History of the Japanese Sanitary Administration Viewed from Technology

YOKOTA Yoko March 30, 2011 Koyo Shobo, 244p.
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YOKOTA Yoko March 30, 2011 History of the Japanese Sanitary Administration Viewed from Technology Koyo Shobo, 244p.@ISBN-10: 4771022291@ISBN-13: 9784771022294@3570@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]

This book is published using subsidies for publication of the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences at Ritsumeikan University in academic year 2010.


The public health administration laboratories produce scientific data which is important to grasp the threat to our health and lives through such infectious diseases as AIDS or influenza, safety of food, air or water pollution etc. How have these laboratories been established and institutionalized?

This book unveils the history of the sanitary administration in Japan, from the beginning of laboratory testing to the reorganization of public health sanitation after the WWII, through the examination of how the laboratory section has been involved in establishment of bacteriology and nutriology, the establishement of profession of pharmacists, and the early clinical examination.

Author's Profile

1974-2002 She worked for a public health administration laboratory in Shiga Prefecture.
2010 She completed the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Core Ethics & Frontier Sciences of Ritsumeikan University.
Current Status: Research Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

Major Academic Achievement
March 31, 2005 "The Transmission of Scientific Knowledge" Core Ethics 1:57-72 [Abstract]

Table of Contents

Introduction: Science and Technoloy in Sanitation
Chapter 1: Introduction of Chemical Analysis
Chapter 2: Institutionalization of Bacteriology
Chapter 3: New Development in Sanitary Administration
Chapter 4: Making Public Health the "Specialized Profession"
Chapter 5: Establishment of the Prefectural and Municipal Public Health Institutes
Final Chapter: Sanitary Administration: Where Science and Society Entangle

Author's Comment

Very few people in public know where and how the public health data are produced although such data greatly affect our daily lives. I hope this book will let people know the activities of public health administration laboratories more.

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