Gabriel Tarde: Toward the Regime of Gift and Association

NAKAKURA Tomonori March 31, 2011 Rakuhoku Shuppan, 448p.
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NAKAKURA Tomonori March 31, 2011, Gabriel Tarde: Toward the Regime of Gift and Association, Kyoto: Rakuhoku Shuppan. 448p. 3200 ISBN-10: 4903127133 ISBN-13: 978-4903127132 3200 [amazon][kinokuniya]

*This book is published using subsidies for publication of the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences at Ritsumeikan University in academic year 2010.


From the book wrapper:
"Bloom the flower of sociability"
"Can't we hope to live in the cycle of humble desire anymore?"
"What is the joy of labor? It is to be together, work together, and let the flower of sociability bloom. In order to do so, the multiplication of leisure and uncountable gregarious associations are inevitable. This book thoroughly studies Tarde's "theory of wealth and the art of government based on desire and belief".

■Table of Contents

  Purpose of This Book
  Background of the Study

 Chapter 1: Dreaming Individuals and the Law of Society
  Belief and Desire: Seeking the Social Quantity
  Dreaming Individuals and the Law of Imitation
  Social Logic of Conflict and Sympathy
  Social Evolution Theory Based on Repetition, opposition and Adaptation
 Chapter 2: Turning over Political Economy: The Theory of Wealth Based on Inter-Mental Psychology
  Making Political Economy Psychological
  Inter-Psychology and General Theory of Value
  Economic Repetition, Oppotision and Adaptation
 Chapter 3: Economic Roles of Belief and Desire
  The Role of Desire in Economic Psychology
  The Role of Belief in Economic Psychology
  Cycle of Apetite
 Chapter 4: Cycle of Labor and Leisure
  What Is Labor?
  Pain of Labor
  "Living Labor" and Cycle of Labor
  Toward Realization of the Distribution of Leisure
 Chapter 5: Cycle of Money and Capital
  What Is Money?
  Land and Money as Virtuality
  Capital-Invention and Capital-Material
  Cycle of Money Capital
 Chapter 6: Psychological Conflict and Price
  The Conflict between Cost Value and Syllogistic Practice
  Criticism on Law of Supply and Demand
  Tarde's Theory of Price
  Theory of Just Price
 Chapter 7: Conflict, Competition, and Rhythm
  Conflicts among Producers, and Conflict against Consumers
  Competition and Monopoly
  International Free Trade and Protectionism
  Economic Crisis as the Illness of Invention and Imitation
  Rhythm of Crisis and Prosperity
 Chapter 8: invention and Ownership: Economic Adaption
  Value and Adaptation
  invention and Economy
  Ownership as Adaptation
  Rent and Ownership
  Transformation of Ownership
 Chapter 9: From Regime of Exchange to Regime of Association
  Regime of Exchange and Division
  Regime of Association
  Empire and Federation
  Tarde's Sociology and Economic Psychology
  Tarde as Social Thought
  Conclusion: Tarde as an Advocate of Association Theory

Index of People and Subjects

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Translation by HIRAGA Midori
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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