Disputed Point of Differences: Understanding the Modern Discrimination

AMADA Josuke, MURAKAMI Kiyoshi & YAMAMOTO Takanori (Eds.) March 10, 2012 Harvestsha, x+299p.
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AMADA Josuke, MURAKAMI Kiyoshi & YAMAMOTO Takanori (Eds.) March 10, 2012 Disputed Point of Differences: Understanding the Modern Discrimination, Harvestsha, x+299p. ISBN-10:4863390343 ISBN-13: 9784863390348 2835 [amazon][kinokuniya]


"Struggles over differences are truly led by differences.
That is, while they are led by differences, they struggle over differences.
This book tries to interpret "leading" and "struggles" over differences."(Sentences Written on the Belly Band)

"This book is based on the activities of Life of Minority in Local Community: Sociological Study on Movement of Practice and Dynamics of Political Intervention, a project led by graduate students which has been conducted by the Global COE Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University. The project has been continued since June 2009 till now, January 2012. One of its achievements is Dynamics of "Differences": Practical Challenges of Research and Methodology on Minority, which was published as our center report on November 20, 2010. In this book we try to "develop" this report."("Preface" p.vii)

"In this book we examine the reality over what we call 'minorities'. The reason we publish this book is to describe the world which has not been written / discussed enough in the area of 'minority studies'. This book is the first step to such thinking operation."("Introduction" p.1)

"Here we have no author who mobilizes 'minorities / the involved persons' for the conclusion of the theories of social security / social movements which have a deja vu. We have continued a process of trial and error so that we could establish a critical viewpoint which makes characteristics of each individual 'field' less privileged and keeps its dynamism."("Postface" p.295)

