Social Exclusion: Perspectives from France and Japan

Marc Humbert and Yoshimichi Sato (eds.), 2012 Trans Pacific Press, xiv+162p.

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■ Marc Humbert and Yoshimichi Sato (eds.), 2012, Social Exclusion: Perspectives from France and Japan, Trans Pacific Press, xiv+162p. ISBN-10:1920901698 ISBN-13:978-1920901691 [amazon]


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Within a few decades, the global dream of building a 'middle class society' has vanished almost everywhere, giving way to an emerging global nightmare: 'Social Exclusion'. France and Japan had been among the most successful societies, taken as examples by the rest of the world that it is indeed possible for a nation to include (almost) an entire population in the middle class. However, even these two countries have suffered increasing disillusion since the 1980s. This book analyses and contrasts the French and Japanese experiences of social exclusion. Although social exclusion in France and Japan are in many respects quite similar and in important respects they are quite different. Using a wide array of methodologies, the authors present a diverse range of perspectives on the problematic of social exclusion as well as suggesting various ways that it might be resolved.

List of Contributors

Preface x
Marc Humbert
Yoshimichi Sato

1 Equality of Places vs. Equality of Opportunities
Francois Dubet

2 Stability and Increasing Fluidity in the Contemporary Japanese Social Stratification System
Yoshimichi Sato

3 The Paradoxa of Exclusion: Crossed Considerations on the Contemporary Forms of
Broken Social Links
Serge Paugam

4 Poverty and Exclusion in Japan: Young People and their Hopes
Yuji Genda

5 The Insertion of Young People into the Labor Market, and Job Quality
Francois-Xavier Devetter

6 Changes and Problems in the Youth Labor Market in Japan
Yuki Honda

7 Policies against Social Exclusion in France
Xavier Emmanuelli

8 Public Policies toward Homeless and the Politicization of Civil Society in Japan
David-Antoine Malinas

9 Comparison of Poor People's Participation in Social Movements in France and Japan
Nanako Inaba

10 Employment at All Costs? Limits and Shortfalls of French Employment Policies
Pierre Concialdi

11 When Law is Facing Poverty: Looking for a New "Adjudicative Space" for Social Rights
Isabelle Giraudou


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