Creating a Society for All: Disability and Economy

Matsui, Akihiko; Nagase, Osamu; Sheldon, Alison; Goodley, Dan; Sawada, Yasuyuki; Kawashima Satoshi eds. 2012 Disability Press, University of Leeds,200p.

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■Matsui, Akihiko; Nagase, Osamu; Sheldon, Alison; Goodley, Dan; Sawada, Yasuyuki; Kawashima Satoshi eds. 2012 Creating a Society for All: Disability and Economy Disability Press, University of Leeds,200p. ISBN-10: 0954902661 ※


This landmark collection arises from the forum Disability and Economy: Creating a Society for All hosted by Research on Economy and Disability (READ), the University of Tokyo (Todai), in association with Manchester Metropolitan University. This volume continues the international and interdisciplinary direction of disability studies by bringing together contributions from Japanese and British scholars -- both established figures and newcomers to the field -- to further the links between disability studies and economics.

Creating a Society for All: Disability and Economy will be essential reading for students, scholars and disability activists with an interest in the relationship between disability and the economy, and the creation of a more equitably and just global economy.

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The Disability Press

Introduction. Creating a society for all: Towards an emancipatory economics of disability
Dan Goodley, Yasuyuki Sawada and Sheldon, Alison


1: Disability and economy in Japan
Akihiro Matsui

2. Disability in a majority world context: A material account
Colin Barnes

3. Disability and Empire: Making sense of disability in changing economic times
Dan Goodley and Rebecca Lawthom

4. It's the Economy, Stupid! The ironic absence of class analysis in British disability studies
Tom Shakespeare

5. The deafblind and disability studies
Satoshi Fukushima

6. Appraisal of the justifiability of the Japanese employment quota system for disabled people
Ryoji Hoshika


7. Cultural effects of disability on siblings of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities: from the perspective of cultural psychology
Machiko Kawamura

8. The term 'disability' in discrimination law
Satoshi Kawashima

9. Aoi Shiba and fundamental issues of family and productivity
Osamu Nagase

10. Three employment--related difficulties: understanding the experiences of people with visible differences
Miki Nishikura

11. On Understanding experiences of disability
Kiri Sakahara and Takashi Sato

12. Compensation for disabilities
Yohei Sekiguchi

13. Separating the concepts of income and work: The arguments of Lotta Feminista and Aoi Shiba no Kai
Yuriko Iino

14. The current socioeconomic situtation of women with disabilities in Japan
Noriko Seyama and Kumiko Usui

15. Barriers associated with the educational dropouts of persons with disabilities in a developing economy, Nepal
Kamal Lamichhane


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