■Table of Contents

◇Preface …… YAMAMOTO Takanori
◆Introduction Disputed Point of Differences: Purpose of This Book …… AMADA Josuke
 1 Disputed Point of Differences
 2 Discussing What Has not Been Discussed Enough
 3 Struggles over Different Bodies
 4 Tangled Discrimination and Fight
 5 System of Discrimination
●Part T Struggles over Different Bodies: Illness and Social Movements
◆Chapter 1 Rhythm in Lives of People with Illess: To Go into the "Multifaceted Aspect" of Movements by Patients with Leprosy …… ARIZONO Masayo
 1 Rhythm of People with Illness
 2 Movements by Patients with Leprosy in Pioneer Days: Seeking for Autonomy
 3 Situation Right after the War: From "Patients' Alliance at Five Sanatoriums" to Formation of "National Patients' Group with Leprosy"
 4 Struggles over Leprosy Prevention Law
 5 Patients' Movements after Struggles over Leprosy Prevention Law: Forced "Compromise"
 6 Movements over Income and Benefits: Solidarity between People with Visual Disabilities and Korean Patients in Japan
 7 Leading Rhythm
◆Chapter 2 Residents' Movements by Labors of Weaving in Nishijin Area: Over Working Environment and Medical Security …… NISHIZAWA Izumi
 1 In a State of Giving up Having Access to Medical Services
 2 Connection between Prewar Medical Movements / Labor Movements in Nishijin and Postwar Ones
 3 Nishijin's Regionality and Nishijin Weaving Business
 4 Labors of Weaving and Labor Union Movements
 5 Labor Union Movements by Labors of Weaving and Movements of Resident Organizations
 6 Into Resident Movements
◆Chapter 3 Generation of Activities by People with Hemophilia that Connect with the Society: With Emphasis on Formation of Young Hemophiliac Club …… KITAMURA Kentaro
 1 Leaving Families and Connecting with the Society
 2 Social Situation of Hemophilia
 3 Pamphlet "Close in, the youth!"
 4 Holding of "Gathering of the Youth"
 5 Formation of Young Hemophiliac Club
 6 Expectations for "Home Infusion"
 7 Seeking the Connection with the Society
 8 Gap between YHC and Japan Hemophilia Fraternal Association
 9 Staying away from Severe Pain and Seeking the Connection with the Society
【Essay】 Willing to be Forgotten, or not: Considering Internal Conflicts of Patients Cooperativity with Hansen's Disease  …… YOSHIDA Sachie
 ・What a Desolate Empty Lot Means
 ・What is Kurokawa Hot Spring Incident?
 ・What Did This Incident Highlight?
●Part U Tangled Discrimination and Fight: Sex Order that Is Reorganized
◆Chapter 4 Practice and Problems in Workplaces with People with Transgender / Gender Identity Disorder: Labor Norm and Sex Dual Norm / Heterosex Norm
 …… TAKAHASHI Shinichi
 1 Excess of Bodies People with Transgender / Gender Identity Disorder Tell
 2 Interviews with the Involved Persons with Harmony / Assimilation
 3 Interviews with the Involved Persons without Harmony / Assimilation
 4 Limitation of the System and Possibility of Norm Revolution
◆Chapter 5 Lesbian Discrimination in Korean Community in Japan: Crossing Discrimination / Conflicting Anti-discrimination …… HORIE Yuri
 1 Various Aspects over "Discrimination": Among Overlapping Discriminations
 2 "Lesbian Discrimination Incident" in the Korean Chiristian Church in Japan
 3 Formation of "Discrimination Incident"
 4 Lesbians who Are Made to Invisualize in "Incidents"
 5 Toward Approaches to Discrimination Issues Seen from Multi Viewpoints
◆Chapter 6 The Crossroads of Workers' Collective as Labor Practices of Housewives: Between "Dependence" and "Inclusion"…… MURAKAMI Kiyoshi
 1 Beautiful Connection of Housewives and "Social Inclusion"?
 2 Workers' Collective as Labor Practices of Housewives
 3 Entry into Workers' Collective from the "Outside" of Housewives
 4 Meaning of Transformation of Workers' Collective
 5 Expectations for the Role of "Inclusion"
 6 As the Effort of Housewives who "Depend on"
 7 Standing on the Turning Point of the History
【Essay】 Recollection: From Schools which Support "Differences" …… YANG Yangil
 ・"Feelings" of Students who Ooze
 ・Trials of School A and Difficulties
 ・Can We See the End of the Gap / Chaos?
●Part V System of Discrimination: Diagnosis of Statements and Mechanism
◆Chapter 7 At the "Entrance" of "Okinawa Issues": A Protest Held in Front of the Gate of the Kadena Air Base by the Japanese Committee "Peace to Vietnam" and Fight to Abolish Restrictions on Overseas Travel …… ONO Mitsuaki
 1 People in Japanese Mainland who Try to Solve "Okinawa Issues"
 2 Impact of Vietnam War
 3 A Protest Held in Front of the Gate of the Kadena Air Base by the Japanese Committee "Peace to Vietnam" and Fight to Abolish Restrictions on Overseas Travel in August, 1968
 4 Eruption of Discussions over Positionality
 5 Crossing the Structure of the "Entrance" of "Okinawa Issues"
◆Chapter 8 Formation of Yakuza Groups and Social Discrimination: From Relationship with the Question of "Buraku People/Korean People" …… YAMAMOTO Takanori
 1 "Being" Yakuza and "Becoming" Yakuza
 2 From Pathology of Groups to the Social Issue of Social Discrimination: Viewpoint of Research on Yakuza
 3 Conditions of Turnout Point and Intersection
 4 How to Pose Questions concerning Social Discrimination
 5 Characters of Groups
◆Chapter 9 What Did a Social Investigator See?: Looking for the Structural Understanding of the Harm of Minamata Disease …… MORISHITA Naoki
 1 What is Social Investigation of the Minamata Disease?
 2 Social Pressure Raised with Occurred Pollution
 3 Pollution Research on the Minamata Disease
 4 Spatial-temporal Widening of Research on the Actual Condition of the Harm
 5 What Social Investigation Research Should Do concerning "Minamata"
◆Chapter 10 Poverty Investigation as Eyes of the Nation …… KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki
 1 Making Invisible Poverty Visible
 2 Making Exclusion Visible and Kite of Inclusion
 3 Making Lower Income Groups Visible
 4 Nation that Is Regarded as Invisible
◆Final Chapter On Thoughts and Political System: Economy of Psychiatric Medicine …… AMADA Josuke
 1 How Should We Evaluate the Past and Present over "Minorities"?
 2 Marginal Human Supervision Equals Remediation
 3 Psychiatric Medicine and Criminal Punishment: As a System of Watchdogs
 4 Psychiatric Medicine and Relocation Centers in the Soviet Union
 5 Position of Anti-psychiatric Medicine
 6 Toward Thinking concerning Consistent Organization of the Governing System
◇Postscript …… AMADA Josuke & MURAKAMI Kiyoshi

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