he has had quadruple disabilities including paralysis of the limbs, speech impairment, swallowing disturbance and visual disability, and has required 24-hour care assistance. When losing communication with outside, what types of methods did he obtain? From the day when he was in the balance between alive or dead to the present time when he enjoys his academic life as a graduate student...this book describes troublesome but enjoyable daily life of Daisuke who comes up with various ideas to enjoy his life.

■Table of Contents

Forward: Voiceless A, KA, SA, TA, NA──About My Disabilities

Knowing How to Care for Daisuke

Part I Conveying / Receiving / Living: My Daily Life

Chapter 1  Unique Communication Method in the World
 1 Conveying
 2 Shortcut Expression
 3 Passive Communication
 4 Lack of Instancy
 5 "That Is not What I Mean!"
 6 Conveying Conclusion First
 7 Anticipatory Ability
 8 English
 9 Telephone
 10 Reset Button
 11 Hedgehog's Dilemma
 12 Touching
 13 Can We Understand Each Other When Seeing Eyes?
 14 How to Write Sentences

Chapter 2 Eating / Moving / Playing: With Helpers
 1 Buying Friends with Money: Between Friends and Helpers
 2 Dining
 3 Coming of Toilet Crusher!
 4 Purchasing a 110 Yen Loaf of Bread with Credit Card?: Cash and Shopping
 5 Transfer: Inquisitive Mind and Adventurous Spirit (But I Do not Go Out without a Sense of Security)
 6 How to Access Information
 7 Handover
 8 Requests for Helpers
 9 A Movie Worm
 10 Concerts and Plays
 11 Trip to Korea
 12 Love Affair

Part II The Day I Became a Person with Disability: Return from the Balance between Alive or Dead and the Encounter of Changing My Destiny

Chapter 3 Return: 100 Days at ICU
 1 The 'River Sanzu' (the 'Hades' of Japanese Myth)
 2 Disturbance in the Body
 3 Transportation to a Hospital
 4 Coma
 5 Coming Out of the Coma at ICU
 6 Bedsores

Chapter 4 Medical Care: Becoming a "Person with Disability"
 1 Life at a "General Ward"
 2 Acquisition of Communication
 3 Hospital School
 4 Becoming a "Person with Disability"

Chapter 5 Changing Hospital
 1 Life at a Rehabilitation Center
 2 Staying Out
 3 Kindergarten Children
 4 Dining
 5 Death Is Nearby

Chapter 6 Class and Career Options
 1 Dissatisfaction
 2 Encounter with Mr. Gucchi
 3 Trusting People
 4 Contact with the Outside World
 5 Toward Entrance Examination of University

Part III I Cannot Stop Learning: University Life and Future Path

Chapter 7 Let Me Enter University: From Examination to Enrollment

 1 Fellows of Guriko
 2 Determination to Take Entrance Examination
 3 First Three Years
 4 Encounter with Japan Lutheran College and Seminary
 5 Success on the Entrance Exam!

Chapter 8 University Life and Learning
 1 University Life and Volunteer: From Daisuke's Volunteer to LSS
 2 Study Methods
 3 About Evaluation
 4 Graduation Thesis

Chapter 9 The Beginning of a New Phase of Life: To the Graduate School of Ritsumeikan University
 1 Encounter with Prof. FUKUSHIMA Satoshi
 2 What I Would Like to Conduct Research on
 3 Way to Ritsumeikan University
 4 Toward Entrance Examination of the Graduate School
 5 About My Future
 6 Marriage

Chronology: History of Daisuke

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Translation by TAMURA Noriko
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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